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  1. Tight lines, Bill !
  2. I will be flying into Liberia as well and shuttling to Tamarindo Diria Beach Resort so that is helpful to know. Thanks everyone for the replies and suggestions! Will have some limited fishing time but will make the most of it and post a report here mid Feb!
  3. What type of lures ? I was thinking a mix of larger profile topwater poppers and some tin would be sufficient as I don’t want to overpack.
  4. Getting the winter itch to go fishing. Will be spending a few days in Tamarindo, Costa Rica this upcoming February... Would like to get some fishing in from the shore lines. Never fished there before and hoping it is at least permitted within reasonable walking distance of my resort. Any tips or suggestions for type of gear / tackle to bring along ??? Any information is helpful !
  5. P.S. Currently have rhino rack vortex cross bars on the roof
  6. Seriously in the market for a new outback or compass. Driving a 2013 Wrangler Unlimited Sahara. Problem with transporting yaks has always been getting on and off the wrangler simply and quickly. I have used step stools and blocks, etc... I have come to the conclusion that the hullavator may be the best option although it’s expensive. This would be my first hobie as other yaks were much lighter too. What do you guys suggest who have wranglers for the most efficient way to load and transport ?
  7. So I ended up purchasing the jacket shortly after posting this thread. Overall I am impressed. Extremely lightweight to the point that it feels like paper and makes range of casting easy. However, easy enough to layer a hoodie or something underneath for slightly chillier temps. I have used the jacket in a rain storm with temperature around high 40s and Low 50s thus far and it out beat my current Stormr. No water intrusion at all unlike the stormr, kept me warm and dry. The only complaint I may have is the neck velcro flap. It is a little stiff and uncomfortable to have around your neck. It does a good job of keeping the water out but on a 75 degree day, I found it better to fold the flap down and get it out of the way.
  8. Hey SOL, I have been taking a look at the Guy Cotton Efficient surf top... It stood out to me for the spring / summer and early fall months. It seems to be a good fit for warmer temps as it is super lightweight and looks comfortable/durable. However, I have not seen any review videos, or many written reviews on it. Does anyone have any feedback ? Tight lines
  9. Yeah I know J&H has it and they arent too far from me but I just was wondering if anyone besides Skinner had a review on it lol
  10. Watsup SOL... Was wondering if anyone has used the Lamiglas 9’2” John Skinner rod and if so, opinions on it... The Specs of the rod seem to match what Im looking for. Currently have acouple 11’ and 12’ Lami’s and also a Mojo but want something more versatile in the 9 foot class that will handle back bay fishing up to rough surf fishing. Plan to use a vs200 on it. Love the GSB blanks..
  11. I have 3 one piece rods. All of them are over 10 feet. They are 11'6" and 12' which won't fit. I have a 2 piece setup that I have been using in the mean time.
  12. Nice look, do you remember where you got them or a model number or anything like that?
  13. Hey SOL, I recently bought a 13' Jeep JK Unlimited Sahara and love it and all except that I cant fit my one piece surf stick in it. I have seen variations of rod transportation for them. I do not want the rods to be vertical like on the bumpers because I will be doing highway travelling and it puts stress on the rods for prolonged distances. I prefer a horizontal roof rack. The only reasonably priced cross bars Ive come across were Rhino Racks bars for the 4 door which run about $260. I am not a fan of the roof carriages or cages. If anyone knows of an alternative or cheaper option, I am open to options. I will most likely be using the rac a rod roof rack on whatever rack it is. Thanks!
  14. Thanks crazybellringer ^. I actually just ordered the hyper flex suit. I will see how I like it when it comes and leave some feedback for future reference.
  15. Great, thanks alot buddy