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  1. Anyone using the softscience wading boots. Either style. I’m looking to wet wade in em shorts and and wetsuit socks. Long hike on soft sand. Any opinions out there. How is the sizing?
  2. I’ll take em! I need ammo
  3. Frickin awesome!
  4. Sounds good.
  5. What size weight?
  6. Closed no interest
  7. I responded on my wtb that I would take this!
  8. Sounds like net is big enough for a decent fluke
  9. I’ll arrange pickup
  10. Beauty. What rod did you pair it with?
  11. I’ll take this. How big is the net?
  12. Cash I don’t know what’s fair I guess 100. I’m looking to put a 6wt together for the salt so any rods reels lines.also plugs. Trollers for the yak big stuff. Or classics. Pichney Musso