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  1. Trading a 7th for a 6th 2 years down the road, apparently.
  2. And now Joe Douglas is trading for 6th round picks in 2022? Wtf?
  3. They just need a little more time to gel, right? Think you have to fire gays within the next 24 hours no? It's pretty clear he doesn't know his ass from a football
  4. That is really cool. where's teh toilet?
  5. I think that in nature, we have various populations of teh same species that thrive in these ecological niches. We got really good at targeting the fish in very specific ecological niches and fished em out, or they're currently getting fished out. Maybe migrating fish are less effected (or so it seems) by over fishing because they can move around more and have greater access to food. Fish and other species will exploit those ecological niches that help them proliferate. I think that in some cases we have destroyed those ecological niches and/or removed the populations of a species that used them. Rivers and estuaries for instance- very easy to target a population of fish because its close to home. We're removed the fish from the niche; the niche is still there and producing food and structure. But, the fish that knew how to exploit it are missing- it's as if a species is extinct.
  6. All around fine stash of fishin plugs on this page.
  7. Why even keep Gays at this point? Any rational person think he's going to turn it all around in the next couple game? It looks like teh Jets are years from contention. The Giants, while 0-5 seem to be in a better situation.
  8. Nobody can answer that except for you. It might be fine or maybe there's something that will work better for you. Work on your craft and you'll get the answer.
  9. Your reels drag should be the least of your concerns. I would be surprised if a well used 704/706 had 5 lbs of drag. I've caught my share of pigs on that reel in fast water. Your rod is doing the pulling and your reel is picking up line. A reel with better drag pressure won't help you. Who locks their drag down anyway? Mine is initially set so that i can feel it slip a little with the most pressure i can give the line off the roller. I don't want it to slip when the fish is hooked. If you get one then immediately beat it with your rod and pick up line. If it decides to take off then i'll turn the knob counter clockwise and let it go a little bit. You should never be totally locked up. If there's pilings and stuff then use a longer heavy mono leader and you'll need a little bit of luck.
  10. Hello Dan. I'd like to order a few unpainted 3 oz bullets with a 34185. QTY 10.
  11. I have zero interest in Thanksgiving. None of the kids eat at the table. Turkey tastes like ass. I don't really want to be around most family members. If i had my way i'd eat a dry turkey sangwich wash it down with a glass of wild turkey on the rocks and in bed by 7:30.
  12. Have the same thoughts with every debate.
  13. Every time i see him i think of a mannequin.
  14. Some rules i fish by-- Remove all split rings to the extent possible. Limit my usage of duolocks for very specific circumstances where i need them to get the most movement and convenience. A coastlock or TA style paper clip in the largest size is always the best and safest bet.
  15. That and or the wax will compress too much and not provide a good enough seal.