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  1. It’s like new three seasons old used 3-4 times on a boat
  2. I can post pics in an hour or so. 500 plus shipping
  3. I have one. vsb100bxp surf black lightly used box bag with 20 lb braid
  4. I ordered one came to 1999. Shipped gomexus. Hope it works out
  5. I’m getting stoked
  6. I was wondering if anyone has found a good aftermarket knob for the new shimano ultegra c14+ 14000 reel. I’ve fought some nice fish with the stock handle and it sucks Thanks in advance
  7. Thanks. Never tried a sinker
  8. So I finally made an albie bonito trip to mass and Rhode Island. I haven’t spent much time targeting these speedsters I didn’t manage any but I did get to throw at a some which was pretty exciting. I ended up taking a few long hikes to some well known and some not so well known jetties. I am going to have to acquire more patience for this type of fishing as it seems to involve a lot of downtime waiting for pods to pop up. But I am committed to landing one on a homemade surf candy so I’ll be hitting the local jetty regularly after work and traveling to cleaner deeper jetties and beaches when I can find the time. I was wondering what you guys like to wear for spikes on the jetties I wore my korkers boots with the big spiked soles and they seemed fine on the wet weedy stuff but a little loose on the dry granite I used a 10weight sage with a rio intermediate striper line and was also curious if you sharpies feel its necessary to use a clear tipped line especially up north where the water seems clearer. I d love to hear what your favorite lines for albies from jetties are and what the most popular leaders are . I just started reading Tom Gilmore’s book and i can already tell it will be great resource. I would love any suggestions this community may have on equipment, tactics, tides etc that may help me with my latest obsession. thanks
  9. Very nice
  10. Nice. With the left hand retrieve do the guides run left to right? Opposite of factory builds?
  11. Ok
  12. Respectfully Offer 28