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  1. Recreation has to wait until May 16.
  2. I've been able to hit the Rapp once or twice for shad and zero for stripers. I'll try and get out this weekend and next week to test my luck! Are we able to fish where the Dam used to be?
  3. $25 shipped? If so, I'll take it.
  4. I would love to make a handmade lip for my peanut swimmers. I guess there’s no better time to start than right now!
  5. This was a great topic to go through. I've made a bunch of Conrad Jr. lips but no Sr.'s. I'll give it a try this coming weekend and build a few. I'll make a couple extra lips and send them your way @ADTR14
  6. Wow. Just tested it as well. I used Kwikwood. Stuffed it inside with the thru-wire and cleaned it up with a toothpick. It’s not moving. I’ll add a couple drops of epoxy in there, but definitely using this method from now on. Thanks guys!
  7. Those are great plugs Chuck!! Nice finds. I've got a couple plugs for you and Denny coming up soon.
  8. Finished up the 6” sloped sandeels. On to the next ones!
  9. Those swimmers are friggin amazing Drew!! Beautiful work. @seed420
  10. I'll be doing some shad fishing this weekend and maybe try for stripes at night. The shad are starting to pour in and that's always a fun time!
  11. WRC 6” sloped sandeel style swimmers
  12. Thank you Phil!!
  13. Thank you!