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  1. still no answer email or phone.
  2. Got a lexa hd 400 if trade you for that
  3. Okay I gave them a break . Now it’s been 13 days and no one answers the phone and still haven’t received a reply to my emails . This company sucks even more than I thought . Stay away spend your money on any other rod . They don’t deserve any buisiness.
  4. they suck even worse than I thought . been 6 days and no one is answering the phone still or acknowledging email. thank god its only a $150 rod and not one of those $800 night shifter rods. think twice before spending big bucks at this place they are horrible.
  5. if no answer I'm gonna call the credit card company and put the whammy on em. bet they call right away
  6. day 3 lets see if they feel like answering the phone today or replying to emails
  7. like there stuff too but feel like I'm being ignored.
  8. Just received 2 boat rods in the mail. One of the tips is bent and crushed to the side. didn't happen during shipping there's no damage to the tube they sent it in or the other rod. Been calling there all day and the phone message says no reps available to take a call. So much for customer service. sent email and no reply yet. St Croix next time
  9. would like to order 6 white smiling bill 1.5 oz 2 wine red smiling bill 1.5 2 chartusse stilling bill 1.5 2 white smiling bill 2 oz let m know how much and how to get you the money thanks
  10. any ideas where to stay for a few days ? would like a hotel that's more resort style pool and bar . thanks
  11. no preferred shipper . don't matter to me
  12. want to ship ? ny