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  1. You water every day and its still brown? How long are you watering for a zone that gets sun all day? Mine gets 13 mins every other day and it's pretty green. It aint the green hills of Ireland but green enough. We've had 2 straight days of hundred degrees so i would imagine you're going to see some brown spots regardless.
  2. Have a guy that sits one aisle over from me that plays with a slinky parts of the day.
  3. And its freezing cold in the western US. What's your point CnR? Guess you're using a mid-July heat wave to weaponize the weather to help fill your climate change hysteria playbook?
  4. You can cook stuff indirect with charcoal and it'll taste just like it was done in your kitchen oven. I use my gas grill for 2 avoid messing up the kitchen and avoid turning on the oven when its hot. Other than that, gassers are pretty pointless. If i want a good steak or burger i'd rather cook it in a CI skillet, but we just don't do that in my kitchen.
  5. were you allowed buckets on this vessel?
  6. Damn looks great. Whats in teh rub?
  7. First opener since Skaggs death, the night the players honor him by wearing his jersey, his mom throws out the first pitch and the Angels throw a combined no hitter. Yeah baseball is boring.
  8. That guy was an exception in the sport.
  9. This guy is basically everyone from Long Island.
  10. A lot of people built decks in front of their houses after Sandy and the one issue i found was how the hell do you finish the underside of it so water is shed away from your finished materials. A lot of folks got their deck and when it was done you saw all the galvanized brackets and nails holding it together. Looked terrible especially for a front deck. The neighbor to my right got an aluminum guy to come and install bays in between the joists. The water was directed to a gutter along the soffit. That soffit looked like **** to me and if he used the hose up there the water sprayed out of the gutter because it couldn't handle the volume. Was expensive for him to do that but he got what he wanted. Whether it holds up and remains water tight in teh future is anyones guess. I went with fiber glass to allow finishing the underside although my neighbors deck boards looked way nicer than the boat look. There are some water proofing systems out there where you can install a membrane and these plastic funnels to catch water. Seems really clunky to me. I really don't know what the best solution is. I like wood decking but shedding the water is going to cost and probably prone to failure.
  11. I grew up with baseball games on the tube. It was background noise to me back then. Even today its soothing for me to be half listening to the guys in the booth to follow a game. I'd probably go to ball games if it wasn't such a pain in the ass to get there. That's the one thing i envy about the mid West states- you can just go to a ball game without too much trouble. The games are fun to watch if your team is in the post season and playing for something. It seems like there is less thought in today's game then there was 15+ years ago. Sabermetrics is killing it. Games are managed with an equation rather than a risk/reward thought process method. I still enjoy the game. Not sure if they'll go on strike. Maybe the players will wait out the end of CBA and strike a new deal. The system is busted for sure. CBA backfired on these players.
  12. Give me these juiced balls and these juiced hitters and baseball will be back in business.
  13. I read that somewhere. The seams aren't as high. You know that has got to be affecting pitchers because they need those seems to command their pitches. It sort of explains why they're missing their spots...good hitters make em pay the price when they do. I'm watching some pitchers just trying to throw gas because it seems they're struggling with command and they have some success with velocity. End of the day the guy with command of his pitches is going to be more effective than the ones throwing gas.
  14. When i did my deck in the front of the beach house i got a price for cables and was floored. I really don't recall the price of materials but i know that it came in way higher in materials alone than what it cost to have someone come out and install white vinyl rail and spindles. In my opinion, its all a matter of the look you're going after and your budget. Stainless cables is a modern look and if the rest of your house fits that and you can afford it, i'd go with that. For the classic ook i'd probably do the same as the neighbor on the other side and save a few bucks. Vinyl is crap but at least it'll look good from far away and be maintenance free. I wonder if over time the stainless cables will need to be adjusted? I assume they will start to sag and stretch at some point?
  15. I see weird stuff going on. Pitchers are on that bump scratching their heads. I'm not sure if they think they made a good pitch and it got hit because they got unlucky or if they just missed their mark for some strange reason they can't seem to explain. Good quality pitchers are making some electric pitches that leave hitters in knots and then the next pitch gets crushed out of the ball park. Pitchers aren't saying anything but sure seems like something is up with the balls. If a hitter isn't hitting 20+ home runs every season they are going to be worthless in MLB. You hit 250 and hit 25+ homers and that's a decent year. 20 years ago you hit 250 and you were a bum.