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  1. Sorry I’ll have to pass it’s over 400 worth of stuff all still brand new and if I sell it I’ll have no use for the flies or tippet either
  2. Bought this spring to fly fish have not had time never been used or cast every thing is new ok have pictures of the rod later. tfo lefty kreh professional 9wt reddington behemoth 9/10 wt Rio intouch striper 400 grain sink tip with 20lb backing two 20lb tippet 5 flies looking for 310 shipped PayPal or 290 local pick up between Portland me and Newburyport ma
  3. Some from this summer Nh to the cape and my uncles first surf fish
  4. They need an affordable two pc that can carry a better reputation that the insane surf, look at rainshadow even they are now doing an affordable 70/30 split blank that’s the trend and lami keeps pumping or 50/50 splits which they say are just as good but I’m not going to take a 450 dollar hit to find out
  5. Sold one a long time back and miss it any one have one out there they are not using. I have cash or plugs reels or fly stuff to trade
  6. I have a yellow and white Gibbs danny a black Gibbs danny and a burple Gibbs pencil I can get photos of your interested in any of them or any plus cash? All either un fished or only thrown once
  7. I have had 5 6k spheros and 1 5k never had a problem was it only a gosa problem? I have had them on 9ft praflex custom rainshadow 1087 8ft mojo 9ft costal sp and an 8ft glass lami
  8. My problem with the new factory built gsb’s is the fact the price went up 100 to 150 for the same blank in most cases but different components. I don’t see that much more in components but maybe I’m wrong? I’d still love to build a gsb some day or an old s glass.
  9. Last bump then either buy a rod for it or try in the spring