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  1. Love feeding those blues some bone colored ss poppers. Anyone looking to up load a few any condition. 23/8 preferred thanks
  2. Looking for recommendations for some lightweight foul weather gear for the skiff that’ll last. Light enough for summer nights heavy enough for spring Is Hercules the way to go? thanks.
  3. I’ll take some yellows more interested in the 70s
  4. I’m interested How old is this watch?any major difference from the 2019 model?
  5. I’ll put a little menhaden gel on the hook eye of a clouser this increases my hook up rate. Without I get a lot of follows not as many takes. I just love catching fluke on a fly rod I cast upcurrent while on the edges of sandbars and slowly jig em towards me
  6. $50?
  7. What size hooks? How long are they
  8. Thanks
  9. Probably an 8l. I like the waterproof ness but on second thought it would likely get in the way of the stripping basket. So I’ll pass on it
  10. How big is it? Spare spools water bottle fly box? Etc
  11. Putting my gear together. Ionly target striped bass bluefish albies and fluke . In a few years I’ve managed tie \ collect hundreds of flies. All sizes from bay anchovies and grass shrimp to beasts. I was Wondering how y’all manage to keep em sorted. I have bugger beast boxes and smaller ones. Do you guys store all your poppers top waters together in one box. Deceivers flat wings in another Clousers in one? Or do you mix em together by hook size or rod weight. Or boxes for time of season or species Just curious. Yhanks
  12. I’ll take these ppal shipped
  13. Vr50. Suzuki 10’ is an ultralight rod. Been using this combo for albies and bass to 20lbs
  14. I hear you I’m still working. But not sleeping. Unfortunately I think this is gonna go on a while
  15. Ordered a few from here. Thanks