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  1. I loved having a SS yukon just for that purpose. If you remove the 3rd row seats you have a great fishing vehicle. But its greatness ends there, unfortunately.
  2. Figure Newark, Camden, and other black neighborhoods aren't far behind in spite of the mega vax sites in those areas.
  3. Maybe he should. Your furor, Chicklet Philet, seems to think the vaccine is ineffective.
  4. That Mick in the back there without the mask?
  5. When the War Dept worked at the bank the coin machine was usually a good topic of discussion. It was basically a mini pawn shop. The tellers were pretty good at picking out odd ball looking coins and made a few extra bucks trading them. Had to work for your money, though- coin was heavy.
  6. You're not using big enough lures if you get bit off. Let them work for it.
  7. Kind of why i like the crew cab with short bed the best. It's like having an SUV and pickup- you get inside storage and outside separation. Having an SUV is not the answer for me because i'm not fitting a 10 footer let alone my 11 inside one. My equipment is riding outside either way. You can make it harder for someone to steal your equipment, but that's about it.
  8. Rojas has to know he's up next on the block.
  9. Agreed. I work with a few engineers that went to Rowan. I dont believe going there will affect career opportunities. It's a matter of do you need to be close to home or do you want to live far away and experience something fresh and different. I have a EE degree from Rutgers that nobody gives a **** creek about. Engineering school was the worst. Not a chance I'd allow my kid to go through it just for the sake of financial stability right out of school.
  10. RT value (if anyone even cares) is the lowest it's ever been in NJ. But we must remain vigilant.
  11. Everyone deserves better than being QB for the Jets. Guess we'll be doing it all over again in 2024 with a new GM.
  12. Seems strange that india was able to fend off the worst of it for an entire year plus. Everyone knew they were going to be in trouble there but it seems to have take a lot longer than was anticipated.
  13. Its insane. You could see deGrom was pissed by the 4th or so. He knew he was going to have to swallow the L and there was nothing he could do about it- and that infuriates him. The Mets are a one man team.
  14. This is great. The only one i took seriously was Pedro. And his avg era over the course of his Mets career was higher than any single season with a different team. Curse of the Mets.
  15. Undeservedly one of the most beloved Mets who left behind their most productive days.