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  1. Anyone who once wore the Met uniform should scare you.
  2. Bank financing terms are outrageous. I'm hearing people getting 6 year loans on top of a 3 year lease. How is that reasonable? The banks are allowing this to happen and driving up the costs.
  3. The little bastard is still there. I'm surprised it hasn't been eaten yet. Might as well be a neon EAT ME sign.
  4. You're allowed to admit that your research on school systems is hearsay and not backed up by any facts. Otherwise, you would tell me one thing that is better about north jersey schools.
  5. Didn't know Korean chicken wings was a thing. There is no question- if you're looking for weird one-off Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine- south of the Driscoll bridge isn't the place to be looking for it.
  6. It seems like you had dig deep for that. "All i hear about" in North Jersey is the horrific traffic, car thefts, and living two doors down from a crime ridden neighborhood. But the food... Here is some of the opioid overdose deaths by county from the beginning of the year. The numbers aren't great for the northern counties. Not high school only, sorry.
  7. The plastic is pretty hard on these things. You don't get much movement. The only place i'd ever consider using an Alou bait tail is on top of a bridge with rip roaring current. They are pretty crudely made baits and there are way better alternatives these days.
  8. Name one thing out of everything?
  9. What is amazing about it? More Indian food in north Jersey? I'm ok with that explanation because there probably aren't as many Indian restaurants in Monmouth...but otherwise i don't get why its "amazing" up there when we have the same stuff down here. The best restaurants are more spread out and probably harder to come across in Monmouth compared to the more condensed and over-populated counties up north- nobody is missing any "amazing food" in Monmouth County- it's here, too if you know where to look.
  10. Ugh. Dreadful player when he's not hitting and he's not hitting much of anything. Looked like he started to have a pulse in Colorado but that's not saying much who doesn't hit there. Him and Dom need to wake up quick- but at least Dom can play first base.
  11. That's a hike to Stonehurst. Someone's pets in Jackson probably.
  12. The bear was on Coachman Drive probably a mile from route 9. There has to be a thriving population around that Monmouth Rd line in Jackson area all the way down through Colliers Mills. Until they're managed properly they're just going to continue heading East.
  13. We have cougars, too. Don't say i didn't warn ya.
  14. Well. No deGrom and no Scherzer before July, at least. June has arrived early, friends.
  15. Scherzer has had his share of back issues in the past. I can see him being out a month.