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  1. What are you fishing for that you are so worried about breaking one of these ? Great rods don't see them breaking too easy .
  2. if you have lets say 15 lbs of drag on your reel, why 50 lb test? the drag will let line out way before 20lb or 30 lb test breaks. Think you would only need the heavy stuff if your somewhere with structure your worrying about your line coming in contact with.i use 30 lb on everything.
  3. are the parts for there high end reels also that hard to come by ?
  4. ancient mariner, lol. that was some good threads
  5. how is flounder fishing even open ? if there's no ban on fishing for them, there is no chance to conserve any species.
  6. would like to see your set up
  7. get the insurance from apple called apple care they will replace your screen in the store no hassle
  8. I have both and always wind up grabbing the zee baas on the way out the door
  9. got one of these , there salt water resistant and can open with one hand its an auto made by spyderco
  10. might be cause its an automatic
  11. Spyderco Autonomy, really strong spring saltwater proof and seriously sharp. very well built knife.
  12. what they do now is show up with a computer from another car like yours pop the hood and replace it . the new computer is programmed to their key fobs. bye bye car. noisy alarms might deter crackheads from getting the change out of your console but if they want your car they get it.
  13. place will be swarmed
  14. won't be too hard to determine if you came into contact with it. You will be dead. couple of grains of that **** will kill you