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  1. Payment sent for 1&3
  2. Flat lander makes a knife holder accessory probably readily available
  3. Ok I’ll tak em with the rockets.
  4. Anyone have any experience with the metal fly clips I’ve been seeing advertised? I like the idea of preserving my leader but wonder if they have adverse effects on the action or presentation
  5. Interested in the bunker and the parrot if split
  6. I’ll take these
  7. Sorry picked up 9 for $80 last night I’d offer 35 opal shipped for the bullet and the pink
  8. I’ll take this
  9. I may be interested in a few of them. I’m meeting up with a friend that has some for me. After that I’ll know which ones. I am interested in the bullet for sure
  10. Looking to up my needle game. LookinG for super strike in needles and bullets all sizes and weights
  11. Respectfully offer 100
  12. I understand the one I want is 250 and for 50 I’d rather buy new
  13. Respectfully offer 150. I’m about to pull the trigger on a seigler sgn new and this is as high as I’m willing to go on this
  14. Nice work