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  1. You are stupid if you don't get a few bids.
  2. This is the best answer. Throw whatever is working. You get one on a BT keep throwing it.
  3. If you're dragging a jig on the bottom it's too heavy. You should feel a thump on the retrieve which means it's swimming.
  4. I see some scuff marks on the tail wrap t hat may cause the hardware to rust prematurely. You should ask for your money back. That is not acceptable!
  5. he looks angry there. Nice one sparky.
  6. Nice one. Little hard to tell but what was the weight on t hat bass, bout 45#s?
  7. What did one new construction window cost soup to nuts install?
  8. I would have put a storm window over the leaden glass. Those old windows look cool. These replacement units look like crap to me.
  9. You did replacements or new construction? I would like to do mine before changing out my siding. Replacements just seem like you're putting perfurme on a turd. I've seen how builders install windows and t hey all do it incorrectly. Spending money on replacements just to fit them in an incorrectly installed window jam seems stupid to me. But the cost of replacing with new constr is probably exorbitant.
  10. The chinese place there is pretty good. Used to order from there most of the time. Atillios pizza is very decent. Ursula has everything you could possibly want.
  11. Your siding locks on the edge with J-channel. Your best bet is to hide your wiring inside or along the J-channel and then across the soffit.
  12. Saw the except from his book. Wasn't even specific about what he heard Nails say to Oil Can. If you're gonna write about something like that in your crappy book at least write what he said.
  13. He's got consistently good QB ratings every year. He's good. I really can't say that he's 140 mill good.
  14. I would say the rarest one of that bunch is the Tagger predator. I would hold on to that one...not because of monetary value but because it's a unique lure and he didn't make many. The rest i wouldn't have a problem getting rid of.
  15. Guessing a good amount of players were on cocaine and various PEDs. The game is changing. I always believed baseball players got better with age and it took some players time before they had break out years of quality play.