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  1. Most restaurants will serve you pork if you order veal parm. Its hard to tell the difference when theres sauce and mozz on there. Never order veal parm when you're out.
  2. You want to throw all night on the surf with an 11 footer and you're worried about the differences between a 150/200? What in tarnation...
  3. Go battery operated since it appears to not be heavy use. See what brands there are and if you use those same tools you might be able to kill two birds with the battery/chargers.
  4. They hit 267 homers last year. Don't see you complaining about that. You can't have it both ways.
  5. What are those scallions. Damn hipsters have to ruin hot dogs even.
  6. I don't buy jarred sauce. I keep some boxes of Pomme on hand just for the sake of convenience. No planning involved like is required of tomato magic. My MIL goes through 2 of those cans every week. I'm not sure how its possible. Its the best i've had.
  7. I've done chicken franchaise style in the past with a slice of proshoot pinned to one side with toothpicks. flour then egg batter to the skillet. Comes out great.
  8. Tomato magic is epic. There is nothing better. The problem is that it comes in those monster cans and you have to freeze what you don't use.
  9. Add a slice of proshoot to some without sauce.
  10. hope he washed the puke off it.
  11. A first thing in the morning stop, not a chance. Certainly worth giving it a shot later in the day.
  12. Kind of reminds me of the 2 day tile trip from a few years ago. It was far worse than Micks trip. In Jeff's defense, the weather flipped the other way in that case. I think these guys bank of the forecast being off and it flips one way or the other. You do it too many times and its going to suck.
  13. Who was running the boat? Those guys are brazen. I think they roll the dice way too often IMO.
  14. Levon Bell probably.
  15. Some deal in the works where Thor would go to the yanks in exchange for Andujar/Nido/Rosario to the Marlins and Realmuto to the Mets. If they lose Syndegard/Rosario and only get back Realmuto that would be a travesty. If the Mets really meant business they would go get an FA outfielder like Harper and give the Marlins Conforto for Realmuto 1:1.