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  1. I use 10/0 for big drum. Great hook. They come either straight eye or turned-up eye. I like the turned-up version as they take a snell better. Mustad part # 39954NP-BN
  2. Great catch! I always jokingly tell my buddy that once a summer someone catches a Cobia from a Delaware beach and that I will be that guy. I guess I will have to wait to be that guy until next year.
  3. .
  4. Do any retail outfits sell cheap scrap blank that can be used to extend a butt? Looked at MH but didn’t see anything. Thanks
  5. Yes to korkers. Rehoboth and IR bay are shallow in a lot of areas. Good kayaking water if you are into that. I like to take the family back in the kayaks there to clam, crab and drift away the day as a nice alternative to the beach.
  6. Probably because most people on this forum don’t fish there. The funny thing about spot burning is that like most things in life people only care when it affects them. Whether it’s called out or not it is a dirty habit.
  7. Curious, anyone heard about or tested the new 13’ heaver they have on the market? The new line of surf rods they have is called the Revelation series.
  8. This thing does seem to seep some fluids. I get that checked regularly. There aren’t stains in the asphalt underneath it and it does a lot of sitting over the winter.
  9. Tires are 31x10.5. Can those fit on a stock Cherokee?
  10. A few angles on the lower control arm. What are you looking for there? I am going to show my ignorance but I had to look up “lower control arm” to know what to photo. I am leaning towards having this done. Any idea what range I should expect to have a shop do the work? I appreciate all your input?
  11. First off, I have the exact same cap and exact same rack and like it a lot and have never had a problem yet. That being said Thule is not being honest with you. I have my original paperwork that came with my cap to include the Thule manual. The load limit on these things is 75 Kg (165 lbs). Here is a picture of the page in the Thule manual.
  12. I am going to try to get some pics up tomorrow afternoon
  13. I bought a Ribb this winter, just the rake head due to the shipping. Then I bought a 6 ft handle direct from House Handle online and mounted it myself with instructions Ribb sent me. If you want I can dig up the model number for the handle since it wasn’t listed in their catalog.
  14. I had the shocks replaced at one point. Can’t say I had the right size put in. I am trying to determine if I should do this or continue to drive it as is. It is not a daily driver.
  15. Pics