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  1. I could come down to 245 but I’ll hold there for now
  2. Also open to partial trades for other 8.6 to 10ft surf rods
  3. Ha thought I had post that also 22 in to the middle of the reel stem
  4. Rated 3/4 to 4 thrown joe baggs swarters to 2 3/8ths super strikes
  5. Mojo inshore
  6. Had this rod built moving more towards fly fishing had it built this year Fuji k guides corktape under shrink wrap. This is an older full sized blank built around a spheros sw 6000 worked well with my 5000 and slammer 4500 dont own any thing bigger looking for 260 local meet up between Portland me. And Newburyport ma
  7. Still for sale met up to find out it’s a casting rod
  8. Sounds good I’ll pm my PayPal and try to get it out this afternoon
  9. The best I can do on it is 125 and I’ll ship it tomorrow
  10. Still going to have to pass I’m not interested in keeping the line I’ll never put it on another reel I spool fresh every year
  11. I agree on the one ton I prefer a 1 ton srw for what he is talking about doing but serious weight I’ll grab my uncles 550 or 650