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  1. If you have the tip section of a fly rod blank, use that by putting it through the guides after wrapping them and you will see if they need a small amount of tweaking. John
  2. Paul: I recently bought a Worx battery powered weed whacker. It came with two 20v batteries, the charger and three spools. The unit collapses to a size that fits into a cabinet in the shed and is light enough to carry without using a strap. I only have a 6,000 foot lot so I don't really need the second battery. I don't like the fact that the spools only hold about 12 feet of .065 line, but they are easy to rewind. John
  3. That picture would make a great jigsaw puzzle.
  4. I've got a 6,000 square ft. property and have been using a Worx 13" battery mower for five years. I like it because it folds to three sections, weighs about 13 lbs without the battery and I've never needed a second battery. John
  5. Yes, I had a roommate who died at work. Massive heart attack. John
  6. How many of you remember floor starter pedals where you used your toe to push it and your heel on the accelerator?
  7. My oldest rod is an early H. L. Leonard split bamboo fly rod. John
  8. Thanks Jimmy Z. and I'm in. John
  9. They'll be in Cape May this Labor Day weekend. John
  10. Thundershirts. John
  11. Thunderstorms might help. John
  12. I'm in and thanks for the opportunity. John
  13. They are in and thanks for the opportunity. John
  14. Civil war Happily married
  15. Thank you Dena! Seeing two friends in that video sure brought back lots of memories. John