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  1. Hi Dan, Thanks for checking on that. That was very kind and helpful. Can I place and order for: Lead Bullet Heads, Long Shank, White 3 @ ~1-oz 3 @ ~1.5-oz 3 @ ~2-oz Tin Bullet Heads, Long Shank, Unpainted 3 @ ~ .75-oz 3 @ ~ 1-oz Lead Banana Heads, Long Shank, White 3 @ ~.75-oz 3 @ ~1-oz 3 @ ~1.5-oz Lead Teardrop Heads, White 3 @ ~4-oz
  2. Thanks. Yup that's a good way around it. I was primarily looking for more things I could buy I didn't have to modify.
  3. Sounds like a plan. PM coming.
  4. Also it's spooled with 40 lb power pro.
  5. I will do that. Not sure what your intents for the reel are, but it's pretty Geary as I stated (the main gear is a bit worn). Otherwise it's in good condition and will still catch plenty of fish. If your cool with that then we can PM each other and Ill get it sent out. Also just in case your interested, replacement main gears and pinion sets are going for $40 on the bay. I believe this would make it run like new.
  6. Just regular old Stripers and blues. When I used to use the 50 lb. clips regularly, I would get a bent one back maybe once every 100-200 fish. Thankfully I’ve never lost a fish due to one failing completely, but I have had them get mangled. A buddy I used to fish with had similar results. It would suck to have one fail on the fish of a lifetime. I also noticed that the 50 lb. clips would open slightly over time from just casting heavy plugs, frequent lure changes, and regular wear and tear. I could torque them back into shape if I wanted, but I decided I’d rather just have something that wouldn’t bend to begin with. Another reason I use 75 lb. clips now is because a 50 lb. clip won’t fit around the wire on some of the jigs I use without deforming, not to mention them being hard to get on and off. For example: Take the wire on a larger Hogy barbarian Jig head- The 50 lb. clip won't bounce back all the way if you force it around that wire. On some jigs I use at the canal the even the 75 lb. clip won’t even fit easily around the hook eye. That’s when I use 125 lb. clips. An individual who previously posted stated he uses them as well. Speaking of heavy tackle, Alberto, the creator of TA uses 60 lb. braid and 60-100 lb. leader material when targeting big bass. So its not crazy. Or is it? Here’s a hypothetical situation where a having a 75 lb. TA clip and compatible 3/8 oz jigs would be of benefit to me: Say I’ve been on a hot bite the past 3 nights with multiple decent fish coming to hand, going 30”- 40”. I’ve been catching them on 2-oz 8’ heavy wire paddle-tails (These require the use of a bigger clip). When I get out to my spot on the 4th night and after many casts with the magic paddle tail, I realize the usual pattern isn't holding. There are lots of small baitfish around and there's apparently only small bass popping on the surface. If I want entertainment, then I must change my tactics. I decide to throw on something smaller. I reach into my plug bag and bingo; I grab a small 3/8 oz paddle tail that’s built with a big hook eye. I clip it on and send it out. I start catching small fish. It’s not ideal on my heavy setup geared for big bass, but it passes the time and its fun. So, time passes and later in the night I miss a big hit. When I reel in the jig, I realize the hook is slightly bent out. So, I decide to switch back to a heavy-duty jig. (The 75 lb. clip still works here, whereas the 50 lb. clip would not). Six casts later a big fish takes my paddle tail and I soon land a 40” bass... the end. So, to sum it up, my decision to run 75 lb. clips most frequently really has to do with 3 things: 1. Compatibility with the lures I throw regularly, 2. The fact that I’m usually gunning for big fish, not the average fish, 3. And I just don’t trust the 50 lb. clips all that much on the stouter setups I tend to use no days. Hope that explains things. Sorry, I didn’t mean to write a novel. I’m not knocking the 50 lb clips for anyone else. I still use them to for other fishing applications.
  7. Ill just add real quick, I't is my opinion this rod functions more like a 1-4 even though its rated 3-6. Also location is Providence RI.
  8. Anyone want this? $50 picked up*. Paypal only- till this health crisis dies down at least. Its a fully sterilized Tsunami Trophy paired with a Diawa BG 4500. Description: Tsunami Trophy: It was 10 feet, but I high sticked it and now its 9' 8" (I had the tip top replaced). I stripped off the reel seat, replaced the cork, and moved the reel up a few inches with self fusing tape. It's a solid connection. Daiwa BG 4500 : It's Pretty geary after 3 years, but its still perfectly usable, I just cleaned and re lubricated everything I Pulled out the back up AR as the spring wire would consistently pop off for some reason while in use. This has no affect on the reels function, less the AR bearing were to some reason fail. Thanks. Stay safe out there.
  9. Thanks. I've done that in the past, but i don't like wasting leader material. I change lures a lot and those tag ends pile up in my pockets. I know some people just let them fall in the ocean, or on the beach, but i'm not about that. TA clips also save me time when switching lures. Sometimes I'll tie a jig on a perfection loop if I break off and have no spare clips on me, but I pretty much solely do it as a back up. If I'm fly fishing for schoolies, which isn't often, ill usually tie direct, because a clip can severely impede the action of a small fly. Maybe if someone could figure out how to make a small, neutrally buoyant clip for fly fishing I'd do that. Anyhow, all of that is besides the point- I'm really just looking for the stuff I listed with big enough hook eyes to accommodate a 75 lb clip.
  10. Thanks. I appreciate that information. I'll have to see if I can find a retailer who sells the heads pre-made for now. Later on in life I might get into lead pouring.
  11. In my experience it's also a good idea to add a swivel to the end of the lead you're clipping to, as a thin mono loop can slip out of the 50 clip, especially if you're using unweighted soft plastics. I'm still hoping to find more wide eyes on the small stuff.
  12. Hey thanks for checking Dan! I'll have to order some heads from you soon. Just to clarify to everyone, I often throw a wide range of lures on one surf rod. Sometimes I throw big 3 oz plugs and sometimes In throw 3/8 oz jigs. It's just the way things go. Personally, I trust the strength of a 75 lb clip a lot more when throwing the bigger more expensive stuff. I am looking for small jig heads, twistlock hooks ,and bucktail heads with big hook eyes that will accommodate a 75 lb clip. I want these items in order to help facilitate easy lure changes. So far for 3/8 and 1/2 oz bucktail heads that work- Andrus 1/2 oz bucktail heads- have big hook eyes capable of accommodating a 75 lb clip. Tin man 1/2 oz bucktail heads - a tight squeeze but potentially doable as long as hooks are available. 3/8-1/2 Soft plastic jig hooks- no suggestions so far Twistlock hooks- no suggestions so far Any other recommendations?
  13. Good information! I do have 3/4 oz bucktails that work well with 75 lb clips. It's when I get down to 1/2 oz that the 75 becomes too big, and am looking for solutions.
  14. Thanks Dan! Unfortunately I don't have any calipers otherwise I'd be all over it. I look forward to your reply.
  15. Thanks. This has actually been my solution up until now! However, it would be nice to find products that don't need that modification. I'm starting to wonder if they're even produced.