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  1. You are correct! That's an Alpha-Lures.
  2. Does not run. Motor has internal failure, sounds like possible rod let go? I re-powered and motor is now on a pallet at my marina. Good for parts, or a good winter project if someone has the time to breakdown and rebuild.. Prop is included. Not sure where the controls ended up, i can look around if theyre really needed. Lower unit is tough to get off..full disclaimer. $750obo cash and carry. Located in southeast CT.
  3. Offers?
  4. Trying these again, why not. Gold Avet MXJ G2, non-glide plate. NIB. Silver Avet JX 6.0. Also non-glide plate. Has been used a few times but could pass for new. $200 shipped each, or $380 shipped for both. Stock images shown, I can add actual pics if you'd like. Thanks!
  5. So I was digging around through all my plugs etc the other day. My sealing method has gone from BLO/spirit bath (ugh..one week cure time..), Val-Oil/spirits, Propionate/acetone, and most recently thinned epoxy/heat. All seem to work about the same, some have advantages and some have disadvantages. But check this out.. Last year I made up some quick polaris poppers from AYC. I knew they would get beat by blues, lose some to the seagods due to the mysterious braid failure during cast, etc.. So I didnt seal them at all. Just turned 'em, drilled 'em, primer/paint/clearcoat, and fished the heck out of them. Alot. Low and behold, they all look fine, both structurally and cosmetically. And the paint held somewhat better on one in particular vs. a sealed identical plug...and there was no splitting, cracking yada yada..? Anyone else ever notice this? I am dead positive it is the composition and properties of yellow cedar, and if it had been a clear maple needle it would have lost all the paint and split in two by the third day, but, whatever..
  6. Trade for either of the Avets I have for sale here?
  7. Figured I'd offer there up here first for a few days before listing elsewhere. Two (2) pairs of brand new Carhartt jeans size 40x32. Never worn. $50 shipped for both pairs. Can do PayPal. No trades, just $$. Thanks!!
  8. Closed.
  9. Reel is in excellent condition. Silver, works perfect. No box.. $220 shipped
  10. One more time.
  11. Closing.
  12. Springfield Armory XDS-45, chambered in .45ACP with Viridian laser. Gun has had a few boxes of ammo run through it. Functions perfect, flawless condition. Could pass for new. Comes with original box, range bag and three mags. Also comes with custom kydex IWB holster. Will also throw in AlienGear ShapeShift modular kit as well. Modular kit will only fit gun if laser is removed from frame. Freeing up space in the safe for something different. Have plenty of other 45s.. In-person transaction only, to licensed CT buyer. No trades. $450 cash for everything, firm.
  13. 100%.
  14. No, just weird camera angle.
  15. Like new Saltist 6500LTD in box + $$? AUS model, not US.. Not your run-of-the-mill Saltist..
  16. No trades for anything (+ $$?)
  17. Interested in the Seigler. Sending PM.
  18. Bought this here a while back, last year sometime. Reel works flawless, built like a tank. $250 shipped or trade for either a Seigler SG or Avet mxl g2. Located in Eastern CT.
  19. Waiting to hear from @youngsalt first.
  20. That is correct, it auto engages.
  21. Interested, a pic would be great Going to wait on the above trade first
  22. This was on one of my daughter's rod, but she prefers prefers a lever drag over this for some reason. Absolutely nothing wrong with the reel no complaints she just wanted something different.
  23. Might have better luck in the boat stuff forum?
  24. Closed, listing elsewhere. Thx!
  25. Brand new, never worn Pelagic Traverse fishing pants. Size 32, 31" inseam. I'm a 33/30 and they're a little snug. Super high quality and very lightweight. Last pic shows color better, theyre charcoal. $60 shipped.