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  1. If you're asking, yes Pike and Stripers are available at the same time/place, in my area anyways. Pike hit more in the day here, unless they're being sight fished at night.
  2. It really is a cool fishery! You can add Walleyes to that list of cool fish to catch!! Shad will show up here within the month with Herring, and then the Stripes. And some really nice Smallies, Cats and Carp to hold ya over... I have a love for the river, that is for sure. It is also why I'm divorced and single;)
  3. Not a Sniff of them up my way in Western Mass yet..
  4. fell better Bob!
  5. I'm In!!!
  6. Im in Mass and we do well with bloodworms, as well as Sandworms. I am speaking of the CT river which has the run. We bait a lot up here and it is a preference thing. Ive worked at tackle shops and all I can say is it is preference. Guys swear on the Sandworms as well as the Bloods. Hard to say what works best. Ive caught on both. I feel using cut bait is best here, looking back at my catches in previous years. And Blood worms are double the price usually.
  7. Nice, Enjoy!
  8. If they're still available, I will take these.
  9. Sorry but I wasn’t able to commit to you in time. I did go out there for something else and on my commute back I left my phone alone and then got caught up when I got home wit a family party. Sorry if I held anyone up here and or made a half ass offer here
  10. $90 today cash pick. I’m driving out there to pick another rod up. Let me know.
  11. Can you post pictures please?
  12. I'm going with my lucky number 4.
  13. I am going to take this rod for the asking either way.
  14. Hello, I think I really want this rod. Is there a rating for this rod?? Thanks, Max