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  1. Thanks so much for sharing. Beautiful
  2. I haven't seen them since (been out most mornings around the same time). It was so cool though, I was causing a 100 fish to jump every time the lure hit the water.
  3. Whatever it was, I wish I saw. Definitely the strongest fish I've ever hooked up with.
  4. Went to the beach on the south shore this morning. As I walked down I could see pools of bunker within casting range. Something was exploding on them a little further out. I caught a few bluefish and snagged a half dozen bunker. On the last cast I snagged a bunker and instead of reeling it in figured I would see what was exploding on them. Within 10 seconds my line was screaming out. I tightened it as much as I could and it was still screaming out. Assuming I was about to get spooled, I desperately heaved the pole up and the line snapped. I'm really curious what I was hooked up on? Tuna? Dolphin? Shark? Wasn't a bluefish, I know that for sure.
  5. Nice bluefish action on Father's Day with Dad
  6. Nice session with the blues this morning, and went back for more this evening. They were into the sp minnow. Not much interest in the diamond jig, bucktail, or hopkins. Felt good to finally get some fish
  7. Finally got one. Small at sunrise on south shore open beach on Thursday. Hit a spot further east this evening and got another schoolie. I feel like the next few weeks will be good. Glass half full?
  8. I get that you don't learn from reports...that being said, when I'm going out 2X per day and getting skunked, I'm not learning much. When I'm home thinking about hitting the water again, I check the reports. Usually looking for some inspiration to get out there and hit it again.
  9. Cop was in the middle island watching cars drive by. I wasn't speeding or anything...I guess he just saw the sticker in the window and decided to pull me over. He was saying that he was going to make me call a tow truck to get back to Suffolk County, because the car hadn't been inspected. I didn't think they were pulling people over for inspections due to the pandemic...guess I was wrong
  10. Went out last night to the North Shore open beach...nothing. Hit the South Shore open beach for sunrise. Saw a few other people casting down the beach but no sign of life. Just as I was heading to the car to pack it up, I found a dead bunker on the beach. Went back to the car for the circle hooks. Chunked the bunker and let it soak for an hour or so. Nothing. Some birds diving about 150 yards out.
  11. I've been hitting the back bays both North and South Shore...hitting the tackle shops for new line, new lures, and any advice on spots. Still slow going. I've heard of decent action West of me. Tried to go out by Long Beach and got pulled over for an expired inspection. I've been hanging out under bridges in the Great South bay but I haven't seen any life (except for crabs). No bait, no bass, no blues. I was thinking about going down to the beach side tomorrow to switch things up? Looking for fish in all the wrong places.
  12. I went down to RM this morning, tried both sides...nothing. Went up to SM this evening, tried both sides...nothing. A few birds diving, lots of water. That's about it
  13. I have been out to RM & SM front and back with nothing going on the past couple of weeks. Encouraged to see some of the guys throwing clams showing up. Maybe I might catch a fish? (Seems I've been the only person looking for holdout fish the past couple of months.) Been out to Captree a handful of times the last week or so. Nothing going on. Haven't caught a fish since late December. Honestly I'm not sure how hard I've tried. I can't wait for early mornings, sunrise, sand eels, and healthy hungry stripers. Tight lines
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