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  1. 2 left, $40 shipped each...
  2. Will do, I'll take all the help I can get as I made the big mistake of trying to compile a production run list. Lol, Thanks
  3. Looks like 2012 was the last Conrad run.
  4. Bump....anyone have an updated list or can add to the missing years???
  5. Yours, thanks
  6. You got it. Thanks
  7. Best I can do is 78 if that makes you feel better about throwing them.
  8. 80 and they're yours ???
  9. 56 is the best I can do.
  10. $46 shipped each for tog, leapord, green mack. $65 shipped for marble special.
  11. PM sent, thanks
  12. If you need PayPal I'll cover for Steve.
  13. You got it.
  14. Let's split the difference at 96...