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  1. So this just seems like it's just an ongoing debate. I think ill just stick to what I know when I saltwater fish and that's spinning reels. Then later down the road ill try the baitcaster. Just hope I can still throw jigs, spinner baits, jerkbaits, crankbaits, and frogs just as effectively with a spinning setup. Thanks for all the input. I just wish I knew if I would like baitcasting first before I was to make my final decision on getting my freshwater setup.
  2. I want to get into some freshwater fishing this spring. I'm a saltwater guy and have been for years, but this year want to broaden my horizons and get into some largemouth bass fishing. I'm a plugging guy so I will be throwing jigs, crankbaits, worms, and frogs. I use all spinning reels for saltwater but I was wondering g if I should use the same for freshwater or should I get a baitcasting reel. I see more people using these just wondering why. Also maybe a rod reccomendation too. Thanks!!!!
  3. Just wondering if anyone owns Hanson pliers and how well do they stand up and perform?
  4. Thanks everyone. Just got my waders today. Going to have to try the boot on with them to make sure which ever I decide to go with. Does anyone have a lil room in there stocking foots or are they just a lil big on me. Should I get a size smaller???
  5. Hey I know you lol.... You showed me this bag on Facebook.
  6. I'll have to check out the cabellas but I'm leaning towards korkers only cause I tried a pair on.
  7. Looking into buying a new pair of wading boots but don't want to spend more than $125. Recommendations???
  8. Can you get the bucktails/tins slots in the front part of the Removable add on bag if you wanted to?
  9. ok thanks for the input putting oder in soon as soon as I know the final build i want done on this what seems to be a good investment.
  10. Nevermind my mistake this is the back bay with the 4 extra tubes like the above one. Nice....
  11. Now is this the back bay also?
  12. Ok I'm starting to see the difference now. Thanks a lot! Sweet bag what it run ya?
  13. Is this the 3 tube with removable swap a pouch. I'm trying to order mine and the order form is a lil confusing to me.
  14. I too want to get the emergers. Looking into steering away from bootfoot. I'm a size 9 in shoes so I was going to get the medium emergers which is for shoe size 9-11. Was wondering if these stockingfoot would be too big? Or should I go with the smalls shoe size 7-9. I'm 5'5 150 pounds. And also I will need to get wading boots I heard to go up a size or size and a half than your regular shoe size to accommodate for room to fit the stockingfoot. Is this true.