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  1. Orvis made a 12 pound dacron backing, but it looks like they are closing it out now. The smaller spools are no longer available, but if you can use 2500 yards, they have what you need. https://www.orvis.com/p/orvis-braided-dacron-backing-for-fly-lines/1611 Ted
  2. Hi Orca, That sounds great to me. The package I have is marked with a HF02 label. Under the label there is a list of the colors and color "02" is listed as "Polar". I have attached two photos. I will PM you with my address. Please let me know yours and I will put the package in the mail. Thanks, Ted
  3. Hi Orca, I have a package that has been sitting in my "synthetics/flash" bin for several years. It looks like I might have cut off a small amount to try once, but it is at least 90% all there. If you have some trout-sized hooks, size 18 or smaller, we could do a trade. Does that work for you? Thanks, Ted
  4. Assuming this is a graphite rod, you will need to get a new section of the graphite rod blank. Some manufacturers make rod sections that can be easily substituted for one another, while others have to fit the sections. If yours has to be fitted, it's probably not worth bothering. Otherwise, if you can get a section from the manufacturer, you can remove the guides from the old section and wrap them on the new section. Apply epoxy, wait a few days for it to fully cure, and you are ready to fish again. Ted
  5. With a back-up knot on either side, this is a loop-to-loop connection. Ted
  6. How about we split shipping? Say $170 shipped, if you pick up the PayPal fees?
  7. Here are some photos of the Ross Reach rod. There are a few imperfections in the finish on all sections of the rod, but they don't appear to be nicks from the rod being hit by flies. They are in the top coat and I really think they were there when I received the rod new. They look like blemishes in the paint when the blank was manufactured. I don't see anything that looks like a nick caused by a bead head fly. The plastic is still on the cork. Thanks, Ted
  8. I have a Ross Reach 11' 9" 7wt switch rod. It is not an expensive rod that gets very good reviews for how light and responsive it is. It is just too much rod for me to use near where I live. It is in excellent condition. I've only practice casted with it a couple of time. Comes with original tube for $160, plus shipping from 80112. Thanks, Ted
  9. This is a real deal on a great reel. I don't know why these reels are so underrated? It is a very strong reel for its weight with a great drag. If I didn't already own one... Ted
  10. This is a GREAT vise. I have been using a JVice for 6 years and have been completely happy with it for tying anything from size 26 to 4/0. If you are considering a high-end vise, have a serious look at this. Ted
  11. As CGG says, a longer rod may have advantages when you are wade fishing on the flats, near reefs. You may find the short stix rod ideal when fishing from a boat for Gas over a reef. Ted
  12. I think I am up to about 40 again. Sold about a dozen a few years ago, but have managed to accumulate them again. Several are self-made bamboo, that I don't fish much any more. I find that I do much better with longer rods in rivers. Ted
  13. I would look for a used Peak or Renzetti Traveler vise, if I were you. These occasionally come up for sale for around $100. You want to make sure you get a vise that holds the hook securely and does not allow it to slip in the jaws. Both of these vises are "rotary", allowing you to turn the jaws for viewing the backside of the hook or for wrapping materials on the hook. Many people also like the Regal vise, which holds hooks very securely, but does not have the same rotary features. Ted
  14. I have a TFO BVK 12 weight in excellent condition. This is one of the easiest casting 12 weight rods. Asking $190, shipped. Thanks, Ted
  15. I think they stopped making the 6000 series about 3-4 years ago. They brought out the 8000 series around that time and are now closing them out. I have several of the 6000 series reels and have been very happy with them. Ted