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  1. Cms??
  2. Thanks but I'll pass on them for now
  3. Are they the same weight and size as the round bottom ones?
  4. Nice I'll take both for $50
  5. What would you want for them?
  6. Bump
  7. What ya got?
  8. I'll take the white/red and the yellow.
  9. Cool
  10. I'm looking for the 8in beachmaster pencils. The ones that weigh 3 or 3.5oz (I forget) . Color wise I'd prefer the bunker patterns, white or something with a white belly. I may also be interested in other colors depending on what ya got. Thanks.
  11. Dam you must have a lot of free time on your hands to be complaining about stuff like this.
  12. I'll take the pencil
  13. I'll take the bm pencil
  14. I've used both kinds to catch stripers and Lmb. But I find my self using the ribbed ones more often. Being that all keitechs are salt infused they have a slower sink rate, added the ribs they have more water resistance resulting in a even slower sink. Also the ribs produce more water displacement and vibration, adding to drawing power. As for size I've caught with all sizes. But for simplicity the 4.8 size is great for anything. Color wise, white was always my choice for stripers and for Lmb black, bluegill flash and black/white are killer.