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  1. let's see...what else...The rotor washer spinning out, the anti-reverse dog breaking, the roller failing to turn thus twisting the line, braid bunching up to the front of the spool. Can anyone else add to the list?????
  2. first off, the lighter versions of this model were completely altered by Penn. (4500 and 5500)..if you can get your hands on the older versions 450, 550, thats a different story...those reels worked wonders in the salt. SInce then, Penn has changed a number of parts and degraded the reel. The housing was made of aluminum, which is now graphite. The other major problem with this reel is its anti-reverse dog. Penn has changed teh design of this part many times and it still continues to fail. DO a search on Penn 5500ss and see for yourself. The board has discussed this topic many times. The anit-reverse on these reels are hideous. You'll have to keep replacing the has a mind of its can go at any time, usually while your fishing. If you plan on fishing this reel hard, i'd reccommend having a backup or keeping extra dogs in your bag. Buy them by the dozen because you're going to replace them often. This will be a good, solid reel if the makers at Penn would just wake up some day and fix a number of the lousy parts they've incorporated in the SS series.
  3. you can get away with an eight weight just as long as the wind isn't blowing hard...a good time if a school of cocktail blues are around. I personally would never fish anything less than a nine off the beach....the conditions would make casting anything less almost impossible. In your case, i would find an inlet or estuary and focus more on casting in these calmer conditions.
  4. all depends on what you plan on fishing for...there's fish out there right now, however, it is unreliable fishing and spotty at best. If you have access to a boat, that is a different story. In my opinion, the best months to fish in NJ are mid october through mid November...the striped bass fishing peaks during this period of time. It all depends on how hot a summer we have. I could guarantee fish during this time period (assuming one has any bit of knowledge of surf fishing). Most of the false albacore i take are during the month of september..especially the last week. I've had plenty of weakfish off the beach until mid-November And bluefish you can catch anytime of the year just as long as the water temps dont dip much below 50 degrees. You see, it all depends on the wind and weather conditions. every year is different..all depends on what species you're targeting. I would definitely consider mid-October through mid-November as being NJ's peak period for fish activity.
  5. i'd reconsider using that model Penn. The anti-reverse dog will fail in a matter of days...probably while your fishing. be advised.....
  6. you can basically make a soup out of them. Just cut off the head and the wings...gut the fish...the head and wings are used for fish stock to make the soup. the tail end is veeeery tasty with the soup. It is boiled in its own fish stock...this is really the only way to cook sea robin. A loaf of bread and your good to go.
  7. i could answer your question but i'm sure you'd prefer kenny's response. In any case, "wet fly style" is just a way of palmering the hackle so it faces opposite the direction of the eye of the hook. it has a more streamlined look to it. In order to achieve this look you must tie in the hackles at the tip and palmer them foward. If you tie the hackles in from the base and palmer foward, you will have achieved the opposite effect, i.e., hackle barbs facing towards the eye of the hook.
  8. for all you easterners (including myself), i recently had the pleasure of fly rodding Montana's finest rivers including the Madison, Jefferson, and Yellowstone. The fishing on these rivers and their tributaries is incomparable to any i have ever known in the east. Each is chock-full of large, gorgeous trout. Although i didnt land a cutthroat, i took many browns and rainbows up to 5 pounds...average fish was 14-16 inches. It being my first time out there fishing..and fishing without a guide, might i add...the trip was quite a success. The only drawback was that i have fallen madly in love with this state and it's fishing opportunities. I'd recommend it to anyone who is capable of fishing current. The trout are not nearly as fussy as they are in the east. Kenny (10x10) was right...these fish do not carry phd's. So if any of you decide to detach yourself from the rat-race of society for a while..give Montana a shot and find your rythm in the spirit of this land.
  9. JimB, for a chest pack, i use a Filson. I've had it for many years and wont look back for another kind. The buckles and zippers are constructed of brass and coated so they wont rust in the salt. It's a tough, good looking chest pack with plenty of room for boxes and misc. equipment.
  10. Listen, Im pretty new here myself, and dont to much understand what the **** you guys are talking about, but I sure do like to read GOS's posts... "a mile wide and a league deep"... That's a classic we can all understand... I been reading Gramps posts for only a short time and I understand and know what "woodland folks" are and would have to say we probably need more of them around...Welcome Don L to this site...You sorta seem more upset then nutmeg... A misunderstanding is a misunderstanding so why the advice on how Gramps should conduct himself in the future?... Again I don't know him personally but I do understand his points about politicians bs and it appears that some things are the same everywhere...GOS DONT GO is what Im trying to say
  11. at least they didn't send you a box of ashes.
  12. As long as they're tied in straight and of equal length on both sides, either or..whichever gets the job done right. Just make sure you tie them down just before the bend of the hook...this method eliminates fouling.
  13. You need to find a good basket, first. I like mine to be close to 10 or 11 inches deep...anything less and you're asking for trouble on the rocks. Rubbermaid had the perfect basket a few years back..they no longer make most recent one was purchased at Cost can find a good basket just about anywhere. You can use cones, but i prefer weed wacker cord...i just draw a checkerboard pattern with a pencil on the bottom of my basket and drill where the lines intersect(except the corners)..then connect adjacent holes with the cord to form a semi-circle..each semi-circle should be about 2.5 inches glue the excess cord protruding from underneath the basket...repeat until all holes are filled and you should come out with a symmetric pattern. You can cut each semi-circle at the top so you have individual chords (sticky fingers) but that is optional. For the belt i just cut two oval shaped holes and pass it through. SOme people use bungee cord. DO NOT drill any holes for water drainage. Or, you can kill 50 bucks and get an Orvis basket...good basket but too shallow for my tastes. Everyone has there own methods..ask TimS to post directions along with pictures on the website.
  14. that bass asassin is deadly on bass when they're in lurking about in the shallows. I used to skip them under trees and brush way back during my freshwater days. Best part was that i'd could catch half-dozen bass on one before it ripped. The 5 inch asassin is too big, in my opinion...i caught many LMB on the smallest size in this pearly/pinkish color.i've stuck hundreds of bass on this little wonder of rubber. As far as plastic worms go...i'd say the most effective rig would be Texas style. It's almost totally weedless, and i believe the most practical rig to use. I'd rather not use a sinker unless the bass are hunkered down deep in the weeds. Caught most fish on a weightless Texas style rig...Manns Jelly Worms, Culprits, Powerworms were most productive in either purple or red shad. Never had much luck Carolina rigging...tried it a number of times and it was not very weedless...and i like being in total contact with the worm. The jersey rig can be prductive...nobody could pay me enough to use it in heavy cover where most of the bass lay, though. Not a good all-purporse rig. Pre-rigged worms are also an option. I'd have to say a weightless 6 inch rubber worm rigged texas style is the best way to go. It looks natural and the bass go crazy over them. Anybody ever catch anything on those FLYING LURES??? i got a box many years ago for Easter and never had the cohones to use them.
  15. It's not exactly a "wind knot". People make the mistake of calling it that too often. It is a tailing loop and is caused by the flaw(s) in your cast. If you throw a good loop it's impossible for a knot to be formed in your leader. Focus on making a good cast consistantly and you wont make the infamous "tailing loop".
  16. fish the bayside anywhere before're pretty much guaranteed a fish...there's plenty of sea robins and'll have to work a little harder for weakfish and stripers...the action is pretty much red-hot if you know where to go.
  17. it helps to use a rotating vise while applying the get a nice even, symmetric shape. after you're done applying the epoxy you just keep rotating the arm of your vise until the epoxy stops dripping. If you apply epoxy and forget about it for a while, gravity will take it's toll and the epoxy will drip.
  18. all the choppers you could possibly want inside the hook.
  19. bass are so picky when they're feeding on shrimp..some nights i've taken fish on streamers while they were feeding on shrimp only..other nights..not even a bump. you've gotta try different presentations and not just change your fly. the first thing i change in those situations is my leader..i'll use a leader up to 15 feet long when bass are sucking down shrimp. My next concern would be mending the line...bass key in on the speed of the shrimp drifting above them. if it dont look right moving, they wont strike...we tend to take for granted the way we normally fish for which case, we artificially present our flies. If you've never fished for wild trout before, you will definitely be frustrated while stripers are feeding on shrimp. a drag free drift will cure a fishless night in these well as a little finnesse and patience.
  20. if a large predator was chasing after you, what would you do?? stop?? or keep going?? i think it's a matter of common sense. try it and you'll see.
  21. murdered the bluefish again this evening on flies at the hook...had one that pushed 10 pounds.
  22. caught blues up to 8 pounds at the hook this evening...just about every cast until it got dark. not a bad evening at spermecetti cove.
  23. Besides the obvious...mosquito repellent.
  24. that has happened to me in the past...the first time it was so bad i got an infection..almost lost my leg 'cause i didnt clean it until the next day. Had a fever for 3 days until i finally decided to pay a visit to my doctor. Ever since then i wash the inside of my waders regularly...and i always make sure my skin is protected while i'm wearing them.
  25. i only use unithread for tying clousers. It only works with a ceramic bobbin, of course. you can really make a lot of wraps and hunker those lead eyes down nice and tight..without the big globs of thread