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  1. Maryland crab trap. A,mazon
  2. I’ll get some pics up tomorrow been too busy to get it together in daylight
  3. Rockaway beach ny
  4. I’ll post pics tomorrow or tonight. Has the 2016 seat bought a Boston whaler
  5. Ithe hullivator will not be sold until the revo is. Sold the buyer of the revo will have first crack at the extras.
  6. Looking to sell my 2016 hobie revo 16’ comes with hobie balloon wheels h crate ram rod holder lowrance elite 4 sailing rudder mirage drive w turbo fins 1600 $ also have a hullavator available for it 200$ Also a xl drysuit $100
  7. Bought an old whaler and I am looking for a net that can handle big bass without causing them much harm. Any suggestion. Size brand etc
  8. I’ll take this
  9. Awesome thanks
  10. recently took a mental health day I decided a long death march to an inlet would help me de stress it was bright and hot and when i arrived to the local lot I was surprised to find it empty Along the way I spotted schoolie bass roaming tight to the shoreline. Usually I’m unable to actually see them but the combination of a high visibility water day and my new copper lense smith glasses was terrific. This was my first experience sight fishing . I threw clousers and managed to spook most every fish I saw, I did get a couple follows no hook ups. it was great i continued on to the jetty in the high sun with little breeze i went to the tip and found myself all alone. Within minutes bonito and birds where working working over small spearing at my feet. I rushed and tangled and missed. This was my first real shot at these beautiful tunoids on the fly. Due to almost windless morning they were actually in range of my poor casting and with water being so calm I could comfortably fish from a lower rock without back cast issues. Anyway Every 15 minutes or so they would pop back up i decided to cast down current to help get tight to the fly and retrieve slowly and let it hang and swing as long as possible eventually I composed myself and managed a take on a chartreuse deceiver as it landed unfortunately too much slack in my line and I dropped it. Shortly after I Hooked another on a rain bait imitation it was probably a two pound fish which I stripped in to my feet and dropped while trying to move down the rock to land it. this was pretty much a perfect session for me despite not having landed a fish anyways thanks for reading any suggestions on fly patterns for these speedsters and retrieve methods are greatly appreciated should I be so lucky to get another shot like this one I need to seal the deal
  11. I wanna fish near a field full of sheep.
  12. Looks like fun
  13. Thanks not bad $60 shipped ordered it with elastic.
  14. Slipped on the jetty thismorning and broke my stripping basket. Looking for suggestions for a replacement. Anything new and noteworthy out there?
  15. I use the ta when the blues are around