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  1. Sorry but I wasn’t able to commit to you in time. I did go out there for something else and on my commute back I left my phone alone and then got caught up when I got home wit a family party. Sorry if I held anyone up here and or made a half ass offer here
  2. $90 today cash pick. I’m driving out there to pick another rod up. Let me know.
  3. Can you post pictures please?
  4. I'm going with my lucky number 4.
  5. I am going to take this rod for the asking either way.
  6. Hello, I think I really want this rod. Is there a rating for this rod?? Thanks, Max
  7. who here, personally, has seen any GW ‘s close to the end of the east end of the canal and or town neck beach? Any news articles?
  8. Impressive, right? lol Thank you Bill
  9. Happy Winter to Everyone! Does anyone here make their own tails and use something similar to this? It looks like stainless steel wire, maybe 18 gauge-ish.. Ive been tying my own for a bunch of years now, and every year they rust out, and thats from a hook I decide to use and cut the point part off. I can use stainless hooks yes, but the eye of the hook sometimes will be too fat for the plug and won't move as freely.. I was thinking this Stainless Wire option may be a good option.. what do you guys think?
  10. My good friend runs a 6 pack charter on a 35 Duffy out of south Yarmouth. Look up Shark Shark Tuna. I am 1st mate on this boat on weekend trips for 2019. Capt. Shane is a beast and very successful. No Bait n Wait..
  11. I tell my GF that lol
  12. Holy moly, i wade sandy neck a lot. aghhhhh lol.
  13. Wow!
  14. Heres a pic from a GW that came up and grabbed a customers fish he was reeling in. The GW took half and swung back around for a second swipe.. This actually happened 2x on the boat I was working on. I heard of a bunch of others also that this happened to. Anyone here have and vid's or pics? I will post the video from this once I can find it. We are fishing off Monomoy most the time.
  15. I will take the VS Sheath