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  1. Good idea I’ll ring em up tomorrow
  2. Thanks. Will do. Maybe one will pop up at edison
  3. Looking for a deal on a 8/9 shortstix used or new
  4. I’ll try em both
  5. I’ll take the airflo 9 sink. I may also be interested in the airflo 10 if you could send a pic of the line to see exactly which one it is
  6. Respectfully offer 50 for the backpack picked up. I’m local
  7. I’ve been dipping clousers in gulp juice when shore fishing for fluke. With good results
  8. The safest option is probably the sandals strapped to a waterproof boot that could be kicked off should you get washed into the drink and are facing a ripping outgoing tide and....
  9. The bigger carbide korkers sole will do well on wet rocks and especially well on rocks thick with bubble weed (montauk) the rubber with the small studs are good for flatter drier jetties. Some guys like the felt w small spikes. But I haven’t tried em yet.
  10. Respectfully offer 250 even that is a stretch for me this time of year