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  1. 15 hours ago, adams54 said:

    You guys are freaking me out with all this its over talk. On that note...dont we normally have sand eels in at this point?

    Long island idiots are putting pictures up all over facebook. It's definitely not over.  Pretty typical for this time of the year.  Blind squirrels finding nuts here and there and the rest are starving. It's fishing season in NJ- take that as you wish.

  2. 48 mins ago, Cheeckakoe said:

    I have seen the Same first photo is the last mid-winter at times there are some 25 at a time than this spring and Summer only The Flawns and a Single Yearling. My Hostas took a Beating but that is all, Even Roadkill in My area Monmouth County is way down. 

    I had a few clumps of hostas and they got browsed on. But that was basically it. They usually go after plants they have no business browsing on- like the big hydangea macrophyllas, salvias, black eyes susans. None of that stuff was touched this year.  They didn't touch the sedums this year and that's one of the first plants to get browsed similar to hostas.  They took out the hostas (which is deer crack anyway) and that's about it.  So that tells me there is far less competition for food than past years- way less deer, at least in my part of Monmouth County.

  3. I've had far less deer browsing on my plants this past growing season than in the past.  So either someone is slaughtering them for food or they have some disease tearing through them. Could be rice rabies and CWD, or a combo of both. There are definitely less of them eating my ****. :th:

  4. 19 hours ago, Tom T said:

    I generally agree.


    This restaurant owner/chef insists that this is the end all be all egg, and while he does some good things when he does this it makes me rethink all his other stuff.  Never mind all the crap on top the bottom is crispy enough to pick it up like a slice of pizza.


    Is that Prinzano?  Pompous sweet heart.  Thinks he invented techniques by calling them "methods" meanwhile  degos have been cooking this way ancient times. But don't forget that it's Franks 'method" and invented it.  Been eating eggs like that since i was an infant.  

  5. Just now, Bass2Snook said:

    So now the right is against the disabled? American patriotic vets without legs or paralyzed from the waist down? You people reach new depths of cruelty and depravity every day.

    Grow a spine.  Show up to the damn booth. We have poll workers to help. 

  6. 3 mins ago, Bass2Snook said:

    Someone above pointed out already that a lot of seniors enjoy the convenience of mail-in voting but question the legality of it. Why? Is it literally illegal to mail your ballot in in NJ? If so then why isn’t this all over the news? Answer: because it’s not illegal.


    Trust no-one that is unable stand up in a booth on their own accord and cast a ballot for themselves. How do you know some seniors weren't coerced into making a selection?  When you took a test at school did you not have to sit there and take the test and turn it in, or did you ask your test proctor to take it at home and mail it in to them later?  

  7. The 40k ballots were mail-ins- interestingly the majority of which are dem votes.  Really mind-boggling that mail in voting is a thing. Physical presence in a booth should absolutely be a requirement to vote.  Every test i've ever taken at school i had to be physically there to take the test. I didn't take it at home and mail it in. How is voting any different than that?

  8. 5 mins ago, zak-striper said:

    You see only 2 on that screen grab? Apparently math isn't your strong suit, but that's ok.

    Did that attack happen? No. So it looks like it wasn't that great of a threat. But thank god you're freaking about it a rumored attack that never happened.


    I wish my life was so uncomplicated that I can spend hours or days worrying every perceived threat, legitimate or not.


    but orange man bad, orange man bad, orange man bad. 

  9. Not a peep from the news media over the weekend's ISIS threat in the DC area?  A few co-workers got corporate emails from the emergency crisis system as they live in the surrounding area- and were scratching their heads over the validity of the email warning about a potential threat around area shopping malls and large social gatherings.  I'm sure you will all feel safe knowing the media is still covering the Jan 6 insurrection and reminding you "orange man bad". :th: 

  10. 18 mins ago, ChumSlickJon said:

    The decked out dweebs that are watching everyone's every move who'll slide right into your armpit to get on a bite are the one's who ruin it for me.  

    been like that for years. Probably a montauk thing  where you need to be dressed like a special forces soldier to catch a few rat sized striped trash.  The sporto look carried over in NJ.  The hanging boga grip is a nice touch i must say. 

  11. 38 mins ago, Reed422 said:

    I disagree. Little whores pasta with tuna or sword. One of the resident moops taught me that back in the day. Forget who rav or the dope, possibly the mayor.

    Made that and eaten it plenty of times just because it's a good complex meal full of carbs and protein and we just had the ingredients.  There is no denying that it's cat food for the moops.  Not everything they make is the greatest- some things were done out of necessity or getting rid of excess ingredients.