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  1. If you watch it long enough they come out.
  2. i never counted fish even for the day. After a couple (5 or 6) it doesn't even matter. Who cares. Something wrong with a guy that counts fish, let alone write about it.
  3. People eat everything out of the bad could they possibly be?
  4. I never said i wouldn't make him an offer. It won't be the same as Trout's deal simply because Judge is not at the same level of player. If he wants to prove everyone wrong he's got a couple years to do it.
  5. If Judge had to get paid tomorrow his value would not be the same as Trout. I think he's got a few years left before the Yanks needs to worry about it and his market value will change by that time anyway. But we're talking about today. Judge and Trout are not at the same level.
  6. Which location is that? Those tiles couldn't look any fresher.
  7. I do make my own dough. It's 65% hydrated KA bread flour and dry yeast. 9 grams of sea salt. For that particular pie, i make a slurry mixture of fresh crushed garlic, red pepper flakes, and EVOO and spread it all over the pie. Romano cheese over that. I would add the steamed broccoli next, mozz, and some dollops of ricotta to finish.
  8. Any brands to recommend? Something cold pressed since I was always leery about oils made from seeds since they are generally derived with the use of chemicals.
  9. You aren't trying to compare Judge and Trout, i hope.
  10. Guess i assumed that pic was Florida.
  11. Nice...why grape seed oil?
  12. Cashman's thoughts are we don't need Trout to win a WS.
  13. Best player in baseball so he's worth it. Only problem is he probably won't ever win anything except stats on paper.
  14. If you're in NY- you better know what to say and how to say it to the media...because if you're losing it won't end well at all for you.
  15. red tide over with?
  16. Last Friday's..
  17. Good job, you just jinxed yourself. Now you won't see another crappie for 20 years.
  18. Hey

    ^ i was thinking the same. There's a lot of places like that old building i miss the smell of
  19. Maybe not...IMO if you go in rounds 1 and 2 you either better be starting or getting a good chunk of PT or else the GM got fleeced.
  20. I can see the rationale in Eli mentoring a 2nd or 3rd round QB but a first round QB is polished enough to start game 1.
  21. How dumb will the Giants look if they draft QB in the first round. They would basically be blowing away millions of dollars.
  22. guess there were way too many back there and the blow out tide killed them. Doubt it was algae or fresh water. Hasn't rained that much in the past week.
  23. the gold stren is very wiry IMO. Stick with 4# mono soft mono like Berkley XL. nothing at all wrong with it.
  24. Guy i work with his son did that. then he got into a car accident and broke some bones and that was the end of that. Life comes at you fast.
  25. Makes no sense at all from a financial and rebuild perspective to keep Eli after today. But IMO this is what sets the Giants ownership apart from the rest. They're going to keep him and pay him his money as a gesture of respect for what Eli has brought the organization.