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  1. That's the elmer's glue smell I'm smelling. It's acetic anhydride or super strong vinegar.
  2. tape to wrap your fingers. Casting heavy plugs all day will rip it open.
  3. I definitely wear a mask when turning any wood, but before I turned them I made sure: "Accoya® wood is non-toxic and 100% recyclable. ... Accoya is made from legally harvested wood from well managed sustainable sources including FSC®, PEFCTM and other regionally certified woods. The Accoya wood manufacturing process is non-toxic and adds nothing to the wood that does not already naturally occur in it."
  4. There's a lumber yard in Doswell, VA that has it, which is about an hour away from me so I will give them a call sometime soon. I just read the article you mentioned and it said the Lowe's is interested. That would be great.
  5. I couldn't find the base wood either. I compare the weight to clear pine, but turning and sanding it is like cedar. It has a elmer's glue smell when turning, but it cuts awesome. I'm definitely a big fan and will check locally to purchase more. I know it is on the pricey side.
  6. My buddy sent me a box of accoya wood to turn and it turned and sanded great. I made a peanut danny, sandeel, and fast sinking needle out of if for my first batch. I've included a video on it for everyone to check out if you want. If you can get your hands on it, give it a try. Anyone have any experience with it?
  7. I need to take advantage of that this fall/winter. I'm in NoVA but would like to do some wading on the eastern shore
  8. To replace the treble and make the plug single hook and keep the action the same or close. Started by Dave Anderson and Jerry Audet.
  9. Thanks Houston! I'm giving it a try on a bunch of plugs. Can't hurt!
  10. Finished a few Conrad Jrs and a Danny made from Spanish cedar and basswood.
  11. I miss fishing Nantucket!!! Heard a bonito was caught in Madaket today.
  12. Work. Might be switching jobs. I will try though!!
  13. Would love to get back up there this year for a few days!
  14. Beautiful plugs Ed!! Love those redhead swimmers!
  15. No need to ask Phil!