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  1. 8 hours ago, Slacker said:

    The Dodgers - Giants game was a good one.  I still don't love the whole "opener" strategy.

    Awful ending.  Should have been the 7 game NLCS matchup. It was fun when the post season was all about your starting pitching and situational hitting.  

  2. 52 mins ago, fishless said:

        Perhaps I was blessed with playing for coaches who expressed concern about their players both on AND off the field.  I never once played for someone with a thought process as you suggest Grudens was.  I never made it to the pros but former coaches did and I'm lucky to still be friends with them and yes coaches do care.  .  

     That really warmed the cockles of my heart.  We're talking double standards but you think Grudens job was to be the Raiders' Pope.  The Raiders owner gave a man with an already suspect character a 10 year deal worth 100 mill.  Maybe he should look at himself in the mirror.  


    11 hours ago, fishless said:

    Nah not really.   You compared a shock comedian to someone who's job it is to pull people together of all races and work with one another toward a common goal. You did that not me. 

    Gruden's job was to win ball games. I would venture to guess he doesn't personally care if he won with whites, blacks, browns, red, or purple people.  He's not looking to pull races together- simply to win games. If he could win with a pack of dogs he wouldn't care and be happy with that.  And this is the problem with the world. We care about how many of each race it takes and doing it all together instead of just getting **** done. 

  4. 4 hours ago, fishless said:

    Chappelle and Gruden are not in the same business.  One is supposedly a leader of men and the other shooting for the shock value laugh.   Poor comparison. 

    Little dramatic.  He wasn't leading anyone.  And he's a head coach of a football team not leading actual men onto a battle field. 

  5. 3 mins ago, Danthe said:

    I got invited to go on a charter trip about 20 years ago. First time ever fishing for Stripers. Six guys, 6 fish. Back to the dock, mate cleans and bags. Not a single schmuck on that trip wanted anything except me. Five should have been released. Shameful. 


    Eye opening experience to say the least. 


    This is why i can't stand striper fishing on boats.  Things are borderline inedible yet people continue to take them.  There should be a limited commercial season of striped trash and very stringent recreational regs.  You want to eat one, go to a restaurant where it won't taste like cat ****. 

  6. 2 hours ago, MikeMc said:


    The union trade guys I know retire at 57-58 years old with full health coverage. 

    They retire "early" because their bodies couldn't take it anymore.  This is the last working demographic.  I think they knew the money was there to be made if they put in the time and the work.  There is more money in trades than what a kid with a bachelors degree working 9 to 5 can make. There is more physical effort involved in getting it (plus the front-end effort required), and i think that's turning kids away- they can survive with less so why should they kill themselves? How about we don't make it survivable?  Getting rid of unions is a start.

  7. 2 hours ago, fish'nmagician said:

    Does this free him up to be trumps running mate?

    Does it make you feel butt hurt that he was saying all of those horrible things to a Redskins exec- who was probably pissing in his pants after reading the emails he leaked a decade later?

  8. 6 hours ago, Joe said:

    These guys will shut the ports down in a heartbeat. They have a VERY strong union.

    Unions are garbage.  Back when people actually wanted to work they might have been a slightly good idea.  Must be nice to be able to survive off unemployment checks and just barely show up at work a few weeks out of the year.  

  9. 1 min ago, Kml said:

    I did that trip with Billy H once. 

    The coldest day I have ever spent on a boat by far. Ice was everywhere.


    I think i remember that day. Was like the week after the opener.  Hard N/NW 20-30.  Everyone got vouchers if i recall. Fortunately i missed that trip. I went on one with him, might have gone on 2 of those trips. The good old days of black fishing.

  10. We took the kid to Hersey for the weekend before school started.  Many rides were closed due to staff shortages. Long lines to get lunch.  Every day chain restaurants where you used to be guaranteed to just walk in and be served were closed.  I would not be going on any vacation with the expectation of being provided services until covid days are well behind us.  

  11. 8 mins ago, coolhandfluke said:

    can you imagine being a large landscape company and have to buy all new equipment ?

    Would be a tax write off i guess, but now you have batteries, instead of cutting 20 lawns a day you're cutting far less and making less money.  Lawn sizes will shrink because it will cost  a fortune to cut the grass.  Great move for the birds, not for the illegal workforce.