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  1. I’ll take it
  2. I’ll take the 9 wulff int
  3. Snag bunker with fly. Hold on tight
  4. From experience I can share that the Pfd can be a hinderance in breaking waves it can stop you from diving deep to find safety It’s more of an issue in the surf zone which explains why you never see a surfer stand up or prone in a life jacket in the kayak there is less of an argument against the pfd. The coast guard once wrote me a ticket for not having a pfd on the kayak I usually strap one to the crate on hot days but this day I forgot it and was pulled over. In Jamaica bay between the deny nypd dec national park police and the coast guard you’d be lucky to get a mile from a launch without being “boarded” in your kayak if your pfd wasn’t in your body or at least visible on your craft
  5. Interested in the 1/2 and 3/4 oz if you wanna ship em with the teasers
  6. I’ll take em
  7. 265 sold
  8. Airflo sniper 10wt floating. I’ll try your recipe as I wait for the tide to drop
  9. Was throwing some flies into pods of bunker last night I was using2’ 40lb fluoro tied to 3’ 25lb fluoro and it rolled over the medium size flat wings and poppers fine but collapsed withe the beast flies and my bigger pop lip flies im thinking 3-4’ of straight 50 mono for these flies. Any suggestions before I head back out tonight
  10. I’ll get it out tomorrow
  11. I’ll take this
  12. I catch a lot of tog from shore I use 10lb braid and 20lb fluoro leader with usually tog candy jigs or bottom sweepers. Usually not heavier than an ounce I use a a loomis rod rated 1/4. -1 and a 2000 series daiwa reel. I concentrate on piers with deep water and not much current prefer fiddlers and Asians to greens and I usually do well when my buddies are focused on the arrival of striped bass.
  13. Discount flies pole dancer after about 20 schoolies holding up pretty well. Hook spins in the foam a bit it has a nice pop when retrieve but doesn’t move very far side to side. Could be me and my retrieve style I’m a big fan of spooks and walk the dog plugs on the spin gear the search continues.