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  1. Fins confirmed there is no limit. They did say they have heard the rumor multiple times this summer though
  2. Went with Verizon again, got a promotion with 4 lines sticking it out for another couple years, thanks for the replies.
  3. I may stick with Verizon but I will see how it goes. Thanks for the reply
  4. I am trying to get a new cell plan this week and was wondering if anyone uses t mobile around the Sayville/Suffolk county area, what are your thoughts? Been with Verizon my entire life but would really like to cut that bill down if the service is descent with t mobile
  5. He is a great speaker, and he had me laughing a few times the way he responded to some unnecessary questions
  6. pinot
  7. And won't be the last unfortunately. My college lax coach, who I ended on bad terms with, was pinched a few years back for possessing child porn. This is a sergeant NYS trooper, not as easy to get hired as other agencies, he passed polygraphs etc, and was making 150 grand a year or more. Some people are just that sick. He seemed like the most straight edge cop, would arrest his own kid it seemed like, no one could believe it when the story was on the news.
  8. Even longer of a walk after getting skunked.
  9. limit
  10. The picture should help them keep an eye on said person, but I don't see any prosecution being possible. Especially in a rec fishing case, they need to be caught in the act. There were pictures surfaced of local party boats with fish that didn't even make 20 inches (28 minimum) and a friend of mine that is an ECO reminded me nothing could be done. Any lawyer could claim the picture does not prove the length of the fish, Maybe if a ruler was in the picture next to the fish there would be some chance, but it is a tough job for ECO's to catch people with shorts. They need to be caught in the act for any chance of issuing a citation.
  11. Could not agree more. All of the eco's that lived upstate come down and do their 2 or so years here on the island, love the scenery, but once they get the chance to move back north they do. The money does stretch much further than it does here. Have not met a bad eco
  12. Same lack of response time due to CO shortage on LI...However have a friend who transfered to NYDEC from the NYPD last year, and another in the academy. The plan is bringing 15 ECO's from the academy to LI, if that stays true you will see them much more. Hopefully we will see them on the water more often, but the farmers will be seeing them as well due to some new regs being put in place for spraying the crops. Pretty crappy regs imo but that is for a different conversation.
  13. guaranteed
  14. I would confidently bet that this was done by an anti hunter. This is the worst I have heard, however witnessed tree huggers that climb up 4 or 5 of the screw in steps that lead to a hang on stand and they saw the 6th step about 3 quarters through so when the hunters weight goes down, the step snaps and you fall or scrape the crap out of your body. Thankful for linemens belts but these people are unbelievable.
  15. Same here, a lot of fishing for a small amount of catching. Which is the name of the game I get it. However as someone mentioned before, it has been a consistent 30-45 minute bite window and than shuts down completely. That 45 minutes though is a free for all. I am happy to see many people saying they are doing well at their spots. But my trip log shows the worst sunrise bite for me ever, and I am doing much better sunset to midnight. I have been skunked every trip this month fishing 4AM to sunrise.