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  1. Also, for those saying "20 pounds is good enough because your drag is usually lighter than that," I understand that reasoning. BUT one of the main reasons I don't use teasers much for bass is because of the other possible scenario. You hook a good fish, and then a follower grabs the open teaser or plug. When that happens it doesn't matter what your drag is if the fish decide to pull opposite each other--they can break each other off and you lose one or both. I believe this happened to me several times during the one season where I did consistently use teasers. Have others had this experience?
  2. This is called the Kiwi Dropper Loop. I don't use dropper loops much, but when I do I use this one. My understanding is that this one tests significantly higher than traditional dropper loops, and that seems to be true when I have done super basic tests with light line. (Just tying a dropper loop and then this Kiwi Dropper Loop in a row, and pulling on both ends of the main line until one or the other breaks) That being said, this is one of those knots where it can be a little finicky, and if it doesn't set right, you have very little strength. I'd be interested to see what results you get with your heavier line and increased dedication to good testing...
  3. Very sad. Thoughts are with the victims. For those that take this as a sign of increasing violence against police, it's probably worth taking a look at the statistics. I did a quick google and found statistics from the Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial Fund. It looks like there has been a modest but fairly steady decline in police officer deaths since the 1970-1980, when the average was well over 200 deaths per year. According to their data, 2017 actually had the second lowest number of police deaths since 1957. The decline in total police deaths is more impressive when you consider that our population has grown roughly 50% since 1970... Granted, improvements in health care and communications probably mean that a lower percentage of attacks on police are fatal, but still, the statistics give a pretty strong indication that serious violence against the police is not increasing in any meaningful way and may in fact be decreasing, especially when looked at in the context of the growing population.
  4. 1). Let's start with the one at the top of the page... Insinuating that "the Left" is taking concerted action to prevent increases in school security because they want continued school shootings to drum up support for gun control. Do you really believe that the vast collection of individuals who make up "the Left" care more about gun control than children's lives? What evidence do you have of this? Disagreeing with the fairly common idea on the left that additional police officers or armed guards in schools may not be the best use of resources to improve / safeguard the lives of kids is not pertinent evidence. Your insinuation is not that "the Left" is against police officers / armed guards in schools, it is that "the Left" cares more about gun control than kids. That's not an insinuation against "the Left's" judgment, that's against its moral character, so you need evidence to match. 2). Note that you didn't attribute the "busting" in the thread title "investigative reporters" in the thread title, but to the WaPo. So clearly you find there to be something convenient and alluring about the credibility of the organization. You may also note that I reference the "fact checkers and editorial team" at the Washington Post. Generally, wouldn't you agree that the editorial team of a newspaper has some degree of oversight and connection to the investigatory journalists who work for them?
  5. Interesting how you suddenly respect the journalistic integrity of the Washington Post when it comes to something that is convenient for your narrative. I am not quibbling with this article--I have every reason to believe it is true, namely the strong reputation of the Washington Post. Yet the OP routinely peddles conspiracy theories and alternative facts that the fact checkers and editorial team at the Washington Post debunk just as strongly as they do here with the "18 school shootings" figure.
  6. I read the article, and what I took away is that the British spend roughly half of what we do on healthcare (9% vs 17% of the GDP). Pretty sure they have similar if not better health outcomes then us. (Their life expectancy is a couple years longer, per a quick google). The "crisis" just seems to be that the NHS has been underfunded for the last ten years during the austerity push. They just need to allocate the funds it needs to build up its capacity and strength again. Mokes: I agree that one line about people dying in the hallways was scary and bizarre. However, that sentence does not seem representative of the article or situation as a whole. Finally, I don't think people in the UK are going into "hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt" to become a doctor. University is much cheaper over there for citizens, and there are more supports available to students.
  7. That makes it sound as though the Nazis perpetrating the Holocaust was a totally unique historical event, unlike anything else. Sadly, that is wrong. The Holocaust was just one of many genocides. Humanity has a terrible track record with regards to respecting differences within society. Millions of people being killed based on hatred is evidence of a tremendous evil that sprouts from a small seed to entwine entire societies. It is not acceptable to endorse it in even the slightest way. Neo-Nazis, by embracing that name and the swastika are endorsing or signifying acceptance of genocide. Take your pick. Here are just a few major genocides: --> Armenian Genocide (1915 - 1922), 0.8 to 1.5 million Armenians killed. --> Cambodian Genocide (1975 - 199), 1.5 to 3.0 million Cambodians killed. --> Rwandan Genocide (1994), 0.5 to 1 million Rwandans killed. There are many more, from all throughout history. Here is what it looked like under the Nazis: The death estimates are from Wikipedia. Investigate their sourcing if you are skeptical. This (genocide) is part of why ISIS is so horrible, and why I condemn all supporters of ISIS's violence. ISIS is attempting genocide against the Yazhidi people, Shia Muslims, and Christians. I believe in the 1st Amendment. I do not think that Neo-Nazis should be imprisoned for expressing their beliefs publicly. However, I also think that anyone who expresses allegiance to Neo-Nazi ideas should be shunned by all of society until they renounce their hateful ideas.
  8. I don't like bleeding bass on the kayak in most situations. (I'm just too paranoid about sharks.) I'll often just let them suffocate. I feel a little bad about it, but how painful do you really think it is for them? I feel a lot worse for any baits that are livelined--imagine trying to escape predators for an hour (or more, with eels), with a giant hook through your nose or eye socket hurting you and slowing you down. Does anyone successfully club bass on the kayak? Also, I'm genuinely curious, anyone who is against suffocating fish have thoughts about why it's worse to let a bass die a slow death than a mackerel, pogie, or eel? Or do you not fish live bait either? (I almost never fish bait anymore, partially because I feel bad about it and partially because artificials are just much more satisfying to me.)
  9. Good on you for passing on the heads up! I would certainly appreciate it if someone let me know....
  10. I hate hearing this... So early in the season, too. Seems like most of the N.Shore GWS reports have been later in the summer over the last couple years.
  11. Tried to send you a message, but you need 25 posts to use messages. Once you get to that point, send me a PM and I'll send you some information, along with a tentative invite to join me on a kayak trip if you want.
  12. Nice work... Wind was making it tough for me in the kayak, even with a drift sock. I kept 5 and released a number of shorts and marginals...
  13. This is going to sound really annoying, so I'm sorry, but I would suggest a penn battle 4000 for $80 bucks and spending the rest on swimming lessons. Seriously. It only takes one wave or misstep to get way wetter than you're planning on.
  14. The video doesn't say that they were "spying" on Trump.... It says that there was intelligence on Russian efforts to sway the election, possibly involving Trump, which the Obama administration worried would be destroyed or warehoused by the Trump administration if it wasn't disseminated. Interesting, but not even close to admission of improper "spying"... As others have noted, this is why this information (and that interview) has been out for weeks and wasn't seized on as a talking point by all conservatives. J, if you see something in the video that I'm missing, please share exactly what is said about "spying" on Trump.