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  1. Awesome
  2. Anyway to stream these episodes?
  3. Awesome thanks
  4. Looking into a long weekend in the Sarasota region to visit family. In the past I’ve spent my free time in the golf course but was hoping to do some diy fly fishing. If anyone could recommend a hotel or other place to stay with decent surf/shore fishing opportunities nearby. It’d be great.
  5. It’s ok with bucktails up to an ounce I like a faster rod for bucktailing.
  6. I pair mine with a vr50. It launches epoxies and is great for fighting albies. It excels in throwing small jigheads with soft plastic it is fine with lighter low resistance plugs like needles stick baits and mag darters but flexes too much with big lipped swimmers for my taste. I find it too soft for bucktailing. I have landed 10 lb albies and a 20 lb bass on this setup and it can handle good fish
  7. I’ll take these
  8. Those look great. What rims are they?
  9. Any pics?
  10. Im thinking about the Bridgestone k02 I had the general grabbers on my first gen Tacoma no complaints.
  11. Looking for some new tires for a 2008 Tacoma Trd off road any suggestions.
  12. I’ll take this
  13. The Beast sling looks great. I could probably get a a few tubes in there and a couple crab shacks