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  1. I went today, but only for a half hour. It was too windy. Usually the wind is ok for tog, but today there was so much loose vegetation in the water that every cast the crabs were covered. It looks to be less windy and sunny on Wednesday.
  2. I flipped over some rocks. Smaller crabs, but they work just the same.
  3. I didn't end up going. It was a little rainy. There were a few guys fishing, but they just got there. I heard from another guy that someone got a few last Monday in the same spot.I may try tomorrow afternoon. Did you go?
  4. Has anyone had any luck form Shore yet? It was low tide earlier in front of my house and I filled a bucket with crabs. I may try closer to high tide.
  5. I saw a dandelion today.It was only one. I think another week or so.
  6. I don't do any trolling and rarely fish from a boat. I have a customer from work that does a lot of fishing from a boat in RI and CT. Any idea of what type or lures I can get him to troll for stripers ?
  7. Has anyone tried fishing the Horseneck Beach or Gooseberry area at this time of year. I have done well in early spring.
  8. Last week I was slaying schoolies. They hit everything I threw at them SP Minnow, Savage sand eels, Spook, Magic swimmer, haogy shad, and about a 12 inch fish on a 9 inch pencil. They would not touch the Bull Minnow though. I only cast it about 10 times. I was getting at least a hit on almost every cast so when nothing happened with the bull I switched to something else quickly. I love the action of the bull. you can really feel it and see it. Hopefully this is only because there were small fish in the area. biggest was about 2 ft. Not a good sign that they were hitting anything and everything except the bull minnow though.The best working for me that night were the bone SP Minnow until sunset and after that a 1.5 oz hoagy shad with the paddle tail in blurple and small green and dark colored sand eels. Another strange thing was that they weren't really hitting the blurple SP Minnow. That is usually my go to lure with schoolies after dark and usually outfishes everything else in that scenario. The Bull Minnow that I was using was blurple also so color may have had something to do with it that night.
  9. Has anyone had any luck with the Sebile Bull Minnow. I bought one and tried it a few days ago. It might be a little big for schoolies this time of year. I like the way it moved for sure though. Another question. I have a Penn rod that sometimes won't break apart. It's a rod I usually use for chunking. It fits in my car in two pieces, but occasionally I can't get it to come apart. Any advice would be great.
  10. Roughly what area? Town etc.
  11. Those all look great any luck with either of the squid?
  12. I bought some fish skinz at the fishing show in Providence. One looks like a squid. I was wondering what type of lure would move like a squid. There are usually squid in the early spring in a few of my fishing areas. I have good luck with frozen squid. I was even thinking of putting a skirt on a lure with the skin to make it look more realistic.
  13. I work at a junk yard. I should start using them.
  14. I have fished for Tog for years. I have lost many more than I have caught using traditional rigs. I was wondering if anyone has a better way. I looked online and saw some crab rigs that looked promising. I have just started to use them without much success. I fish primarily from jetties. These seem like they would be much more effective from a boat. The nature of these fish alone means that you will lose a lot of fish when they swim into rocks and a lot of gear due to the areas they hang in. That being said. It is hard to hard to hook them in the first place. I'm sure many people have the same stolen bait problem. Any insight would be great.