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  1. Maybe after Dykstra retrieves his dentures out of the dumpster the Phils can hire him to manage.
  2. People don't fish plastic and jig heads to reduce the stuff they carry. It complicates your game- doesn't make it any easier. But i think thats better and it shows you're thinking rather than just throwing the same old gummy bear without having any regard for conditions.
  3. you say that with every new GM and HC.
  4. I don't know what door mfr will last very long when exposed to the elements. Best practice is to put a roof or overhang over a door to protect it from the elements if you want it to last a long time. Maybe Therma Tru is a good door under the protection of a roof or over hang. But if its exposed to the elements it's going to show signs of wear and deteriorating after a couple months.
  5. Any place that is not home or office is long as its not Myrtle Beach.
  6. My wife dragged me to Disney while we were dating. We didn't have to pay for the room. Went in October early in the week and had the hotel grounds to ourselves and the weather couldn't be better. It got crowded closer to the weekend and was getting less enjoyable. Mon-Wed was very decent. Didn't care much for the parks but i was a kid at one time and loved it the one time my parents took us.
  7. He wasn't exaggerating as much in the Jeffersons.
  8. yeah i agree, the 10 mins that i was able to watch. I thought it was good. Something wrong with you if you don't laugh at that stuff.
  9. It was a staple in my house and especially my grandparents. Hell i'd even call my grandpa Archie and i don't think he cared- probably took it as a compliment.
  10. I bet this makes as much flame as a cig lighter.
  11. Keep an eye on this thing when Amazon has it on sale for a $100 Guy at work bought one for his deck and loves it.
  12. This take makes no sense at all. How is Macagnan like Phil Jackson? Was Macagnan sitting by the campfire at his Montana ranch while the Jets were playing games? Macagnan wasn't around long enough for me to have any strong opinion about him. I think he got lucky with Darnold but only time will tell. So far the other DL Leonard that he drafted is turning into a Snacks the last year he played for the Jets. If Darnold sticks around for a decade or more then we'll all be saying he was the best GM.
  13. Bought a fresh one from there chicken i ever had.
  14. They must. They elected him for another term.
  15. I haven't seen a weakfish in years. The last one i caught was probably a dozen years ago. Just another fishery that will never ever rebound. It was good 20 years ago when the things were all over the place and you had a legit shot at some over 10 pounds every single night you fished, not the little **** in that pic.