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  1. I'm in and thanks! John
  2. Get you a copper kettle Get you a copper coil Cover with new made corn mash And never more you'll toil Build you a fire of hickory Hickory, ash or oak Don't use no green or rotten wood They'll get you by the smoke
  3. Copper Kettle: Country Gentlemen
  4. Yes you can. It looks like you'll have an unsightly meeting with the cork grip, but with care, some cork dust and that same epoxy, you can make it look presentable. John
  5. Seadogface: Thank you. That's one critter I never want to meet. John
  6. I've got to ask. What the heck is that thing that Chumfish posted a picture of on the first page of this thread? John
  7. I live in Cape May and had an osprey drop a live bunker in my front yard. I heard it hit and when I looked out the window, I saw it flopping on the grass. Glad I wasn't cutting the grass. John
  8. KOQ: "Let me tell a story, I can tell it all. About the mountain boy who ran illegal alcohol". John
  9. I had a part time job back in the early seventies working the deli counter at a chain grocery store. The fish counter was part of the deli. I worked Friday and Saturday evening. Every Saturday, a guy would come in and buy 3 or 4 whole fish. He didn't want them cleaned. He asked me where fish like what he bought came from. I'd tell him some part of Chesapeake Bay where they could be found. He'd be happy with that. John
  10. Hello guys: I need some advice on spindle and knob sets. We have glass knobs on all of our interior doors. The knobs are supposed to be held on by a single set screw. The spindle is square with threads cut on the four corners. The knob screws on and then the set screw is supposed to be tightened to one of the four flats. The knobs are constantly coming loose and I cannot tighten them. Now, there are a few of the spindles with stripped threads. I've tried using plumbers tape, and it helped for a short while, but it's not a permanent solution. Any ideas? Thanks, John
  11. Thank you Tim S and SOL. Thanks also for this opportunity. John
  12. shbeachbum: I had one installed in my house in Maryland. I can't remember the manufacturer, but it was a name I'd heard of before. It was a 12 volt unit powered by a marine battery. The charger came with the unit. It went in the same sump as the 110 volt. John
  13. God Bless Mary and thanks. John
  14. Billy: Some say spine, some say spline. Perhaps everyone should agree to call it spleen. Bummy
  15. Frazerp: I had one I bought years ago that was a 1 X 4 plank about 18" long with two end pieces of the same dimension plank fastened at each end at 90°. Those pieces were maybe 6" tall and had a center hole bored out to fit a sealed ball bearing in each. The bearings had maybe a 1 1/ 2" ID. You'd just have to put the blank through the bearings and push down the center of the blank. John