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  1. Amazed at how thick the bunker schools are this season. At the same time it seems like the mackerel schools are really thin and hard to find. Anybody having luck finding macks? I did manage to find a couple off halfway rock. Landed a 38” fish In Nahant Bay with one of them so at least the results were good.
  2. You can also try the ramp at the Kernwood bridge. It is on the Salem side.
  3. Large school of micros in Danvers yesterday morning. The fly fisherman were doing well. I was out for a family breakfast cruise so we just watched as we headed out. On the way back in I had an idiot cut right in front of me and cross the channel and I came to a stop. Out of the corner of my eye I saw movement in the water and looked down. A good size striper, at least 30”, had come to the surface. They are definitely mixed in with the little ones.
  4. Newport is serving our country overseas and will not be able to use the certificate. I completely understand and greatly appreciate the people like Newport who are keeping us safe. Certificate is still available.
  5. Pending sale to NewportRockHopper. Message sent to his account.
  6. Back side is blank. The certificate was a raffle prize at the PI Surfcasters event so it is good for anyone that holds it. It was donated by the US distributor for Century rods. He attends the shows and if he doesn’t have the rod you want with him you will be able to order it. It can also be used towards blanks if you want to build your own.
  7. Price reduced to $200. MA show is coming up on March 24th & 25th. Century will be at the show.
  8. I recently won a gift certificate valued at $300 to be used towards a new Century rod. I currently have all the fishing rods I need but I do have a need for a new reel so I thought someone else might be able to benefit from it. If you are looking to buy one of the best fishing rods in the world here is a way to save money. I will sell the certificate for $225. There is a slight caveat. The certificate is for purchase direct through the distributor, either through the website or at a fishing show. If you are in Southeastern New England, Century will be at the RI show in Providence on Saturday and again at the MA Bass Association show the following weekend. I am going to the RI show this Saturday and can meet the buyer at the show to make it easy. Alternatively, I can meet up North of Boston or general area. Message me and we can get in touch by phone or email.
  9. Had a great day morning on the boat this past Saturday. Caught about 16 fish in under 90 minutes between 7:30 and 9 AM. I was using a 247 Mully in the bone color and twitching it on the surface. I was pitching the lures up against the sides of a couple of the rocky islands that dot Salem Sound (hopefully that is not too specific for the secret squirrel folks on here since there are about a dozen of these rock piles and I didn't say which side of the pile, LOL). All of the fish were in the 22"-26" range. My guess is that there may have been some larger fish under them but I was having too much fun watching the larger schoolies chase the Mully on top. Water temp was 58 degrees, warm enough to keep the bait around. Given the mild week we have had there is a good chance not much has changed. I will give it another go tomorrow morning and report back on the outcome.
  10. Fun blitz this morning at the mouth of the Danvers River. Landed at least a dozen fish in less than an hour. They were all small, 16-20's, but great fun. I saw the birds and then the fish splashing as they chased the baits. I tried tossing a couple of different soft baits and got nothing. Switched to an epoxy jig in the 4 inch range, color was black and silver, and instantly started taking fish.
  11. Thank you for the link, much appreciated.
  12. DOC

    Do you find that the action change at all with the switch to the single hooks? I like this, especially when trying to remove a Doc from a feisty Striper. Those big trebles are spaced enough to get your hand. Also, they lend the,selves to double hooking the fish which kills the fight in them.
  13. I had planned on a family cruise yesterday afternoon but the family thought it was too cold. I went fishing instead. I didn't expect to catch much in the middle of the day but I managed a few from 28 to 32 inches. All caught in the Misery/Bakers Islands area. I was using a Doc plug, the 9 inch with those big trebles. I noticed that the largest fish I caught didn't put up much of a fight (until I pulled the hooks out). He had the mid plug hook nicely set in his lip but the rear hook had lodged below the mouth towards his belly. I think the double hooking didn't allow for him to fight. Has anyone switched out the trebles for single hooks on the Doc? Or simply removed one treble? Just wondering if anyone has done this and if it maintained the sharp zig-zag motion.
  14. Good steamers are found on the Cape. Great steamers are found on the North Shore. Sorry, had to stoke the fire. Clam Shack at the Salem Willows, Sea Level in Salem or Newburyport, Lobster Pool in Rockport, and the list goes on. Funny thing about the famous spots in the heart of Ipswich/Essex, most of them only focus on fried clams and don't offer steamers. Woodmen's does but that place is too crowded for my taste.
  15. Kay doesn't fish? Ha, never knew that. I always assumed she was out on PI hurling lures with the best of them. I am hoping to get out to fish Salem Sound on Friday or Saturday so I will let you guys know what I find. I may shoot over to Nahant Bay as well. Yesterday I heard from a good source that some nice size fish have been hitting live macs and large spook style plugs (he was using a Musky Mania Doc plug) over there this week.