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  1. Thanks sandbar, got It figured out thought I needed to use a warranty or something to get a top section, currently I like the 10’6 3/4-4 and of I can buy a top section for only 35 which is what it’s listed for on thier website for the 2-6oz then I could buy one rod and switch the top section for the 2-6 as well as get an 11 for heavier jigs and plugs and what not
  2. Is there any way I could buy a 2-6 top section if I were to buy a 3/4-4 10’6 mojo? I looked it up real quick and it says I need the serial numbers from a 10’6 2-6 to get one.
  3. I agree with you Bob if I was paying retail, but for the deal I’m getting it’s hard to beat.
  4. Just to clarify, I’m buying 2 rods for differnt purposes, the 10’6 3/4-4 will NOT be a canal rod, will be my rod I toss eels with and fish my local surf/cape cod beaches and what not. I’m looking for a separate rod for the canal I’m intrigued by the 11’ 3-8 mojo and avid, my question is as far as the 11’ers go is which one do people like better and for what purpose and why. I’m leaning towards getting the 10’6 3/4-4 for more every night local use and pick up the 2-6 top section because why not even though I feel the 2-6 is a bit on the lighter side for what I am looking for, for the canal. No way would I ever use the 3/4-4 in the canal. thanks for the reply’s, Matt
  5. Thanks guys looks like the 10’6 3/4-4 is the rod I’m looking for, as far as the 11’ers go, the avid vs the mojo, if I’m tossing mostly 2.5-3oz pencils and poppers, and 4oz buck tails and jigs, which route should I go ? I realize one rods not going to do both perfectly but any input is appreciated. thanks, Matt
  6. Thanks guys for the input, couple of questions, Capt. turtle, I Believe all the avid series makes in the 9’6 is the MH 2-6oz not sure if the discontinued the 3/4-4 but that sounds like a nice plugging rod, unless you’re mixing up the avid and the mojo, the only thing is the avids are all fast action I believe which is why I’m opting towards the 10’6 moderate action mojo in the 3/4-4oz hopeing I.T could sling eels a bit better than my airwave and tiralejo. Sandbar, I’ve heard people talking about this I’m going to do some more research and currently have both rods in stock so that’s definitely something I’m interested in. Does anyone have the 10’6 3/4-4 and could give me some info on how I.T throws, defiantly not a rod I’d be throwing 4oz plugs with just from picking it up, but what’s It throw well and how would it do tossing eels, and is the 11’ avid 3-8 much better fir the canal compared to the mojo of the same specs ? Thanks once again guys !! -Matt
  7. Okay guys, I haven’t really been on this website in close to a year or very active on the site in probably about 2 years and big things have happened since, I’ve reacently been put into a position where me and my buddy run a tackle department and being a st.croix dealer I get an amazing deal on the rods (they want us to fish them and promote them and move their product) which is great. The last two years surf fishing has consumed my life and about the last time was active on this website I believe I only had a handful of schoolie bass under my belt and a couple rods. Now I have a 2 bass over 30 under my belt and am quite serious. I fish a 9’6 tsunami airwave elite 3/4-3 and a 10’6 tiralejo 1-3.5 and had a rain shadow su1386 for the canal but my buddy broke it so (me finally getting to the point) I need a stick for the ditch that’s decent all around and would like something new for tossing eels and plugs in my local waters where I put in most my time in, I was thinking of a mojo 11’ 3-8 for the ditch and a 10’6 3/4-4 mojo for eels and plugs, would be getting the two rods for under 300, really looking for some input, got the avids in the shop Thursday and thier beautiful and would make a good plugging rod but not something I could toss eels with locally in the 9 or 10ft but for the canal as far as the avid series go, didn’t get any 11fters in and don’t know exact how they would compare to the 11’ mojo, you may ask why I didnt mention the 10’6 2-6oz for the canal, imo It seems light and even though its what many use down there, It just seems light to me and especially since I’m going to be tossing jigs I’m leaning towards the 3-8 11fter which feels like a true 2-5, simular rating to my old rain shadow. I fish locally in the south shore area almost strictly at night. Any input helps thanks, Matt
  8. That's what immediately drew me as well, I've learned that plenty of other places around hold good fish though, not sure where you're located but I'm on the south shore and in the last 2 nights I've had 3 fish 28"-31" and plenty of schoolies in local waters.
  9. We are the same age pretty much (just turned 16) and I was in a similar situation as you a couple years ago (just starting out), started fishing the canal 3 years ago for the first time and two years ago is when I really got into it. Saying it was a big learning curve would be an understatement, really stared to fish the ditch 2 seasons ago and put in a good deal of time. My parents have no interest in fishing nor any adults that have enough experience that they could pass down to me. So I stared from scratch and gathered info from the internet but this will only take you so far, getting out with the bike and cruising the bike path during day light hours and watching what people are doing and what people are catching on will help big time, don't try to talk to everyone you see but if the opportunity presents itself where you can strike a conversation with someone who looks like they know what they are doing, being a kid they will most likely help you out, just try to not to bother someone who is too busy. My first true season I fished typically either around 5am into the afternoon or late at night through the sunrise and early morning hours. Fished 3-4 times a week and was not rewarded for my efforts, did not land a single fish, hooked up a handful of times as I stared to learn the ropes but I don't regret the time spent, last season since I stared to work I didn't get out nearly as much to the canal but on my putting I did well. I'm 16 so still in high school and work 6 days a week as well so I don't fish the canal as much compared to fishing a bit more locally, but planning on hitting the canal pretty hard this summer at night and early morning only befor work, I still have A LOT to learn but shoot my a pm and I'll fish with you share some of the stuff I've picked up. Nobody is typically willing to give up pole numbers but the herring run is well known and probably your best shot, tight lines. shoot me a pm anytime -Matt
  10. Bob g, so the 2-6 10'6 mojo is a clone of the 11' 3-8 tfo and the 2-6 10'6 tfo is similar to the 10'6 2-6 mojo, so do the 11ft and 10'6 tfo differ much from each other besides 6 more inches of rod?
  11. JTJ, the 11fter is rated 3-8oz, what would you rate it abd where's the sweet spot? Also what reel are you using with it? Thanks -Matt
  12. Thanks zak & triple t, and I'm not locked on to a rod yet I'm still researching and making my mind up, don't want to end up spending all this money and end up wishing I went another route. I just suggested a couple rods I had my eyes on, any rod suggestion would help as long as it's around the 200 mark
  13. Thanks for the replies, what reels are you guys putting on the tfo's and mojo's? And comparing the tsunami airwaves and the tfo's does one have a strong advantage over another? How do they compare? And whats the tiraleos warranty like?
  14. Thanks zak that's what I'm looking for, 85% of my fishing consists of throwing pencils and little neck poppers, and throwing 4 oz jig heads with shad body's and eel trailers. Heyblue, when you say custom rod do you mean buying a pre made custom they have or buying a blank and having them build it, 200 seems pretty cheap for a custom rod?
  15. Currently I'm leaning towards the 10'6 tfo because of all the good things I've heard about it, and I'm 15 and 5'9-5'10 so a 12fter would be a lot. The 10'6 tfo is rated 2-6 I believe, how true is this and what does it like the best? Interested also how it would compare to the 10'6 2-6 mojo