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  1. I read they are looking into players wearing N95 masks under the helmet. They'll have to play at half speed or else pass out.
  2. I wouldn't use either one inside the house.
  3. What did he get it on a rebel? And that reel with what pink Ande? When he cast out that plug i wonder if it landed behind him?
  4. wonder how many of those letters are in circulation.
  5. New Haven pies aren't quite neo style. Neo pies are high hydration 00 flour cooked super fast in 750 degrees. The outside skin blows up and the inside is just barely cooked. I guess those coastal CT pies are more closely related to NY style- stretched more thinly with lower hydrated dough probably in the 65% range.
  6. I don't need 900F temps. That is much too high. I like my pizza cooked inside before the outside gets burned.
  7. This is awesome if you're a beach fluker.
  8. I have these crappy non-stick pans that i never care to throw away. Still use them pretty heavily. They are just easy to get clean and swing around the kitchen which is the reason we use them so much.
  9. Now if you told me Stetzko got it at Nauset then that is a much different story.
  10. I think i'm going for the roccbox instead of ooni. I keep waiting for a deal on amazon but the prices are holding me back at the moment. Turning the oven on at 550 in summer keeps me from slingin a few pies once it gets pretty warm out.
  11. I"ve never heard that one. Whatever the case, Al's fish made a lot of fishermen dream of fairy tale stories in their sleep and that's not such a bad thing.
  12. Ehh. The whole thing is peculiar. Not saying he didn't catch it, but if you understand how our fishing works then you have reason to doubt.
  13. I've heard also heard a story that Al was friends with commercial fishermen that caught it and came up with the whole story to make a couple bucks.
  14. yeah. Pretty much anyone that has a conversation about Al's fish says "he found that thing dead on the beach!"
  15. Is't Mack in prison?