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  1. Is it just the parging layer outside or the block itself.
  2. Since i'm a Fed contractor my boss says if you can't work because the customer is off today then you need to take a floating or personal day. Eff that.
  3. Speak for yourself. The stuff i grew up on got a 8.9. A better score than Marucas.
  4. I don't see why not, though you would have to figure out what to replace the openenings with. I could have sworn there were CT conversion kits available. You might want to look into those. Or, just buy a new CT reel. They are cheap enough that you shouldn't have to mangle with your CL.
  5. I saw the barstool guy did a review on Marucas at Seaside boardwalk a few days ago. I was pretty sure that was Sims favorite pie and many of us busted his balls about it. Didn't want to spend much time searching for it else i would have resurected that thread, but pretty sure that was Sims pizza joint. Portnoy gave it a pretty high number. Since Steve can't reply with a "told ya so", i'll do it for him. Sim- I never once doubted your authority on what a good pie should taste like.
  6. The **** ers don't touch it unfortunately. I have quite a lot of it. They eat everything but digitalis.
  7. waste of bacon. Should have used stripe trash.
  8. I was at the Shrewsbury dealership a couple weeks ago and there was a real head turner in teh show room -a mustang Mach 1. Stunning- but it was automatic.
  9. better be available with a stick. I can't imagine driving a vehicle called maverick with a auto transmission.
  10. Believe that's referred to as 'shaker'- aka the now overused kitchen cab door.
  11. Kind of reminds me of those little Nissan and Mazda p-ups. Almost seems pointless to have the Ranger. I would go F150 at that point. But even they are becoming unaffordable.
  12. You get shot there bro?
  13. Seriously. I think any 20 year old vehicle in the NE is going to have some serious frame deterioration. Especially if it lived outside. Maybe a garage kept vehicle would be in far better shape. Unless you have a friend that make repairs on the cheap i'm afraid it's time to sell.
  14. Loved OBC. Great eeling jetty rigged and alive. Would be getting good just about now.
  15. I like those 4C pankos for stuffed clams oreganata. A little too heavy for a piece of fish like sea biscuits. It's like eating the sand you put in between pavers. A new one i've been trying is dry your filets well, season and then very light coat of flour. Oil them pretty well and put direct onto your hot grill. I call it Turkish fish.