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  1. Either 1.7 or 1.8ozs phil.
  2. That is going to be a killer plug @Bmackerel!!! Nice work!
  3. Finished some peanuts last week.
  4. I bought some of those last year. They are worth the money! I painted and epoxied them and they swam great. I also added some bb's to make them 2ozs.
  5. BEAUTIFUL Nike plug!! @rollincoal
  6. Ohhhhhh man. I'm in!! My favorite plug!
  7. Beauties Rui!
  8. It comes with that rod you put in the hole in the middle of the wheel and just give it a couple hits with a hammer and it’ll pop out.
  9. I use the headstock. Especially when doing the thru-hole so I can move the plug with the tailstock. Also when I'm doing the scoop on my pikie plugs. If it's an MT2 then it should work. I have the same lathe and bought the same chuck from HF.
  10. Master Airbrush is on the cheap side, but I bought a Iwata Neo on sale for $50. But it didn't last long, so I switched back to my Master Airbrush. Since my patterns aren't fancy, I'm sticking with those.
  11. I'd look into the Master Airbrush gravity kit. Comes with a little compressor and a pretty good airbrush.
  12. Beautiful work Rui!!
  13. Subsurface. The needle on the left I made, but the one on the right I bought at a yard sale in Montauk a few weeks ago. I think it was an old bluefish plug, super heavy with just a tail hook. I just refurbished it.
  14. Sand eel swimmers Phil. I really like how they came out. Will see if I can catch on them this weekend! Thanks buddy!
  15. Got a few finished this week. Did some Pichney Sand Eels based off a post on here with the measurements.