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  1. That was a couple weeks ago. He had to be a few beers deep those were slightly high scores.
  2. Wow...haven't been that way in a while. My FiL used to own that tiny strip with the pizza place next to the railroad tracks. He ran the restaurant and didn't give a crap. When people came in and asked him what was good he told them better off going to Burger King. Thankfully sold it right before the pandemic.
  3. They aren't really over there. Might be a bit too shallow.
  4. Regardless, its still funny the Mets have to cut that guy a check every year. Good possibility they'll win a WS before they're doing paying him.
  5. When you can turn a meek $5 mill into 30 by being a bum, you'll get your own holiday named after you, too
  6. Eh. That New Haven style around Frank Pepes is some of the best i've had.
  7. For 4th parties- cases of High noon but i use them as a vodka mixer. Grapefruit and pineapple are great. Dump a can into a red cup with ice top with vodka of your choice and lime/lemon wedge. Refreshing as hell. Usually buy high life bottles for anyone that drinks beer. Twist off caps. The champaigne of beers.
  8. If you're coming from mid Pa where all the pizza is horrendous then its probably worth detouring for a couple pies at that Frank pepes strip.
  9. Yeah not sure its even legal in some states. Most barber shops use a shavette. Its a single edge feather artistry blade that just pops into the spine. It may look like a straight but it aint. But whatever, if that's your thing...i don't like the community shave brush and scuttle where the lather gets to grow all sort of critters in between customers. The guy i go to uses a shavette and a small dollop of goop with his fingers just to create a better defined edge along the hair lines.
  10. The only fish that count are the ones nobody needs to know about.
  11. Have a happy one Mets fans! Only 14 more years to go.
  12. Didn't he admit to drugging and raping that woman..
  13. Weeks? I been hearing pops every single night since last summer.
  14. a twatter reply yesterday under ABC news- "white power about to be mad this weekend" and "he didn't rape sh** ". What a country.
  15. Haven't eaten a weakfish in a very long time. Let alone caught one. They didn't taste like much to me. Have no interest in ever eating one again, though they are perfectly edible.
  16. Yep. If Greg has any say in that trip you'll be on 700-1000 feet all day for 2 days.
  17. I have the strips under my cabs. The transformer is under the sink cab. Hardly ever turn them on. Not likely i'd ever install them in another kitchen- tacky look IMO.
  18. Would love a much larger CI griddle for the grill, but there are way too many critters in my yard and i'd have to keep on top of it. I just want to throw meat on the grill and when its done a couple scrapes of the grates and its over. A CI pan is easy to take inside and keep sanitary.
  19. I kinda get it. WTF would Girardi request he be checked a 3rd time. Was he trying to mess with Scherzer's head? This going to be a thing now when a pitcher is dealing the manager on the other team won't like it and request him to be checked? I don't recognize this game anymore.
  20. The chock full o nuts model.
  21. Is it just the parging layer outside or the block itself.
  22. Since i'm a Fed contractor my boss says if you can't work because the customer is off today then you need to take a floating or personal day. Eff that.
  23. I saw the barstool guy did a review on Marucas at Seaside boardwalk a few days ago. I was pretty sure that was Sims favorite pie and many of us busted his balls about it. Didn't want to spend much time searching for it else i would have resurected that thread, but pretty sure that was Sims pizza joint. Portnoy gave it a pretty high number. Since Steve can't reply with a "told ya so", i'll do it for him. Sim- I never once doubted your authority on what a good pie should taste like.
  24. Speak for yourself. The stuff i grew up on got a 8.9. A better score than Marucas.