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  1. Hey guys , so in late june i think me and the gf are going on a long weekend trip to stay somewhere (looking like Burlington/Lake Champlain area at this point), and i want to take advantage of the fishing oppurtunities. What can i expect this time of year? Im a bass guy but i fish for trout alot in the winter and do a bit of fly fishing. Are there any rivers up this way to fish for trout or salmon, or am i better off only sticking to the big lakes? I have gear for almost anything but am clueless about the area and what to expect and want to know as much as possible before we decide on a place for sure ! Thanks in advance for any tips Also any other areas anyone would recommend that aren't too far away from civilazation that has good fishing would be great! Thanks!
  2. Taken mine out twice already and i love the versatility of it i can throw big plugs and still throw sp minnows very well
  3. Hey guys so i just got my first relatively expensive surf rod and i obviously dont wanna break it and have to replace it so that brought me to the issue of a case. Does anyone know of where to find a case that fits 2 piece surf rods with the reel still on the rod? I dont want to go the homemade pvc route as i would like to have a nice case that i can leave my saragossa on the rod. Ive searched the internet pretty well and havent found anything yet. Want to have one that i can take the rod apart and fit everything in the case. SO now i turn to you knowledgeable folks for any ideas you might have .
  4. Yes im aware of that i just decided that the change in distance id get would be less use of me that the better control and feel of the slightly shorter rod
  5. Glad to hear it, went with the 9'6" instead of the 10'6" rod and was worried about regretting not having the extra length but cant wait to get out and try it.
  6. Went to Tomo and wished i had done it first, owner was super nice and very informed on his products helped me decide what i wanted and was even kind enough to give me a small discount . Now the proud owner of a ODM Frontier X!!! Thank you all for your advice and help!
  7. appreciate the advice, didnt mean to say that the company is bad i am just surprised all their dealers dont claim to "deal" any rods from them. Going to tomo tomorrow to check them out as Redtop only had 2 rods in the store to look at neither of the ones i was interested in.
  8. Yea i am gonna check them out but every other shop i called on south shore and cape area said they dont carry the rods at all anymore and that made me a bit concerned that half of the dealers dont carry them now, and that maybe that was due to poor quality or something as of late. Just took me as strange
  9. hey guys so im in the process of looking for a new rod and was looking at ODM and Black Hole rods and wanted to see both in person, so i went to the dealers listed by Black Hole and of the 2 i went to they only had jigging rods and i called the other dealers and most of them claimed to not sell any Black Hole rods at all. I am curious if anyone knows why this is? As a perspective buyer hearing half of a companies listed dealers say we dont sell them now is a very discouraging thing to hear and is making me question why that is. Anyone have any insight into the matter?
  10. Id be very interested to see anyone who has had both a black hole rod and an ODM and their experience with both if anyone out there has!
  11. Interesting had never heard of ODM until now but seems like alot of you guys use them! Definitely will take a look there before making a decision. Basically i am used to throwing swimmers and smaller plugs but have started using some heavier plugs (as well as occasional bucktail) and want the ability to be able to do so. I would imagine 4oz would be about the biggest id expect to go, but as i stated before kind of new to the bigger bait game for stripers so not entirely sure. Basically a novice trying to up his game and gear to match lol!
  12. Hey guys, so im finally looking to invest a decent amount of money in a good surf rod (300-500) before this never spent more than a 100$ but i want a solid rod to match with a Saragosa 6k. I mainly throw poppers/plugs and swimmers like SP minnows (more so focusing on the poppers/plugs at this point). I have had my eye on the Black Hole east coast special but was curious as to what other people have and like in the price range. Thanks for any help guys!
  13. Are any of the keys down that way loaded with them? And do they prefer strong tides or is when tides turn they prefer? The keys are about 5 hours from me so a day trip there would be definitely hard to do unless even a newb like myself would have a good shot at it.
  14. Hey guys, currently in Longboat key for a few more days, went out fishing with a friend who lives south of here today and targeted smaller snook and sea trout and it was a blast. But now where i am staying i am back to solo and not very sure of what to do. I went to Longboat pass and am gonna try there again as well. Does anyone have any tips on where or what i should be doing to catch snook and possibly a small tarpon. I am trying as hard as possible to find a tarpon even a small one. I have quite the assortment of gear with me and am also willing to drive far if necessary and advice would be super helpful in my attempt to figure southern fishing out thanks guys!
  15. Been out a few times after and during the stockings at my local ponds on the south shore and definitely less activity than normal for this time, did manage to get at least 1 every trip. FYI gold is the color so far nothing else has worked all in slightly deeper than normal water. Still have yet to get more than 4 in a day last year 4 was slow for now. GOod luck all