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  1. BC plugs, new $35 shipped PayPal F&F
  2. Epic morning with the spook !!!
  3. New, squid spooks, $68 shipped PayPal friends & family
  4. PayPal ??? I'll take it...
  5. How much for the big Fischer???
  6. You definitely are, show those wannabes whose who !!!
  7. Wanted to extend a personal thank you to Buddha for putting out all this great info and recommendations that have helped lots of people, myself included .... I've run into him at the beach and he is a super nice guy with lots of knowledge that he shares.... I also feel that alot of other YouTube'rs steal his ideas & tactics without any acknowledgement given to Buddha !!!
  8. Steve builder/ builder's have stopped building a long time ago....
  9. Anyone know which members of the Campo Crew will be there ???
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