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  1. So sorry for your loss. Your mom is an angel now
  2. Awesome! Looks great!
  3. Is this still available?
  4. Can I have a blurple and a white?
  5. Ok. Good luck in your search. The Clash is a good solid reel.
  6. Would $140 shipped interest you? I can take pics later on
  7. If you'd consider a Penn Clash 5000, I have one I can sell for a good price.
  8. I have not. But thanks for asking I do plan to try some soon. I am giving some to a friend who has experience with recipes for them. BDOWNING - Game on is right! It also means the stripers are in my area too
  9. I believe the first one around my area was caught Monday. This one here is from yesterday. I had 4 bites, landed 2. Today I had the same results.
  10. Do you sell any of these?
  11. Happy Bday Tim S!
  12. They look mid-evil, geeez! Pretty cool
  13. I want to see your threads! BTW, wheres my headlamp? lol Tight lines Kil!
  14. Well I'm screwed!
  15. Ive been wanting to keep one for the table. Some of them I get in my area will have these warts on their body and just because of that, I can't bring myself to keep it or any of them in this area I fish.. I recently heard the warts are caused when they school up on each other, more like in the colder months when theyre bunkering down? I dont know. Anyone one have any input on walleye warts lol?