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  1. I've been buying choice NY strip for $5/lb and grinding it up with chuck. Can't touch flank and skirt anymore its much too expensive. I'll get a hangar steak on occasion but even that cut seems to be creeping in price. My wife forwarded me an article about costco chickens being loaded with antibiotics. We don't go there very often but i'll still always buy a chicken from there. I don't know how people can go t hrough multiple chickens weekly.
  2. If he wins its a good pick. If he doesn't it's a bad pick. I think it's going to be one or the other with not much success in between.
  3. Hard to get a grasp on snow totals, but the one thing t hat seems to be a constant is the ice. Lots of ice from 195 corridor to the coast. Sunday and Monday won't be fun around here. Best thing to do is sit tight at home.
  4. Probably already are. For $1 who do you think your neighbors will be?
  5. Both non-essential and essential are going to get retro pay (as per Trump- which isn't saying much). Doesn't seem right to me. Shut down the whole government. Lets stop pretending we can function.
  6. More Feds and contractors gone as of yesterday. At this point who cares about a wall or which party folds first. Fund the govt, first. The best thing that can happen right now is the ATCA union instructs all Air Traffic Controllers to resign from their jobs. Cripple this country fast.
  7. It's a combination of things and it includes Trump. I'm not opposed to a wall but I think my ability to make a living is more important than a wall.
  8. Contemplating whether or not pick up a 3rd big mac?
  9. I can already tell you how the day will go from my comfy chair.
  10. You would think funding the Fed and making sure Americans can pay their bills and you know, survive, would be what Dems and Repubs both want
  11. Of course they're lying. Trump is an idiot but he's smart enough to know this. End of the day it's going to boil down to how much suffering politicians want the people to endure on their watch.
  12. No. They want to fund the govt and deal with the wall later. This is how America works.
  13. i never heard the word marinara over there- at least the people i've been around never used to say it. I figured it was some term coined up by filthy New York pizza places run by immigrants to describe the leftover months old sauce sold to be eaten with their calzones.
  14. If he can get the wall and not screw up my business then he'll get my vote. :th: He doesn't have much time before the **** hits the fan.
  15. More interesting than this are the non-essential Fed employees who are home sitting on their asses and will likely get retro pay. If you're gonna get retro pay then show up for work or you don't get retro pay.