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  1. She was flinging those cookies like ninja stars. And she made lists. Lists! LISTS! And those cookies! Satanic cookies of western imperialism. Interesting that you never post that the Ukrainian parliament voted to remove Putin's corrupt puppet after he fled in disgrace to Russia. And that the Ukrainians entered his palace and were shocked by the opulence and excess including a menagerie of exotic animals and a bar/restaurant shaped like a pirate ship. And that the protest only turned into an uprising because of the brutal suppression by Russian backed security forces. Ukraine turning away from Russia was a turn away from corruption and kleptocracy. It's sad that you have fallen for the Russian line and have everything backwards, and backwards in way that only benefits Russia.
  2. Yes. And this also points out a blind spot in any overly ideological or political approach to identifying or fixing our problems. Out of these crooked timbers... Be nice if politicians talked about efficiency, productivity, and customer service as much as trying to scare us with the latest boogeyman (real or imagined).
  3. You make a good point. Part of the trap of partisan politics is to privilege ideological motivations when evaluating government actions over the effective and efficient delivery of services. I would gladly support a non-ideological platform based on making government more effective and efficient. There should be a simple way for Jim to rate the performance of the government entity he worked with and politicians should be held responsible by voters for improving these metrics.
  4. Keltan. Eryv. Does Russia's retreat from Kherson make you question the narrative that a Russian victory is inevitable?
  5. Kherson! Eryv and Keltan. How are you going to spin this latest Russian failure?
  6. Funny. Even more funny that you write that in a post criticizing disinformation. What are you going to say when Russia retreats from Kherson? Should be some interesting mental gymnastics.
  7. As a patriotic American, you continue to believe Putin over our intelligence agencies? Please explain why.
  8. Keltan. It’s on the Russian news. Criticism of the mobilization is being allowed if it comes from the pro-war nationalist perspective. And it’s all over Russian social media. Some of the Mobiks are now coming home to Moscow in coffins— 2 weeks from conscription to cemetery. Did you stop watching Russian TV?