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  1. Looked pretty damn great to me.
  2. I had it once at a Marriot restaurant. It was epic. I've cooked it at son eats it but the wife doesn't care for it at all. I can see why some don't like it because you get one that tastes like piss on occasion.
  3. looks gluey
  4. Pink jigs ass hook fag togs.
  5. If your team makes the post season then that's a pretty good year. They won some games, some exciting others typical. That's baseball. Then you have spoiled brat yankee fans that need to win it all every single year and have the best players on their team even if it doesn't make much sense. They are blessed with ownership that strives to be the best every year.
  6. That guy is all over the place. Does he have a home? Last time i went on that boat he was docked in Cape May. Think he moved a few times since then.
  7. You're all like yentas and their designer bags with these jigs. I'm afraid to go blackfishing. Whats it going to be like? Where did you get that jig? Oh thats a nice color jig. How much was that jig? This jig and that jig..
  8. Don't hold your breath waiting for soccer to over take baseball wrt popularity. Its not gonna happen. Never in the tri state area. Maybe some small pockets of soccer fans due to demographics. We'll revisit in about 100 years.
  9. I'm not paying 6 pack money to throw back blackfish.
  10. Usually what happens is you get some dead ones and they will poison the others that are alive. You have to go through them and pick out the dead ones or else you'll kill them all. Also, you don't want to leave the bucket on t he bottom...but i doubt that is why they all died.
  11. We did. That was Katrina. Everyone just took t he money and left. Gummit got smart after Sandy and put up a bunch of red tape for everyone to navigate around. Make em work for the money.
  12. I portion mine in 230-240 gram pizzas. Forming it into a ball is critical if you want a nice looking pie when you go to stretch it. Usually take the dough and squeeze it through a C-shape i form with one hand and stuff it through with my fingers from the other hand. It comes out in the shape of a ball. Give it a little olive oil coating and plop it into a covered container over night.
  13. I've tried- for the sake of convenience. Usually salmon. I've had to return stuff that smelled really bad a number of times so just stopped buying. I'll pay more for better stuff elsewhere.
  14. One thing the left will never understand is the people help each other get through these disasters and the govt is pretty limited in what they can actually do to help recovery efforts. This i know from experience. These storms provide perfect opportunity to make our govt look inept. PuertoRicans probably still out there with their hands out.