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  1. Almost all of the Brooklyn marinas are closed until further notice . Myself and a few buddies trying to get answers as to when we can put our boats in .. Iā€™m sure a lot of people have the same question . It the stay at home orders actually end at the end of the month , will these ā€œ park rules ā€œ be immediately lifted and be able to put the boats in the water ? Could it happen before Where they loosen up on the park rules ?
  2. 190 firm final offer for the phenix m1 Abu Garcia 6500 c3 combo final offer
  3. Would you be interested in a trade for the rod ? I have no interest in the reel
  4. Will drop price 10 bucks and also throw in Abu Garcia 6500 c3 . Perfect mechanical condition , some cosmetic blemishes . 8/10 cosmetically on the Abu . Would make a perfect combo Abu Garcia 6500 c3 and phenix combo .. 215$ Pick up in queens or Brooklyn ..
  5. Looking for a Newell 220 in good condition . Would honestly prefer a red or blue one but I know those are hard to come by ... Will take a black one if nobody has a blue or red available .. the 3.8 or 5:1 gear ratio doesn't matter . Thanks
  6. Conventional . This is a beautiful piece . Used only a handful of times.. I sanded the trigger grip off the handle and that is the only real cosmetic damage on the rod . Rod is 6 foot 9 ..with 3 inches off the rear . . Excellent bucktailikg rod and can handle 2 to 6 oz sinkers with 3 and 4 being the sweet spot . Asking 225$ . Only selling the rod because I have switched to all glass rods the last couple years because I love when they bend into the handle that's just my style
  7. Hey guys , Have a few 229s in my collection, looking to do a straight up trade for an excellent condition Newell 229s5 for a Newell 220 . More concerned about the condition of the reel than the number (model of the Newell ) either the lower or higher gear ratio doesn't matter to me . Just looking for a 220 in excellent condition . Thanks for looking
  8. Brand new In box ? Sold . I'll take it for asking price 170$ . Can u post a picture ?
  9. Yes I'm interested . Either trade for rod above or cash let me know .
  10. I have a 7 foot phenix custom fluke/ porgy rod with neon green and blue wraps like new conditon fished half a dozen times I would trade straight up for . Rod is conventional I can post pics tomorrow if interested .
  11. Was looking to spend little less than that wondering if any other offers on the table
  12. . The 3.6 or 5 gear ratio doesn't matter although I'd prefer the 5 .Would prefer good or very good condition.
  13. The reel is smooth and balances great for bass fishing and togging but the handle knob is absolutely terrible . Cheap plastic that gets real slippery when wet . Wouldn't buy one again just for that reason, wish it had a rubber handle like the penn gtis for Or torium . But other then that it's a great reel .
  14. Ok I can offer 115 and get money order tomorrow , reel is in good mechanical condition ?