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  1. I have the same problem only with schoolies, once they're in I lose interest in tog. There are plenty of tog being caught. People walk past me on their way back to their cars while I'm fishing for stripers with 3 a piece.
  2. Soft plastics. Hoagie 3 inch pogie, white grub with a jig head, and tiny savage sand eel. I threw a spook on it got one hit and after a while went back to soft plastics.
  3. Friday I got my first of the year. They have been biting good for me the past few days. The rain let up for an hour in my area today and they were still around.
  4. Fairhaven, Dartmouth, and New Bedford. Anywhere with a rocky area. Jetty's are great. Gooseberry Island in Westport is a great spot.
  5. I catch them from jetty's. They like to hang near rock piles in my area. They are usually 5 feet from rocks that I am standing on. Check with your local bait shop.
  6. green crabs
  7. Yes, yesterday. Those aren't my fish, but someone caught them in front of my house. I will be going today if the weather isn't terrible.
  8. Someone posted a video of stripers in New Bedford on facebook. A few schoolies, but I will take it.
  9. I went yesterday. No Fish yet.
  10. I went today, but only for a half hour. It was too windy. Usually the wind is ok for tog, but today there was so much loose vegetation in the water that every cast the crabs were covered. It looks to be less windy and sunny on Wednesday.
  11. I flipped over some rocks. Smaller crabs, but they work just the same.
  12. I didn't end up going. It was a little rainy. There were a few guys fishing, but they just got there. I heard from another guy that someone got a few last Monday in the same spot.I may try tomorrow afternoon. Did you go?
  13. Has anyone had any luck form Shore yet? It was low tide earlier in front of my house and I filled a bucket with crabs. I may try closer to high tide.
  14. I saw a dandelion today.It was only one. I think another week or so.