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  1. When you know, you know.
  2. Not surprisingly and right on queue given FDA announcement, Phildo the Dildo mandating teachers to get jabbed or get a weekly rice rabies test on their own dime.
  3. That was my Father in law at his pizzeria. He smoked right behind the counter and ashed everywhere. Showered once a week so doubt he even washed his hands. He probably thought the cigarettes gave his pizza its flavor. Pretty much the norm at most pizza places. You are better off making your own.
  4. When i hear of "artisan" pizza the first thing that comes to mind is Neapolitan style crusts (00 flour) with very strange and fancy toppings and costing a bit more for what you get. Reality is that Neapolitan does not equal "artisan", though that's usually what you get at these trendy pizza places- Porta in Asbury Park, NJ for instance is a classic example of this. This pizza is cooked at super hot temps like 900 degrees and a plat sized pie is cooked in less than a minute. You get a puffed up near burned outer shell and a gooey under-cooked inside. If you don't eat it right away its cools off in seconds and turns into a goopy mess that you can eat with a spoon. This is what so-called pizza expert hipster types want everyone to believe what a real daego pizza should be like- the "this is what you get in Italy" BS. Enjoy. .
  5. That's the idea, right?
  6. The only time i will ever use a duolock is when i'm throwing an eel squid. Coastlocks snaps are the best followed by the paper clips. Duolock usage should be very limited.
  7. Eat chicken fried steak every day for a month and your opinion will change.
  8. Bellas in Long Branch makes a really good Sicilian. Tough to find good ones east of the parkway. Many joints use the same dough and sauce. Places on Brooklyn would stack up heavy cast iron pans with proofing dough on the floor. The roach crap and daego pubes on the floor made it taste better.
  9. Sicilian is an American creation and far more bread-like, probably closer to focaccia. The sauce of a sicilian pizza has a lot of onions cooked and melded inside. It cooks forever causing the onions to disintegrate. It's the worst thing you can eat if you suffer from acid reflux. Grandma pizzas are generally in square shape, much thinner and crispier. Usually have fresher ingredients like raw tomatoes, fresh mozz, and basil.
  10. only 2 players i wouldn't touch are deGrom, Alonso, and i'm liking Megil. They should try to get a haul for Syndegard. Doubt anyone will want to go near Cano. Obviously Lindor isn't going anywhere just pray this was just a blip in the road for him. So done with Familia and Diaz, especially Familia.
  11. hear over and over again from covid positive people that it messes with their head and drives them to check into their local ER. Would be interesting to know how many people would have driven themselves to the hospital if covid wasn't covered by the media like it is. I get that its killing people but wonder how much of the hospitalization numbers are skewed due to media fear mongering.
  12. Damn. Would depress the hell out of me to be in front of that with no fly rod.
  13. I think they liked Dom because he can play 1B or LF, and he could hit- especially with risp. When he's not hitting he's a putrid player to have- which brings us to Conforto. Nice kid but never liked him. He's going to have a career year on a different team next year- just like Rosario is having with the Indians. The Mets are cursed.
  14. We should have known that when your enemy is "the people" it's a war we cannot win. When wars are not fought on a battle field they are unwinnable. Trillions of tax dollars wasted just to delay an inevitable outcome- sure looked like the right thing to do at the time.
  15. I don't think so. It's a failure of US learning it's lesson from the outcome of the Vietnam War and the fall of Saigon. At least the Vietnamese haven't plotted and planned a future act of terror on US soil. God help us all.
  16. I have a under cab microwave that is vented to the outside. But's it's a 4 inch vent, maybe 350 cfm. Really not sufficient for heavy duty stuff like burning meat and seafood. I didn't build it- would have installed a hood had i done the remodel. We use a mini electric oven on the counter top pretty regularly. Mostly don't like the microwave- must be a cultural thing.
  17. Electric top. For how we cook it won't make a difference but make cleanup far easier. Not much worse than pulling apart those grates for cleaning every single day.
  18. I've got a Samsung....looks a lot like that one. I can't stand the middle burner. Totally useless unless you fry meat with the CI attachment- something we never do because of the mess. If i ever install a generator i'm going with a 220V all electric range and top next time.
  19. Crenshaw is assuming fellow citizens have at least half a brain to decide for themselves.
  20. I don't know how valid they are, but there are papers out there stating that viruses have a higher probability of mutating in those who are vaccinated. I'm no virologist, but the fact that there is data out there suggesting that vaccinated people are out there shedding virus tells me those papers hold water.
  21. My old man was a long time union guy and loved the Cuomo's especially the father...God knows how many women he raped. I wish my Dad was alive i'd be breaking his balls right now.
  22. He was guilty of killing thousands of grandmas even before he was guilty of raping women.
  23. Just got an email from the front office at work....they are looking for voluntary submission of vax cards from each employee. Guessing they have plans to limit who goes into the office or attends work related events based on vax status. Strange times..
  24. I had a severe bout of it over the late winter that took about 3 weeks to recover from. The only drug that helped me was Ibuprofen- high dosage like 800 mg. Keeping the lower back iced, laying down flat on the bed or floor, and the ibuprofen was what worked for me. Laying on the couch and less rest will only worsen and delay recovery.
  25. I haven't seen too many in my yard this year. When i was planting far more cone flower is when i saw the highest numbers. Cone flower around here doesn't do well due to aster yellows parasite from leaf hoppers so i've toned down my cone flower usage.