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  1. Is it just the parging layer outside or the block itself.
  2. Since i'm a Fed contractor my boss says if you can't work because the customer is off today then you need to take a floating or personal day. Eff that.
  3. I saw the barstool guy did a review on Marucas at Seaside boardwalk a few days ago. I was pretty sure that was Sims favorite pie and many of us busted his balls about it. Didn't want to spend much time searching for it else i would have resurected that thread, but pretty sure that was Sims pizza joint. Portnoy gave it a pretty high number. Since Steve can't reply with a "told ya so", i'll do it for him. Sim- I never once doubted your authority on what a good pie should taste like.
  4. Speak for yourself. The stuff i grew up on got a 8.9. A better score than Marucas.
  5. I don't see why not, though you would have to figure out what to replace the openenings with. I could have sworn there were CT conversion kits available. You might want to look into those. Or, just buy a new CT reel. They are cheap enough that you shouldn't have to mangle with your CL.
  6. The **** ers don't touch it unfortunately. I have quite a lot of it. They eat everything but digitalis.
  7. waste of bacon. Should have used stripe trash.
  8. I was at the Shrewsbury dealership a couple weeks ago and there was a real head turner in teh show room -a mustang Mach 1. Stunning- but it was automatic.
  9. better be available with a stick. I can't imagine driving a vehicle called maverick with a auto transmission.
  10. Believe that's referred to as 'shaker'- aka the now overused kitchen cab door.
  11. Kind of reminds me of those little Nissan and Mazda p-ups. Almost seems pointless to have the Ranger. I would go F150 at that point. But even they are becoming unaffordable.
  12. You get shot there bro?
  13. Seriously. I think any 20 year old vehicle in the NE is going to have some serious frame deterioration. Especially if it lived outside. Maybe a garage kept vehicle would be in far better shape. Unless you have a friend that make repairs on the cheap i'm afraid it's time to sell.
  14. Loved OBC. Great eeling jetty rigged and alive. Would be getting good just about now.
  15. I like those 4C pankos for stuffed clams oreganata. A little too heavy for a piece of fish like sea biscuits. It's like eating the sand you put in between pavers. A new one i've been trying is dry your filets well, season and then very light coat of flour. Oil them pretty well and put direct onto your hot grill. I call it Turkish fish.
  16. They always grow back in a year or two right after you put down the poly sand. Pretty much have no choice but to use chemicals unless you don't mind pulling weeds. Stuff like crab grass is almost impossible to get out it roots so deep in the joints, even a torch is a temp fix. Every house i've lived in- i've had decks, concrete patios, rocks, and pavers. All of it is crap and requires maintenance or it just sucks to have for one reason or another.
  17. Probably no one, though that was historically a good late summer beach fluke spot area for me. And, sorry to piss on your parade-you might not get served without a wrist band. Point is- people think the beaches belong to them when that is not technically the case everywhere.
  18. Donovans owns the sand that your tax dollars put there. add insult to injury, due its the seasonal nature beach clubs catch a break paying taxes on their property. Not only do you have to pay once to put the sand on their property, but you have to pay more than they do since they get a tax break, and if you want to plop a chair on teh sand you paid for you have to pony up again. Awesome state we live in.
  19. Nope. Some clubs have the right to the beach, that is tax payer funded sand, that if a tax payer decides to plop a chair or a bucket there they have the right to ask you to leave. The grey area always was, you could walk past it without any trouble to get somewhere, but that's all. So, theoretically, if you're walking the beach casting a plug and happen to come upon some feeding fish on a private stretch of beach, enjoy it, i doubt anyone will say anything.
  20. Get on your hands and knees and pull them out. When your done and the wife isn't looking, spray roundup.
  21. I figured the pine tar thing was common practice early in the season when its cold- an unwritten rule of baseball. Going to be interesting when more hitters get dinged a la Pillar and there's a sudden increase in wild pitches in the game.
  22. I'm not sure about Jenks. I know Donovans literally owns the beach right down to the water. If you were to fish right in front of that tiki bar then you are technically trespassing and assuming its right in the middle of a smoking hot busy beach day- someone will probably ask you to leave the area. I'm pretty sure there are other beach clubs like that, especially common in a town like sea bright. I would never set up 5 poles and a bucket in front of Jenks (or Donovans for that matter) so doesn't affect me either way- just sayin'- laws aren't consistent across the coastline.
  23. I remember watching is first couple spot starts in 2014. The guys in the booth were busy talking about stupid crap, maybe Keith's cat, meanwhile this string bean with a full head of hair down to his shoulders is wrapping hitters up in knots and they have no clue what is happening or what planet this pitcher came from. Gary Cohen-another SO for deGrom he's got 14 so far and it's only the 6th inning. Hernandez- you know my tomcat can put together a puzzle and felates himself while he eats caviar. I'm watching deGrom wondering, wtf is this guy.
  24. So annoying. Now every time a pitcher has a good game he's going to be suspected of cheating.
  25. Good Lord man- a little context would be good. Is it1 level? is it on slab, crawl, or basement (or none of the above)? does the property have natural gas service? propane? Neither? Is this an old house? Is it insulated? What amp electrical service? Rental property? If it's a rental- i think the easy answer is probably electric baseboard.