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  1. would like to order 6 white smiling bill 1.5 oz 2 wine red smiling bill 1.5 2 chartusse stilling bill 1.5 2 white smiling bill 2 oz let m know how much and how to get you the money thanks
  2. is this a 2 piece ?
  3. can find them used for a hundred bucks 7 rounds of 380. always have something in my pocket
  4. 32 caliber ?
  5. looks like it is an excellent buy. just don't really need another one and figured id give it a shot. good luck with the sale.
  6. would you go down to $400 ??
  7. if he's coast guard and carries a firearm arm on duty he should be covered by HR 218 shouldn't he ?
  8. the siegler small game blows the avet away.
  9. Expensive but they work well. Got a 65 quart for almost half off or wouldn’t have got one but thing holds ice for days
  10. can't find it
  11. 60 or 80 lb jinkai mono
  12. length ?
  13. got a 7 foot boat model from tackle direct they had a buy one get one free awhile back. I like it so far use for fluke on the boat
  14. captain rod
  15. where on Long Island ?