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  1. Still- 70% wanted it. Must be some real lefty politicians in NYC to go against that number. But that is what they elected.
  2. That's exactly where i stand with this. Each side give and take a little so everyone is happy. But this was a case of progressives hating on the big bad corp and nothing else.
  3. Yeah. You don't?
  4. Better off doing it on a fresh tail before the drying process. Use a utility knife then clean the tails up in some water and borax. Salt and dry.
  5. It's fascinating to watch these commies go after each other. Always thought the Cuomos were the most liberal corrupt trash family in the city- until deblasio came into the picture. NYC gets what it elects...
  6. I don't believe that one bit. My wife's argument is that other religions that allow their leaders to be married don't have these problems. Some of these priests were accused and only got fines and probation. How did they get away with no jail time? We should have burned them alive. The pope should burn them himself. But he's probably diddling a little boy himself.
  7. Always go for the low hanging fruit
  8. It was too easy.
  9. We don't want him taking pics of the speculum next
  10. The second pic will be harder to fix. You'll have to add nailers to the ceiling and build a frame around the box. Then sheet rock over the frame.
  11. Quite a few Latin names...
  12. I'm sure home prices in LIC crashed and burned after that announcement.
  13. No doubt. Have a hard time believing they were going to fit 25k in that crap hole, anyway. My guess is these corporations are looking to reap rewards of tax breaks and grants but they probably aren't holding up their end of the bargain. Screw Bezos. Let him find a better spot for his heli-pad.
  14. There's 19 pages worth of names. How is that possible?
  15. Nice Mick. I got dibs when you sell it.