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  1. Same to you Lennon. I’m sure I’ll see you out there!
  2. I’m in for bass
  3. I’m down!
  4. You got it! PM coming
  5. Great! PM Coming
  6. Awesome! $40 sipped work for you?
  7. I'm in.
  8. Post #13! Fmtuna, you're the winner. PM me your adress, and I'll get the plug out to you this week. Thanks all!
  9. Giveaway #4. RI Lures Giant Eel. Just post “Hooked up” and be ready to create a new thread should you win. The WINNER (selected at random) should just copy and paste this text (when creating their thread), but be sure to.. 1.Change the giveaway # in your title and message body. 2. State the item you are giving away. 3. Change the day it will end and the day you will pick your winner. Ends Midnight March 6. Winner will be selected at random and anounced the 7th.
  10. Great! Thankyou! I'll be sure to post a pic if I get a good fish on it!
  11. hooked up
  12. Looks like a custom Jaw from Peak. It seems to be different than the standard saltwater jaws peak makes, based on what the description says about being able to accommodate a 9/0 2x mustad, which is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks again!
  13. Cool! How is it different than the standard peak rotary? I'll look for more info on this- do you have a pic?