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  1. Sick work! Excited to see the swim on it.Great colors as well.
  2. Awesome work!
  3. You've got a lot of time. I think I might start over again. lol
  4. He tagged me in the post, so I would check it out.
  5. Beautiful plug!!!
  6. I've turned 7. 3 of them had eyes so I kept them, one of the lip holes was off so the metal lip would be to the side, and one fell off of the spinner and got ruined. I have one that's in good shape and I had to turn two more hopefully they don't get screwed up. haha. But this is sooooooo fun!!
  7. I'll take these. PM your info.
  8. Got them painted today. Fire tiger. Going to epoxy soon!
  9. I’ve got an inch to fish!!!!! Thank you!
  10. Hahaha!! About 10-15 times burning my fingers, lots of calling myself an idiot out loud. I'll definitely bend them down a bit. I need to work on a jig to get the exact bend every time. Something similar to making a jig for opening and closing treble hooks.
  11. My hand was definitely cut up in the end. That mainly came from cutting the 12x12" sheet of stainless steel into the lip size needed.
  12. I have the yellow with black outline sticker eyes. PM me your address and I'll send some your way.
  13. So I took the weekend to make some Conrad jr lips and I like how they came out a lot! Thanks everyone for the info!!
  14. Looks amazing! Beautiful work!
  15. Beautiful first plug!! Yes, you're in for some headaches and a lot of fun!