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  1. Cortland was what I used from the bridges. Stuff was incredible for that- and it came in white so I could see exactly where my jig was. I personally think it's not supple enough for most surf fishing especially when you need to throw light stuff at distances. There are better casting braids.
  2. I would say the striped trash is over-hyped probably due to the sizes it can reach. If it doesn't fit inside the surface of your pan then its inedible- anything legal. I'm mostly irked by those that target them any which way because they have zero sense of what they enjoy in life and will use whatever means and go to whatever lengths possible to catch a stupid striped trash and burning as much gas as it takes, connecting with as many of the like-minded as it takes to get on cell-phone networks to forever repeat this process- this is the bane of striper fishing.
  3. You think "the govt" is force feeding you EV? Why, because they gave car mfrs a time frame (10+ years) to stop producing IC? I'll bet you won't be able to buy a new IC engine vehicle at a dealership in this state before 2035 comes. And a gallon of unleaded gas will be at over $10/gal come 2035. "Oh but the govt" is a low IQ BS excuse.
  4. There are more issues with EV tech than that. It's going to improve as time passes. Anyone buying EV for the purpose of saving the planet has mental issues. Buy them because they're new, they're clean, and you don't ever have to go to gas station or get an oil change. They aren't for everyone, today, but they will be tomorrow.
  5. I'm not convinced this is the real reason although i hear it everywhere. In reality it's a fear of new technology that is coming and replacing something that's been ingrained into our lives the past 100 years. People don't like change. Regardless of environmental impact- they're far better vehicles than IC. The technology may not be up to par for ones lifestyle at the moment and it's a personal decision when you transition to EV- but its inevitably going to happen everywhere.
  6. They had to have had some insurance policy on him. My guess is every MLB team has a policy on each player. They get screwed out of the talent but at least there is some financial recuperation. I'm not against playing in the offseason. These kids are doing what it takes to get better. Cespedes got hurt falling into a hole on his property escaping a boar attack. Stuff happens...though, seems to be more common with teh Mets because they're forever cursed.
  7. I've seen those smaller fish shut off completely- you think its over and time to move but that's when the animals show up to the party. Especially if its the leading or falling edge of the tide.
  8. I don't support this war nor the other one happening. I'd rather spend the money to secure and fortify my own country and its borders. But, i think Israel should go in there and turn the entire strip upside down until they find each and every one of their hostages and destroy/annihilate anything that resists that effort- regardless of who in the world does or doesn't supports it. There was no time table for teh US in the middle east after the towers collapsed, either,.
  9. I get where he's coming from in that it had no impact on the play whatsoever- which would have decided teh outcome of the game. It turned into a huge play and was "ruined" with a flag. A- the offical had no idea the play would be the deciding factor of the game because the flag was thrown as they came off the LOS, and B. as an NFL player making a a billion dollars you should know how to line up every damn play. Was a good call. Mahomes should be fined for being a dick.
  10. Pretty common occurrence at cross walks with a traffic stop or a light. Front car looking to turn left and the car behind want to go...oops peds there crossing. As a ped, never assume that a car has seen you and will allow you to cross.
  11. Stefanik should have started the questioning by switching "Jews" with "blacks" and "trans". Then went in for an easy kill.
  12. Acadamiens live in a bubble completely detached from reality. I can only assume them dancing around these very simple and straight forward questions had the sole purpose of protecting their students' freedom of speech and note there are exceptions to this criteria- such as when that hate speech is directed towards blacks, brown, LGBQTXYZ- basically any group of people not including normal whites, Jews, and Asians.
  13. Monkfish is OK but sometimes has a weird ammonia smell like some skates and rays have. Its not a bad fish to buy at the right price and cooked in a stew. It's a winter ground fish staple on the east coast.
  14. Looks pretty typical of a good MLB reliever. They're never consistent in such a volatile business. Wait until Mets fans get to experience another Edwin Diaz down year. Those trumpets won't sound so nice.
  15. Adam knows once an ineffective reliever leaves the Mets he transforms into a Cy Young caliber pitcher. He's preparing himself for the impending bump on the value of his stock.
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