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  1. Every time i eat fish tacos i forget there's fish in it and i'm basically eating cabbage with lime juice and cilantro in a taco shell. They always look and sound great though.
  2. Is this real life that AOC was elected to Congress?
  3. Who are they playing, again?
  4. They're always playing the Orioles. No wonder they're in first place.
  5. I bought that broan cap when i added a bathroom fan in my old house. The damper was noisy as hell in the wind. Otherwise it was adequate.
  6. Wood jew carm down.
  7. All of a sudden everyone jumping on the Conforti bandwagon again. I'll be convinced this is real (or not) after this weekends standings.
  8. Yeah got in last was pretty good.
  9. My only pic of the trip was pretty bad. Nothing huge but guys got some limits.
  10. The ump should have told him to get back in the ****ing box. You know Puig would have continued to be a JO and then he should have got tossed.
  11. Those fans don't call for 6 in flex. You'll need rigid pipe...hopefully they drill the hole in the right spot.
  12. 400 cfm is nothing and not enough air movement for most cooking. If you install a 6 inch round duct up there you're going to be limited by how powerful a fan you can install (more than 400 but still not enough to eliminate odors). Then to complicate matters there's the topic of make up air. If you need really high cfm to move air a 6 in duct isn't enough and you still have to make up air. Most residential hoods take the 3.5x10 rectangle duct so i would install that and then you can decide on the hood when you're ready. I wouldn't do anything to different on the roof. I'm sure homies or Ace has the roof cap you'll need for the 3.5x10 duct. I see a Fantech 10 in roof duct. Can probably move some air with that size duct. Complicated subject because of the make up air not to mention putting a big azz whole in your roof isn't ideal.
  13. I guess those two didn't see the red flag.
  14. He's such a scum bag. Standing there after getting called out waiting for the manager to come and rescue him? Whole thing looks more like a soccer game to me.
  15. Crazy that the reds didn't pull him out of that game if they had Puig on the trade block. I wonder if the trade was happening at the same time as this all unfolded. Have to imagine the Reds owe the Indians something for the games he's going to be suspended for being a POS.
  16. Puig is scum bag ball player. Has a great arm though.
  17. My father in law was talking about it the other day. Has paddle shifters on the steering wheel to switch gears. He bought a Z06 used like 10 years ago and sold it for more than he bought it. He said he was afraid of driving it, it was too fast for him.
  18. It's not good for you but it's good. How can anyone not like burgers, dogs, and, fries.
  19. Saw the BMH had a nice goose fish.
  20. You could spend all you want on paint...i think the money needs to be spent on the prep you can get some serious years from a re-painted house that had all the old paint removed and prepped properly. The more **** you paint over the less its going to last.
  21. Hard to tell whats fresh with invertebrates besides shellfish. At least with fish if they're stiff as a board you know what you're getting.
  22. I believe we're tanking next year around election time. The Dems will blame Trump. The Republicans will blame the next sitting president (not Trump). And the circle of life goes on.
  23. Everything has to be alive for the Asians. If it doesn't suffer while being cooked then it doesn't taste as good.
  24. That looks like normal grass to me. That mulch is killing the edge. Get a half moon shovel and cut a nice edge there. You could have weeds growing in your beds and it will still look great with a a straight line separating the mulch and the grass. I have a few small patches of sedge and it grows like triple the rate of the grass and on the yellow side.
  25. Stuff is impossible to pull completely. I cant stand it. I have some but its mostly on the edge of my beds. Have to cut it out with a knife. Its the cancer of lawns.