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  1. A man named Dan Bailey (who supposedly is unaffiliated with Dan Bailey's Fly shop) confronted Fox anchor Tucker Carlson inside Dan Bailey's Fly shop- accused him of being racist and killing people with misinformation. What are the odds its a random man named Dan Bailey inside Dan Bailey's Fly shop in Livingston Montana?
  2. Toll Brothers threw up a whole 55+ community in Farmingdale-priced about that same as that old jewy looking place in Holmdel. Detached and come with their own firepits.
  3. checked my truck on kbb. It has 130k+ on the odometer and worth about 17k. That's a lot of dough for that kind of mileage IMO. No chance if i had 17k laying around doing nothing i'd throw it at used pickup.
  4. Typical liberal mentality- think they have ability to change people's minds about the vaccine- would shoot themselves in the foot just to get a few extra jabs into peoples arms. If 50% of your population gets jabbed consider that good. Only way to change that is to break into the homes of the unvaxxed, hog tie, and stick em.
  5. Maybe so, but you're within very respectable driving distance to some very cool shite. Give me Californians all day every day for the chance to get away whenever i wanted.
  6. I got you to click and reply to a BS thread, anyway.
  7. The name thing is what's shocking about it.
  8. Yep. To be honest, unless you were born a cow shite kicker Bozeman and Missoula would be the places to live in that state. Dan Baileys probably has strong ties to Cali given they were instrumental in the movie that put fly fishing on the map. Seems like east of the Gallatin is far more tourist cali hoity toity. I used to setup home base in Sheridan and Ennis and could hit a lot of different spots from there.
  9. I never made it to Dan Baileys. I spent more time west of there on the other side of the Gallatin. Seems East was more Cali.
  10. NYC isn't effed. They'll get tax bail outs for as long as they need it. They need to worry about curtailing street crimes. Nobody wants to end up getting mugged on the subway stairs and dying from brain damage because a criminal was let lose on the promise he'll show up to court because he got Mets tickets. The people need to vote out their liberal trash- if only they had some brain matter in them. Rice rabies is just noise for NYC.
  11. Seems so strange to me. Has to be a crazy uncle/cousin or something. I don't believe it.
  12. Some- so what's the point? I would venture to guess that NYC crime is the bigger reason people are avoiding going back to work. Rice rabies /curry cough is the excuse enabling them. Majority in the work force aren't afraid of the virus.
  13. I haven't tried one, yet. When i visited Italy along the Tehranian Sea a few years ago they were pretty common at sea food vendor stands. But the ones we have here were 10 times the size of what i saw being sold for food. Probably aren't bad to eat, would imagine similar to monk and sea robbins
  14. guess no surf caught white marlin for Spigs today.
  15. Darwinism at work.
  16. well with a 12 inch bait you better be willing to accept some skunks. On the bright side it'll be more fun to use and if you do get one it's going to be a hog.
  17. The unvaccinated will continue to tax our health care system and increase the probability of vaccine resistant variants occurring. People have their reasons to not get the vaccine, whatever that is, and realistically this isn't going away because so many people will choose to not get it for those reasons-and nothing anyone can say or do will change that...we should just continue to live as close to normal as possible and deal with the consequences.
  18. Nothing beats live bait. The problem with it is that it's hard to cover water with it. And if you're not covering water your chances of catching a larger less common fish is a lot less. That's why i liked the spinner bait so much. You could put a bait in front of a lot more fish and it had just seconds to react to it. Pigs being what they are, often times would go after it. Yeah, sure live bait catches large fish if you put in where they're at.
  19. There are mask mandates still in place for the unvax'ed, at least in the blue states like NJ. Granted the unvaxxed never adhere to that.
  20. Probably a spinner bait. Johnsons silver minnow and worm trailer. They were always elusive when it warmed up, though. The smaller ones still ate but seem like those fat pigs only ate when it was cold.
  21. South and central heart land i would bet. I don't even need to look at a map. The demographics tell you all you need to know. This is modern evolution fast forwarded.
  22. you really believe that would have mattered? There is rice rabies in Antarctica. Maybe it would have delayed the inevitable.
  23. The CDC has a problem. Now that they've back peddled they threw gasoline on anti-vaxer fires. I don't see a problem- pandemic isn't ever ending and people need to make risk assessments and deal with the consequences.
  24. it sounds like the CDC is saying in a roundabout way that some vaccinated individuals will shed virus.