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  1. He was good after returning from Tommy John surgery. His 2019 season was up and down. He was still a very good pitcher- definitely better with the Phils, but still the Mets should have pursued him instead never gave him an offer. I disagreed with teh move.
  2. That was 100% a Jeff Wilpon decision. Who knows why. Probably just didn't want to pay him.
  3. If you had guests over and think the bugs hitched a ride with them then i would basically toss the mattress and any clothing in your closets or drawers they may have touched. Maybe time to toss the bed frame while you're at it. You may not have an infestation yet. I would definitely call an exterminator that specializes in them and start tossing things in the trash immediately.
  4. Not the norm to see chicken fried steak in NJ though...the staple of the American West.
  5. Probably not enough amps with the inverter to get it going. They are good enough to run a little livewell pump. The new trucks have a generator so will generate enough wattage to start and run appliances.
  6. When i bought my second home i got a homeowners policy and looked at the coverage amount- thought i was way under covered and basically doubled the amount. I could be wrong but it seems they tend to under value homes when they write up policies. Or they don't take into account the location. Sounds like you need to find a new company.
  7. Christie and Phildo both made their contributions to soaring gas prices.
  8. I like the idea of having an on board generator but the rest of the features are getting to be out of control and driving the pricing up. I don't need a 20 inch screen.
  9. Not sure. i know prices are nuts on the new models. My brother just bought a new Ram, not even a V8, and it was knocking on 50 grand- a 6 year finance. Probably underwater with it by now.
  10. Its actually the perfect time to pull the trigger on a new truck. Used values are high and are fuel consumption is less of an issue these days. Really don't want a new payment, though.
  11. For me, it's a no brainer. A day of fishing someplace new is worth just about any amount of money to me.
  12. Probably not. That plug has a giant lip it should have no trouble moving with that hardware. I wouldn't do a siwash, just a flag. Me, personally, i'm putting another 3/0 on the ass.
  13. I'm rollin with it...i think its the wrong choice to not to get vaccinated.
  14. The 2 shot vax from pfizer and moderna is all i would trust at this point.
  15. the koda 16 is over 700 clams on amazon. No chance.
  16. Someone told me many of the breakthrough cases around the globe were due to the astra zeneca vaccine, not even used in the US. And the numbers above are supposedly an accurate representation of covid breakthrough cases- in NJ
  17. Yeah. the numbers you see above definitely don't seem accurate because just about everyone knows or heard of vaccinated people who test positive. I'm not saying the data above is inaccurate, but i can understand why people don't trust it- in your own mind you have your own "data".
  18. I would never use the steel peels that come with ooni. No idea how you can get a pizza off it without using a lot of flour. It definitely takes some practice, but its much easier with a wood peel.
  19. thanks...i'm grateful we all got to see him just hours before he went to sleep. On the bright side, all stripe trash lives will be spared going forward.
  20. Thought Koq was on a wild west trip? He could have done all this right here at home.
  21. Been wanting to get the ooni Koda 16 inch. It has the flames one 3 sides. It's way too much on Amazon so been holding off. I can make a really good pie in my oven but turning it on at 550 in the summer is not an option.
  22. In Montana they have these pilot cars when there is road work. When you approach the job site, there's a sign saying "wait for pilot" something or other. 15 minutes later an old milfer comes barreling down the road driving a no frills pickup, does a U turn in front of the line and everyone follows her through the construction site doing 2 mph.
  23. No- his heart just stopped working...we'll never know why.
  24. My dad was vaccinated in March (Pfizer) and just passed away on Saturday from a heart attack at 65. He was perfectly fine, no health issues except took a blood pressure med. Whether his death was vaccine related is anyones guess. I guess we'll find out soon enough how well the vax works for me since i came in close contact with many people the past couple days.