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  1. Mailed today, should arrive Thursday!
  2. Finished up some pine darters.
  3. Sure! Just send a mix back of 15! Your pick! I’ll send them out Monday. Shoot me your address. Lonell Rodgers 19 W Briar Drive Stafford, VA 22556
  4. I have 18 I can send ya. Shoot me your address. If you have any pikie 2 & 3’s to spare I’d love to trade for them!
  5. AWESOME!!!!
  6. Same here. I have a few that I'm not going to use.
  7. I'll be hitting the Rappahannock soon. Been finishing up building plugs for the season.
  8. Great work on those darters!
  9. Very nice! I’m ready for another season chasin those things. So fun to catch!
  10. Looks like I'll be buying cherry for the next batch! Thanks guys!
  11. I haven't tried turning Cherry. How is it?
  12. I'm looking for a weighted treble mold! If anyone would like to borrow the banana jig mold, bullet head mold, hot lips mold (3/4,1,1.5oz) or my weight mold. Let me know
  13. Closing
  14. Price drop to $50 shipped.
  15. Used for a season. Selling for $60 shipped. Everything works.