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  1. The inner sailcloth sleeve is grommeted in at the bottom under the tubes, so the answer to your question is essentially yes. I may have also sewed it in, but I traded the bag away and that was over a year ago. The outer portion of the bag is flipped up and around the inner portion, so to form four “pockets” on each side. This prevents any possibility of getting bucktails or tins stuck under your tubes.
  2. First ones…
  3. My best guess is that the redesign is a cost saving measure that would allow production to be more adaptable to market demand. They’d have a single production line for bailed and bail-less reels. I’m wondering if they are going to keep different main gear sizes for the reels, or flip over to just one size for the whole line, like the VR and ZB. The only consumer advantage I see is that if Van Staal nixes the AR on the main gear shaft, serviceability will become a lot easier for the average user. I guess If you like flipping from bailed to bail-less easily that’s also a plus. I’m a little peeved. The reason I went for the Bail-Less VSX for my reels over the Zee was the weight difference, simplicity of the design, and compact feel. The new design seems to be a step away from that. If the old versions become unsupported, then I may be moving to Zeebaas for any future reel purchases.
  4. I’ve actually made a few bags as a little side hobby. The top photos show a two tube I designed to fit plugs up to 12”. I like having everything I carry in or on the bag rather than on the belt, so I designed a built in plier sheath and a couple intentionally sized pockets for a waterproof camera, leader material, car key, superglue, sharpener, and skunk insurance. The bottom photos show the first bag I made on a professional machine (I still need to make some upgrades to get it up to snuff for surf bags, but I make do.) The bag is a three tube I made for a friend. It features additional spacing between bucktails to make them easy to grab, internal pockets, and some built in leader sleeves. I also made two more bags prior to these two, before I had access to a professional machine, on a home sewing machine. Those bags were made out of lighter sail cloth, but I still had the pleasure of learning how to fix my roommates machine a few times around before completing those. I wish I had time and space to make more. It’s a lot of fun. Below is the two tube for long plugs. It was very difficult to flip right side out due to the way I designed the bag…it got a little wrinkly… Most commercially made two tubes I’ve seen with pockets have detachable pouches or are designed so that they don’t need to be fully flipped when they’re sewn. I may go that route next time. I nixed the bucktail slots on this bag as I typically fish big bucktails with big soft plastic trailers, so tubes work fine for them. grommets… High Hook dinner catcher fits fine. Tinman bucktails like the one pictured have got my biggest fish of the season two years consecutively now. The belt I made (below) features resin impregnated nylon outer layer and soft polypropylene inner layer to prevent chafing my waders or wetsuit. The belt is secured first with velcro (hook facing out, loop facing in) and then a plastic cobra buckle on a sewn in adjustable strap to accommodate for differing layers of clothing. I will be upgrading to a thicker stouter webbing for belt loops on future bags although I haven’t yet seen any abrasion issues from this stuff. Built in plier sheath… built in front pocket Below is the first bag I made on a professional machine… I did a better job on the plier sheath the first time around. The bottle holder on the left also features a velcro closure for other items. Here it is next to my trusted gear up for scale…it’s a hair bigger due to the roomier internal pockets. In the works… Close up of bucktail slots…Big enough to fit 4 oz bullet head bucktails… Extra space makes them easier to grab. They also face out away from the tubes rather than in, like on traditional bags… grommets… fully stuffed…
  5. I thought that’s what the 3 tubes in my plug bag were for?
  6. Looking for 4 Season Airflo Ridge Sniper Fast Intermediate 10 Wt. 425 Grain.
  7. Looking for Spare spool for my Kraken 4 (9/11)
  8. Hoping to unload this stuff. Fenwick Combo -$80 9' 8WT Fenwick Eagle 7/8/9 WT LA Fenwick Nighthawk reel 8 WT Scientific Anglers Wet Tip Express (6IPS 25 foot head/floating running line) Cortland Medium Belly Spey- $20 500 G (7WT) (Floating), used once, - $20
  9. Works for me! Deal.
  10. Would you take $600 PP?
  11. 41.5” on 6” pink sluggo. I then switched to a 6” jointed thunderstruck and proceed to catch a 41”, a 36”, a 35”, and another 35.” These were all caught within about 20 minutes of that first big one. Last one I caught had been T-boned by a bigger fish during the fight. There were fresh deep “U” shaped lacerations on both sides of the fish.
  12. Sold. Got ur PM. Will respond in a bit!
  13. Yep it’s the 400 HD 8:1. Great reel. Sold it tho bc I wasn’t using it as often as I would have liked.
  14. Works for me. It’s going to be in the neighborhood of $40 to ship an 80” tube. Total would be $90. If it ends up being less I can refund you what you overpay, if more then it’s on me. If this works for you, it’s a deal, just give me till Monday evening to find a tube. If not, no worries.
  15. $50 PICKED UP. Providence RI. 10' 4-8 oz conventional Ocean Master. Lightly used. Cosmetically 9/10. Some hook rash on first guide. Perfect working order. 60/40 split (2pc) Reel not included! Happy Holidays!