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  1. Ill take the H1
  2. Rat-L-Trap Offshore 3.5oz, they dont seem to be made any more, any one have some laying around? Thanks!
  3. Sargossa 20 still available?
  4. Cap bills where also sold as basiclly kits, you could buy everything, the decal eyes, unpainted bodys, hook hangers, lips, you name it. I use to have a Cap Bill phamplet that had everything you could order from skin jigs to finiahed plugs, but Sandy ate it. Maybe someone else here has a scan of it
  5. Capt Lou, I didnt see anything in NorthFork that looked like an offshore blank, which ones are you referring to? Makoman, never seen a full roller spiral wrap, that sounds interesting!
  6. No party boats, fishing mainly from a 34’ express. Most of the tuna ive caught so far have been on 50w’s and 5’6” slick butts, but this summer caught a dozen bigeye on spinning gear, tourq 9 and pencil poppers, in the dark!! That was unreal!
  7. Which size grafighter would work better with a short bent butt, isnt a shorter rod like 5’6” better for that kind of configuration, short butt/harness/smaller size reel. The garfighters seem pretty sweet, im leaning towards a 5.5-6ft rod, short bent butt, hb guides and a swivel roller tip
  8. The RCTB56H look interesting, ive made some kayak rods with batson composite blanks and love em. Ever try thier FSU blanks? Is the blackhole 250 one of the cape cod special blanks? Im still unsure about what reel but im leaning towards Avets because they are readily available in left hand
  9. Thanks tbush, i forgot about the grafighters, which model have you used. AFMike, was hoping to keep the blank and components to under $300
  10. Hi! Ive gotten dizzy from the amount of searching trying to find the perfect canyon chunking and jigging rod. Looks like instead of trying to find a blank that will pass for both, id like to make 2 rods that would excel at each, one jigging rod probly paired with a fathom 30/40 and one chunking rod with probly a penn squall 30. Some blanks ive considered, the US70wahoo jr, seeker hercules 60H, the mudhoe mxh kits looked intriguing. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  11. shorts in 46 degree water? thats pretty ignorant
  12. Did the Culloden Point steps ever get rebuilt or is the lot still chained off?
  13. The eel skin is definetly captain Andy, the small yellow swimmer and the yellow pencil look like Lex lures
  14. Not as pretty but you can plasti-dip the old style mesh, it works
  15. I make a 4in loop of para cord and electrical tape it to the bottom part of the reel seat, where the threads meet the foam/cork, then I have a 3ft long length of paracord with a loop on one end and a brass clip in ye other, pull the loops thru each other and done.