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  1. I'm sorry guys! I have to drop out as well! I haven't been in the shop much and have to purchase alot of supplies before I can finish anything. I will make the 3 plugs when I can and put them up on here as a giveaway. Sorry again everyone!
  2. Thanks for letting me paint it!!
  3. I'm an hour north of you (Stafford) but there are some great plug builders @hpettus and good fishing down in your area, fresh and salt. Here in Virginia, you are looking at october/november for the fish to come in and start gorging before they head back out for the winter. There's small stripers here year-round but catching them in this heat is not ideal. The York, Pamunkey, and Mattaponi rivers are good for stripers in the spring and fall/winter. I need to venture down that way this season and check it out, I've heard nothing but good things. Good luck this year and welcome to Virginia! You have the mountains (big musky and great smallmouth bass) to the west, northern virginia (big catfish, snakeheads, stripers, and largemouth), and to the east and south you have Drum, bass, blues, speckled trout, among other things!
  4. Saxon! Those rods are beautiful!!! I'll definitely give it a try this winter and let you know! Great to meet you and hopefully see you soon!!
  5. The bottom one has the pointed Musso shape on the bottom lip.
  6. Bump. $25 shipped
  7. Wow! That would be so darn fun!
  8. No stamp on this one.
  9. 3.3oz, 8” hawg hunter pencil. Thrown once, excellent condition. $30 shipped
  10. Jay is back from Alaska! Is he coming back to the show?
  11. Thanks to all of the trolls, new and old, for the delicious food and great laughs!! I will be printing those photos out and putting them up in the shop. Thanks Mike! The food was OH SO DELICIOUS, and the stories just made me want to listen for an eternity. I will definitely come back to visit as soon as I can and will hopefully get to share a tide with you fine people. Till next time, catch em up, and thanks for the plugs, food, and laughs!
  12. Beautiful plug Rob!!!
  13. Sure! I'll trade it for the SS Darter. I'll message you my address. Thanks!
  14. Wow! Beautiful work! Would love to see the progression.
  15. I hope it stays cloudy and rains a little!! That would be perfect!