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  1. Used rod in good condition, butt cap removed for rod spike. Looking to trade for 12' conventional 6-10, located in Maryland.
  2. Purchased new from amazon on 11/02/17. Butt-cap has been removed for rod holder, used once and decided not to keep it. $130. Willing to ship at your expense.
  3. Looking to buy one in good condition shipped to MD
  4. I'm mainly looking to throw 4oz and rarely 6oz tops. I think the XH's are too much for my application aren't they?
  5. Looking to buy new/well maintained UGSA12H2S rated 4-10 oz. shipped to 20707. Thanks!
  6. I've narrowed my options down to tica dolphin ugsa12h2s and tsunami elite TSAWESS-1142XH. Anyone have experience using the 11'4 tsunami for chunking?
  7. Yes i agree. I guess 12' tica dolphin is what i need. Any other similar options available that would be even more budget friendly or am i being unrealistic?
  8. I tried glass rod as my first long time ago and i prefer graphite due to weight and noodling. Maybe it was because it was cheap rod.
  9. I'm sorry still new to proper terminology. I just want enough power to load 6nb8 and not higher as im using spinner. Maybe in few years ill get casting rod and reel for higher weight payload.
  10. I hear that Tica is great value for the money. Is it on the 12 heavy side for throwing 6nb8?
  11. So you recommend 11' 4 tsunami and 12' mojo for 6nb8?
  12. Hello all, I mainly fish the back bay, and I throw 4nB8 80% of the time and I use 11' Mojo Surf for that application. I would like to add another rod that is able to throw 5oz or 6oz weight plus a medium size bunker chunk. I do no plan to go over 6oz weight for my application due to it being back bay. I was looking at my options as well as the search button and come up with MSS120MHF2, TSAWESS-1142XH, and tica dolphin models. Anyone have experience with these rods? I would like a rod rated best at throwing 6oz, and lob 8oz for that rare occasion. Thanks!