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  1. I am heading over to MV this Tuesday afternoon to fish for five days. My son may skip out on me, leaving me solo. I have 4-wheel drive and Chappy permit, and will be fishing all over the Island, 18 hours per day. I know the Island well, and will mostly be bass fishing. If anyone wants to share intelligence or possibly wet a line together send me a PM and I'll drop you my cell phone number. Good luck to all that are fishing.
  2. Maybe that's why they call them "cocktail" blues. Great catch, glad you are hooked.
  3. There is a campground on the island if you want to set up a tent. Definitely will get in trouble if you try and camp on the beach. I am always pretty cagey about where I catch some sleep. I avoid the public lots, and try and keep a low profile. Also, I usually fish all night and sleep a few hours during the day. At that time I just try and blend in.
  4. Last year during the Derby I was standing next to a woman as she caught what ended up being the shore winning albie. It was over 14 lbs. It was great to see her catch the fish and cradle it in her arms to trundle off to the weigh in. It was well deserved, and she was supported by all her friends. (I was flailing away right next to her and didn't get a fish).
  5. If you see me at Derby time stop by and say hello. I drive a white Nissan Frontier with NY plates and a homemade wooden rod rack on the bed, bristling with more rods than one person can fish in a week (I like to be prepared). I have a permit for Chappy, and fish Up-Island as well. I frequent all the typical haunts, as well as some lesser known spots. If you see me at the truck I usually am brewing up some 40-weight joe in the percolator. Bring over your mug and we'll have a palaver. Always enjoy making chin music with other surf fishers.
  6. I am excited to fish the Derby, I do it almost every year for the last 30 years. I think of surf fishing year round, but live in upstate NY and only get to go a few times a year. I used to rent a house with a bunch of guys for the Derby, but it got to be a pain, and I never spent enough time in the house to make it worthwhile. Now I go out and spend a week, mostly sleeping in the truck. I cook on a propane stove in the truck bed, and basically live on the beach. This year I will be out there Sept 22-27, and it can't come quick enough. I may be by myself this year, and expect a lot of solitude because I usually hike into some pretty remote areas. For safety reasons I send periodic float plans to my wife so she knows where to look for my body if something happens. Hopefully I will be with my teenage son. Previously he has done well in the Derby, and he actually took first place in the mini-juniors two years in a row. A little tougher now that he is competing with the big boys. Tight lines to everyone that fishes it this year.
  7. Often I have been with my son, hold the door open for someone, and they don't say thanks you or acknowledge the gesture. I then turn to my son and in really loud voice say "Lesson learned son, if someone holds he door for you say thank you. If you don't it shows total ignorance and lack of manners". That has gotten me into a few stare downs, especially when I open the door for another parent/child combo.
  8. I was down there working a few years back, and stayed at the Hilton in San Juan. They locked the doors to the beaches at night. I asked the guards about fishing, and they said if I went out at night I likely would come back without my gear (if I came back at all). I did get to fish during the day to collect tissue samples as part of a contaminant study I was doing. I caught some jacks, snapper, and small tarpon. I met quite a few fishermen, and they were using hand lines wrapped around a soda bottle, a spark plug for weight, homemade hooks, and chicken skin for bait. They are definitely subsistence fishing. I was a little out of place with my St Croix Rods, fancy Shimano reels, and loaded tackle bags. My biggest suggestion, try and hook up with a local who can show you some spots and keep you out of trouble.
  9. Definitely not a milk snake. Likely it is a northern banded water snake.
  10. I had Korker wading shoes and they did not last the season. The rubber tabs holding on the soles rotted away. I actually called the company, and they sent me a new pair of soles. After a few months the rubber tabs rotted away again. Based on my experience I would not recommend them.
  11. I loved the studs that I put into the wading shoes. They gripped well, and I didn't have to wear korkers. However, my Cabelas wading shoes did not last a full season, both soles fell off. I think screwing the studs into the rubber caused the layers of the sole to separate. If you do install the studs I would consider pre-drilling the holes. I just screwed mine in. It was a bummer because I liked the feel of the Cabelas boots.
  12. I recently purchased the Frogg Toggs boots, fished one day, and regretted the purchase. Flimsy construction and poor ankle support. I have been going through too many boots recently (Korker boots, the rubber dry rotted; Cabelas Boa, the soles fell off). I need to go back to buying Simms. The extra money is well worth it.
  13. I haven't been on a party boat since I was a little kid. I still have a reminder of that last trip. I have my grandfather's old wooden tackle box, and on the side is dried and crusted remnants of scrambled eggs. The guy sitting next to me on the boat got drunk on the way out and threw up his breakfast. That was over 30 years ago, and I still remember the look on the guys face.
  14. Sorry to take the post off topic...For years I went to MV with a bunch of friends during the Derby. I fished hard but never entered, figuring if I finally caught a 40lber I didn't want to feel obligated to keep the fish in the hopes of winning a new boat. When my son got old enough to fish in the Derby we started entering, and have made it an annual ritual ever since. The funds go to a good cause, the fillet donation program helps feed people, and the overall fish kill is minimal compared to other pressures put on the fishery. We will be out there again in a few weeks to try again.
  15. Reminds me of the old saying: "When I die I hope my wife doesn't sell my fishing gear for how much I told her I paid for it."