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  1. I clammed with a cheap tackle shop rake for a few years in DE. Then I bought a Ribb rake. It’s night and day and I could never go back. I realized I like a longer 6ft handle but the shipping from MA was high with the handle attached. I bought the Ribb Rake head then purchased a quality 6’ ash handle from House Handle online and mounted it up myself. The long handle reduces stress on your back and helps in deeper water.
  2. Looking for a carrier for my 13 ft SOT to ride on the cap of my Tacoma. The Yakima BigCatch looks like a nice option. Does anyone have real world experience with this model? The alternative would be something like the Thule DockGlide. The Yakima has a huge weight capacity compared to the Thule. My kayak weight fits the rating of either but I am never against heavying-up.
  3. Thanks all. I have spent hours going over these guides with a magnifying glass and q-tip. Nothing. I think I need to use it with some fresh line to see if it happens again.
  4. Thanks Billy. Another thing I was thinking was to just replace the tip no matter what.
  5. So I am really interested that you say this. Because last October before my trip the rods that did not have a problem got spooled at home with the last of a bulk spool of suffix and the rod/reel that broke off multiple times got fresh line when I arrived with a brand new spool I had. I thought about this spool of line theory. I used all my rods and reels 2 weeks earlier at Assateague no problem. I am going to continue to look for a crack maybe under load. I don’t want to go into drum season next fall without knowing. I have had those mysterious open beach snags before but this wasn’t it. The rough patches and frays in the line were all throughout in many different spots. Thanks for your input.
  6. I think I have a cracked guide on one of my heavers. I was drum fishing Hatteras last fall and had a couple of break offs of big fish way up on my main line over the course of a couple nights. I started noticing rough fraying at various spots on the line (17 lb mono). I have since tried to identify where this is happening. I have run a q-tip, mono line and pantyhose all through my guides to try and find a snag to no avail. Everything seems ok. Is it possible for a crack to only open up when the rod is under load? Any suggestions on how to find the problem? I need to fix this before I can use the rod again.
  7. I never looked under the front of a 4runner but I designed custom brackets for my Tacoma to accept two 1.25” square tubes for my Reynolds Rack. I built it out of 1/4” plywood and gave it to a fabricator and he built it out of 1/4” plate.
  8. Looks like a great time Marcus. Nice work. I have been making a fall trip for 6 years and have still never fished the Point. Someday maybe. We will pull three all-nighters on the northern ramps and our history suggests the fish will come in to the surf at least one night.
  9. They are redecking the west bound span one lane at a time. With only two westbound lanes operational they don’t open an extra eastbound lane during rush hour. I have had some nights where it is no big deal and some where it is a nightmare. The project is supposed to take 2 years.
  10. That there is your best bet for what you want. However, IRI is a solid 2.5 hrs from DC. Maybe more depending on traffic and where in DC you are.
  11. Fish at night and don’t be afraid to fish into the teeth of the wind until the surf gets completely blown out. Two of us had 6 reds during the period and general location (not the point) described as disappointing last week.
  12. Taco with a Reynolds rack, cap and roof rack does it all for me. If you think you want to sleep in it get the 6 ft bed, otherwise the 5’ bed has been big enough for me.
  13. True but the tides will almost be a foot less by Friday. Hoping along with you.
  14. The tides and surf are both dropping way off today and tomorrow. If they ride the beach on today’s noon high tide and keep it closed, will they wait until noon tomorrow to reassess? That would be very frustrating
  15. My 2016 Tacoma needs new tires. Considering that I got 80k out of the stock Goodyear Wranglers that came with the truck on purchase I see no reason not to get the same ones. My question is, would it be acceptable to get 3 new tires and have the existing spare that came on purchase remounted onto to full time rims while having one of my worn tires moved to the spare rim? Or is there a good reason to purchase 4 new? Thanks