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  1. Guys looking for someone who works on spinning reels in vicinity of Morristown New Jersey. I have several Daiwas that I want to have gomexus power knobs put on. Thought I could do it myself but not such a good result. Glad to pay a shop or individual who can do it. Thanks in advance
  2. Hitting 60 years old is fine but my shoulders need to replaced. I love surf fishing but can’t toss lures must past a half hour maybe 45 minutes on a good day. Looking for recommendations on finding a very light 9 foot 1-4 spinning rod. Think I’ll pair it with a stradic 4000 or Daiwa Bg. Thanks in advance
  3. Great, sold to Fishondon, PM me and we can get the process going. Thanks Tim and SOL
  4. I can wait until Thursday for payment but rod is a 70/30 split. I can get shipping quote next weekend if you're willing to pay shipping as I suspect it will be somewhat pricey? let me know, thanks
  5. Bought early Summer 2016, Never registered -- cleaning out the equipment I don't use. #12-25 Line, 2-6 ounces. Used three times, great shape cosmetically all guides, handle, reel seat and butt are like new, a couple of minor scuffs (barely noticeable) on rod from car rack. Local pickup preferred in Central NJ or New York City. PP, check or cash. $250.00.
  6. I was out last night from about 3:15 to 6:30 on the beach in Soco, nothing doing a couple of small bait schools with snappers chasing but got the skunk once again.
  7. Starting to do research, have gone through a couple of lesser quality bags over the past couple of years and thinking its never to early to start giving my wife some gift ideas for December. Looking at Ebbpoint, Commando and Gearup bags but for the life of me can't figure out how one would go about buying one of them? I assume like much of the quality stuff we use, these are small, family run companies but I can't even get website for these manufactuers. ANy help or contact information is much appreciated, thanks.
  8. Trying to simplify my fishing I've spent most of this season using either bucktails or pencil poppers and keeping the rest of the gear in the car. In looking for nice pencil rods I've become pretty happy with some of the older eagle claw mustard colered fiberglass rods in 10+ foot sizes. They're relatively light, very inexpensive (never paid more than $30 for a rod) and pretty easy to find. They do a real nice job of giving the pencil some lively action. Wonder whether others had used these for pencils and if they liked them?
  9. Dan, my order arrived yesterday and I'm thrilled. Your craftsmanship is top-notch (almost too nice to fish!), highest quality bucktails in my tackle bag and I look forward to trying them out. I'll be sure to let you know how well I fare and trust they will produce very well. Thanks again.
  10. Dan can I order 2 -- 1 ounce sparkie nuclear chicken 2 -- 1 ounce sparkie sea robin 2 -- 2 ounce large wobbler sea robin PM me, thanks
  11. Just got back from my favorite striper Rhode Island spot, saw a ton of fish of all sizes but mostly shorts. There were probably 20 guys around but despite all the fish and birds nobody was catching. As it got darker looked like fish were herding rain bait onto the sand. I went through my whole tackle box even tried the tins and buck tails but nothing. What do you guys use when fish are chowing on small minnows?
  12. Walked from the towers to narrow river last pm, I got really good at cleaning that red growth off my buck tail, I think it happen every cast for two hours and I finally gave up. I hate that crap.
  13. Went fluking yesterday in south county at my no fail spot. Not a fluke to be found but a bunch of 18-22 inch stripers slamming the buck tail and gulp I was using. No signs of bait so I can't figure this one out but was thrilled none the less.
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