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  1. Probably. I think it’s more like a rugged 8wt.
  2. Can you tell us more about the Mud Hole? Finished weight? What do you mean by great action?
  3. Closing due to lack of interest. Thank you.
  4. $300 shipped
  5. Mystic Tremor Saltwater Fly Rod 9'3" 4-pc 9wt In excellent condition with tube $325 shipped CONUS
  6. I know you asked for an 8wt but the Tremor 9wt is a sweet saltwater rod that accepts a wide range of lines from short head 8wt lines to 10wt floaters.
  7. Mystice Tremor SW 9wt in excellent condition $300 shipped
  8. I'll take it for $230. PM me payment details.
  9. Is the line included? If so, what is it?
  10. What rod were using this line on?
  11. Any nicks or chips on the jaws?
  12. Sounds like most use a sling of some kind. For those using a backpack, where do you store your flies? In the bag or in a shirt chest pocket or other?
  13. What are you wearing to hold your gear when fishing from the beach? I’m wearing a Patagonia sling and like it to some extent but find awkward and frustrating at times too because it doesn’t sit right across my right(casting) shoulder. I don’t carry much; 2 dozen flies, some tippet, nippers, pliers, a bottle of water and sometimes an extra reel. I use a Linecurv basket as well. Would like to hear what others use. Has anyone considered a simple wading belt with attachments?
  14. Is there any striper action yet from the shore between Watsonville and Pacifica?
  15. While it is certainly inconsistent from airports and destinations, I check all hooks, lures, reels and line.