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  1. Buckscorider, Any suggestions on other forums? I’m not active on others (and really only minimally, here). thanks.
  2. Lost my best rod & reel combo at around 8:15pm, Sunday, 9/5. If you found it (or know who did) please chime in. Thanks.
  3. Lost my best rod & reel combo at around 8:15pm, Sunday, 9/5. If you found it (or know who did) please chime in. Thanks.
  4. Personal preference for sure. I choose the fly rod 90% of the time, because (a) I enjoy casting, itself, (b) fishing flies you tied adds a level of enjoyment, and (c) I prefer fighting fish on fly gear more....BUT, I often think I should go with spinn8ng gear more often in order to cover / reach more water, more quickly....and heck, top water and soft plastics are good fun. There’s really no right answer.
  5. Regarding the "north shore" recommendation, you'll find widely varied wading opportunities in the region north of Boston: sandy beaches, rocky shorelines, river mouthes, estuaries/back waters, etc. Use Googlemaps to look at the following towns: Beverly, Manchester-by-the-Sea, Magnolia, Gloucester, Rockport, Ipswich. That said, I'm sure Cape Cod would offer great access, too.
  6. Found someone's fly box on the marsh grass by Nichols Candies in Gloucester. Happy to return it if you can ID it.
  7. To Fly_Fool re: tendonitis Was suffering the same until a cortisone shot two weeks ago. Magical. Worth visiting an ortho.
  8. Conclusion: turns out Maui Jim's will replace both lenses for $70 ($10 for processing, $60 for the glass). Sunglass Hut even provided a pre-addressed box to send them in. Will take about two weeks. In the meantime, new $59 set from Orvis will suffice and become the backup pair. Thanks for posting.
  9. Funny: Costa as was the clear frontrunner in early posts, then knocked for durability....maybe that $5 OSJL option isn't so crazy! Thanks for all the input.
  10. Thanks for the input, folks. Replacing a Maui pair and have liked them. Also liked Smith previously but not quite as much. Never had Costas but a friend loves his.
  11. Just broke my sunglasses. Before buying new, what says this forum about makes, models, lens color, etc.? 90% of my fishing is from shore and often in dawn/dusk hours...but these will be for general everyday use, too. Thanks,in advance.
  12. seeking advice on sunglasses (make, model, and lens color)....Fish from shore mostly and often in dawn/dusk lighting. thanks.