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  1. 120 shipped 100 local meet up
  2. 80 local meet up 100 shipped in the north east
  3. 65 at shows and online plus 20 to ship they have done 3 runs of them and always sell out quickly if that’s what you mean by handing them out? Lowest I’d go is 100 shipped. No need to sell just sits in a closet figured I’d pass it along if some one was looking for one
  4. Correct no, I think that would be more of a low all than offer
  5. Well not quite what I had in mind not looking to lose money on it
  6. All ears for offers
  7. I fished a spheros on an 8ft mojo surf Handled the weight great and had no problem turning the a fish at any tide
  8. Could do 130 shipped the north east
  9. Bump 125 PayPal shipped?
  10. Selling this surf rod very light use it’s the 9ft two piece with the k guides the rod is mint fished very few times just not a ton of time lately with the toddler more fresh water with him. Looking for 120 local pick up/ meet up may be able to go as far as Portland Maine and possibly plum island ma but no guarantee. May also consider shipping it but will need to price it out.
  11. Alright pm sent sold to a cerone
  12. I am going to hold at 155 for now it’s about 10 to ship and 5 bucks in PayPal I’ll keep you in mind though