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  1. Because that is used a reason for not supporting Ukraine. No evidence has emerged that Zelensky is corrupt. If it existed, the Russians would be posting it everywhere. It's just innuendo. But a good chunk of America seems to believe it and cite it as a reason for not sending aid. That's a Russian information war victory. Also, it paints an accurate picture of the struggle over Ukraine's future, the stakes involved, and the role Russia was playing. Corrupt Russian puppet run out of town by Ukrainians is very different than democratic leader deposed by America. And more honest.
  2. Details? It wouldn't surprise me. Politicians are the worst kind of people. Their offspring are likely the same. It's still a big leap to a systematic mechanism for laundering our tax dollars through Ukraine. Russia fights the information war with the same determination as actual combat. A Russian general recently gave a lecture to university students describing the effort. The number one goal was to describe Ukrainian leaders as corrupt elites not serving the needs of the common man. Not sure if irony or hypocrisy is the proper term to describe that effort.
  3. lol. Missed the Pelosi reference until re-reading. Thought she had family wealth. Karps. You frequently try to say we are just as bad as Russia. It's hyperbole. Also, it's an implied criticism of Russia. America has corruption but it doesn't need some weird path through Ukraine. It's banal, normalized and right in front of us: revolving door, lobbying, tax breaks for special interests, insider trading, plum corporate jobs...
  4. Got any details on kid Romney and the others.
  5. That's the Russian model. Kleptocracy and control. And the few at the top get fabulously wealthy. But even the local cop gets his cut. The pictures of his house are crazy. Like Vegas meets cartel chic meets Versailles.
  6. You should. It helps explain the tug of war over former Soviet bloc states. American policy has been to support these countries and orient them towards the west. Europe f'ed up big time. They thought Russian aggression ended with the Cold War. They should be paying more but don't have the military stockpile to resist Russia. Russia is aligning with terror nations. Iran is stronger if Russia is stronger. China is watching. And so is every two bit dictator from Africa to South America. If Russia fails in Ukraine, the world will be safer.
  7. lol. That is exactly the case with Russia.
  8. You got some names? I never see much beyond Hunter. I'm open to evidence if it exists.
  9. Yanukovych campaigned on making a deal with Europe and then flipped to Russia. No surprise why. The EU isn't paying for 11 million dollar chandeliers. Protests ensued. The violent crackdown failed. Yanukovych fled to Russia. During the protests, Nuland tried to broker a unity government to forestall a Russian incursion. This effort counts as most of the "evidence" of her involvement in the "coup." TLDR. Russia controlled Ukraine through corruption. Lost control. War.
  10. "Yanukovych fled the country following the 2014 Maidan revolution, Ukrainian citizens who stormed his Mezhyhirya mansion discovered a palace of cartoonish opulence with gilded bathrooms, a private zoo, and a floating restaurant in the shape of a pirate ship. A good illustration of this extravagance is the $11 million he allegedly paid for a chandelier and his seven tablecloths worth a staggering $13,000. This private opulence was all paid for with public money. Embezzlement in the Yanukovych era is said to have taken the form oftheft, corruption in public procurement, rigged energy prices, and misuse of carbon-emissions allowances. Yanukovych and his associates, known as ‘the Family’, are believed to have embezzled as much as $37 billion and stashed it in bank accounts and company shares around the world, including in EU countries such as Austria, Latvia, Cyprus, Italy, and the Netherlands." -- Transparency International His mansion is now the Museum of Corruption. Russia was okay with Ukraine when they controlled its leader through corruption. Here's that chandelier.
  11. Lil bootlicking buddy? I thought you had me on ignore. You are a direct pipeline of Russian propaganda. That gives me an idea. The Keltan check. If you are saying the same thing as Keltan, you're likely sharing Russian propaganda.
  12. Crooked or rotten or wench may be true, but doesn't explain how she made the "coup" happen. Weird to even call it a coup when Yanukovych fled to Russia and an elected parliament appointed a successor. Who was then replaced through a free and fair election. Why doesn't Yanukovych's corruption bother you? Clearly that was Russia meddling and puppeting.
  13. Maybe I'm wrong on that. My memory is that the story had a timeline issue. But dumb to post that if I can't back it up. I'll look. And a timeline issue wouldn't detract from the corrupt nature of Hunter's "job."
  14. Your post is proving my theory. A few items to feed the domestic political rage machine with Russian propaganda tacked on the end. Because you so want to believe the first part, you also believe the second part. None of it holds up well to close inspection. Not even the Biden getting the prosecutor fired to protect Hunter story. Look at the dates. A time machine would be needed to make that story work. You seem proud to be played for a sucker. Is that the price of admission to the D or the R club? No thanks.
  15. It is true that our official policy was to turn Ukraine towards the west. The same official policy for all former Soviet nations. Since 1990. We even gave billions to Russia when they were struggling in the 90s. To directly connect that support to the Maidan events makes no sense. Did Nuland buy guns for the protesters? Did she give cash to the protesters? No such evidence has emerged. And Russia would publish it in a flash if it existed. You are trying to connect aid over many years to direct causation of events at Maidan. It's not sensible. No one knew Yanukovych would flee. Supposedly the Russians were pissed. And you seem to have no interest in the evidence that Yanukovych was fully compromised by Russia. Saying Russia is not going to lose is an emotional statement not grounded in fact. We lost two wars to sandal wearers. My theory: sources compromised by Russian propaganda tell you what you want to hear about your domestic political enemies and causes. And then mix in Russian propaganda. Since you believe the domestic stuff and see these sources as being on your side, you are more likely to believe the propaganda part. Just examine a few of Keltan's posts to understand the process.
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