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  1. Not wrong, confidence while fishing a plug is one of the most important factors in catching a fish. It's my opinion and I'm standing by it. I value your opinion too but don't your sit at your keyboard and say one person's opinion is without a shadow of a doubt wrong.
  2. Yea, I'm pretty sure it's to imitate a squid. Like I said, it's all a confidence thing when I throw a plug with good eyes on it. Makes me feel like it looks more realistic. However, I feel you with the vintage eyes. They do have that cool retro look. I'm keeping them on these plugs for sure.
  3. I was just thinking the same thing! Good eyes on a plug is a huge confidence booster imo
  4. I've got a few of these 9" Lupo Trollers that I'd like to fish. I need suggestions/tips on hardware, specifically hook and split ring size. I'd like to throw these without the front hook catching my leader and clip. Any pictures would be greatly appreciated too. Thanks in advance!
  5. is the 2pc 10wt still available?
  6. I'm looking for a power wrapper in good working condition. Thanks in advance.
  7. Looking for a previously owned 2-rod rack a rod. Thank in advance
  8. Is there an advantage to going up in fly line weight? For example, I have a 9wt sage salt hd rod and I feel like I cast better with a 10wt line. I'd love some insight on this as I'm just starting out. Thanks.
  9. Great info. Thanks guys
  10. Wow, so much great information here. Thank you everyone! As a beginner I was wondering what the difference between the mid arbor design of the Battenkill and the large arbor on the hydros sl. They both have the same sealed drag. Is a large arbor reel more beneficial for fishing the sound beaches for striped bass? Should I spend more money on the hydros? Once again, all the info provided has been very educational. Thank you all.
  11. can anybody educate me on the Orvis Battenkill iv reel. I'm wondering if this reel is suitable for saltwater fishing for striped bass, blues and albies. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. Looking for a 9wt Sage Salt. Thanks, everyone.
  13. Welcome Aboard SOL ChefWeird, you will like it here.

    I looked them up and the new books are as low or lower than some of the books in the Used section.

    Fly Rodding Estuaries: How to Fish Salt Ponds, Coastal Rivers, Tidal Creeks, and Backwaters – July 1, 2003

    by Ed Mitchell  (Author)

    There are two new ones for $13.50 I’d got with the new  The original price was $20.00.

    Fly-Casting Fundamentals: Distance, Accuracy, Roll Casts, Hauling, Sinking Lines and MorePaperback – December 8, 2011

    by Lefty Kreh  (Author)      

     There are 13 new ones starting at $12.66  -  The original price was $21.95  go for the new one

    Shipping is $3.99 per book.  Sometimes Amazon picks  up the shipping for free.


    Do you know a Chef on LI named Joe Tinnelly?

    He is my cousin. Just a shot at "its a small world" 


  14. Hey all, I'm looking for some recommendation's/ advice on a fly combo to learn on. I will be targeting Striped Bass and Blues on the east end of Long Island. I've done a bit a research and came across a couple combos like the TFO Left Kreh and the Orvis Encounter/ Clearwater but I'm unsure if these are suitable for saltwater use in rocky terrain. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  15. Looking for vsx150 in silver. Thanks.