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  1. What is the condition of the penn320 gti? Any pictures?
  2. C
  3. wrapped This back in June on a 731. Reverse shaded spider with scaled background. Cork and chestnut shade packs.
  4. 40 points from Billy’s book Decorative Wraps.
  5. Case of PBR
  6. Green camo shade pack is a winner
  7. just Spent 2 hours looking through all the kick ass grips in this thread. Here is the first grip I made.
  8. wrapped this on a xc732 using turquoise terra cotta and bronze shade packs.
  9. Both were badass wraps. This is a cool challenge showcasing lots of talented builders pushing the envelope. Looking forward to the next round
  10. Surffisher Mike does nice work. Marvin grips look good!
  11. On a rodgeeks 11’ 3-8
  12. Does anyone know if lamiglas will have blanks for sale? Or any other vendor carrying lami blanks?
  13. I didn’t like the tensioner or the tension rod. The wooden ones seemed a little more well made.
  14. It’s well worth the ride to Staten Island.
  15. I wrapped a set of these on a rodgeeks. Have another set to go on another build. Haven’t fished them yet so no opinion on performance but my wallet liked the price. Could have used a better name than fazlite though