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  1. Looking for a Star Reel S8000
  2. I'm about 3 hours from there. First time fishing there was last summer and marked some big fish on the pilings. I will need to venture back there this year. Beautiful spot for kayaking and beautiful photos!
  3. lonellr


    I think the issue is coming from not sealing the plugs before weighting, but why wouldn't it happen to all of them? I'm going to do a smaller batch and epoxy seal them. I will also do a batch the same way, but sealing before weighting. Thanks Evan!
  4. lonellr


    I wanted to bring this thread back. I had 4 plugs out of a batch of 25 crack after fishing them. Two maple and two pine. Other plugs were just fine, there was a mix of pine, maple, and WRC. I soaked them in Spar/Mineral spirits and let them sit for almost 2 weeks. I think it’s time to switch over to epoxy sealing. There has been at least one from every batch that will crack. Always from the weight holes. Pictured are the maple gliders. Both caught fish but after about 4-5 hours, the cracks started.
  5. I think it's fine to send the plugs without hooks, unless the hooks are the deciding factor on the plug swimming correctly.
  6. I think those are pikie 3’s or Danny 3 lips?
  7. Thank you for the dimensions as well as the info on the thicker material. I’ll let the company know. I think the $575 is a great deal as well. I’ll hold off for a bit to see if anyone wants to go in on them.
  8. @t_man7I used the dimensions from @Steel Pulse Conrad Jr lips. Same thickness as the usual, .025 / #304
  9. I reached out to a metal cutting shop near my work for the cost of cutting Conrad Jr lips. The price is below for flat lips (you bend yourself). If you would like to jump in on the purchase let me know! “ 100 pieces will run $360.00 or $3.60 each plus tax 500 pieces will run $575.00 or $1.15 each plus tax”
  10. Very fun indeed! Thanks everyone! I will message everyone necessary and get the plugs out this week.
  11. Nice!!! I’ll take the natural needle from @Mandoborg
  12. I’m last so what is left?
  13. I’ll grab a @Striperknight glider as well @seed420 You’re up!
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