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  1. Rice rabies finally made an appearance in my household. Kid had a low fever but recovered after a dose of motrin. Wife had a migraine that also resolved itself after a dose of NSAID. I got nothing. The dog had been acting strange the past 2 days and i suspect the bitch has faired the worst out of all of us. Get your vaccines ya idiots.
  2. Eli has a sense of humor believe it or not. He'll probably do really well on TV.
  3. I was watching the weather radar map yesterday and saw what came across from the midwest in Michigan. Little red/orange blob shooting across. I guess it turned into a derecho and nicked the Jersey coast. I didn't hear anything just to the south and west. Just some rain and little wind.
  4. Its nuts. They don't have bad players. And they were pretty good first half the season. Ironically things started to go south for them after the degrom injuries.
  5. 2 days into the school year and my kid already needs to dig for Chinese gold.
  6. Saw you sitting inside the Mohawk the other morning Tony. Looked like you were half asleep. How many keeps?
  7. i doesn't interest me as much as it once did. I guess the kneeling schtick leaves a bad taste but its not the sole reason. The new NFL sucks, but i get why people still watch it. There are still some flares of excitement here and there but for the most part it's terrible to watch.
  8. As i said, i don't know that it is Rojas inflexibility rather the way the team is being run under Sandy Alderson. Granted its not much different than the way other teams are setup- where the manager is just a puppet and people above him are pulling all the strings. My guess is the old ways of having a true manager are behind us and this no longer an interesting game of baseball, but mlb will instead try to sell its players rather than a scripted game. Bring back the juice.
  9. Rojas is a moron...but hard to place all the blame on him. Everyone says to fire him (which i agree he deserves to be fired) but what managers are available that are any better than Rojas? I can't stand these managers- they treat the game like its one big script and they never deviate from it. Fine, have a script or a plan but a good manager is in tune with the game and his players and is supposed to make gut decisions during the game, not follow a ****ing script to the tee. That's Rojas...and i see the same going on with other clubs.
  10. Darnold had himself a fine day.
  11. I doubt it was a mouse. Probably squirrels. Not much you can do. Either garage keep or take a drive every day.
  12. Would never go out there without spending some time on the Madison River. Doesn't get much better than that place.
  13. It will be the next gas station pil.
  14. I don't know if its BS or not, but i saw a picture of ivermectin packaging on the web where it explicitly called out its use against coronaviruses. Nothing about COVID-19, but "coronaviruses".
  15. Is there even a difference between neoprene waders in summer and wet wading...
  16. That's about to change after he wraps his home in chinese plastic.
  17. Take out or dine in? Yumi in sea bright was always excellent- too expensive to take out but a great date/dine-in place. For take out take your pick. All the same to me
  18. Heard about that...seems so strange. How much water could there have been for someone to drown on a hill.
  19. That little stretch by the park? Was closed for days during Floyd. Glad i don't have to drive that anymore.
  20. It's been on the news for days. Twitter feeds been squawking about it. Definitely not a sleeper storm.
  21. Thats about what i got. Pool water probably turned to ice last night. That might be the worst of the damages.
  22. It does just hang there loosely fastened to the house. It's only purpose is to hide your sheathing and house wrap. Certainly are some better quality vinyls today...ultimately, your house is covered in free floating plastic.
  23. Kids already get jabbed at birth.
  24. Make some repairs to your wood shake and fresh paint. Why anyone would want to pay someone to wrap their house in plastic is mind boggling to me.
  25. I don't think it moved for 10 years. It might even still be there. Pretty sure Jerry had the diesel engine in his. The front end on that truck was problematic. A lot of weight for a poorly designed front end suspension.