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  1. Damn. It's a bit out of what I'm looking to spend. Sweet reel tho.
  2. Would love one, but likely out of my price range for its purpose. Awesome reel tho, love my Saltiga 4500! Dang that's cool, I've never seen one of those. How much? Not looking to break the bank
  3. Second time around
  4. Sounds good, thanks
  5. What would you want ($) for the SX if you were to sell outright, not trade?
  6. A pic would be cool, if not no biggie. As long as everything's good to go I'd be in for that trade.
  7. Thats a possibility; what version, the newer style?
  8. Oh man, sorry to hear that.
  9. Still available.
  10. $80 shipped and it's a deal.
  11. Last time up to the top. Throw an offer out there, see if it sticks!
  12. Back up for a final attempt. Throw an offer, see if it sticks!
  13. Sorry I dont know how I missed this.. Installing magnets to a reel with an aluminum spool slows the spool down just enough to make it a little more cast-friendly. Squidders have pretty fast bearings, so magging one makes it much more user friendly. Adding Newell parts just adds strength and reduces weight. This particular reel throws 8oz EXTREMELY well without blowing up.
  14. Title says it all. Looking for a smaller leverdrag reel, nothing fancy and nothing expensive.. Something like a TLD15, 25LD, avet mx etc etc. Good shape and working condition is a must. Thanks!