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  1. Putting feelers out to trade an Avet MXJ G2 in gold, for a Daiwa Lexa 300H (WN power handle preferred). Reel is gold, only used a handful of times and could pass as new. I have the box etc. Picture below is stock picture, I can take one of actual reel later if needed. No line on it.. Not looking to sell, just straight up trade for Lexa 300h. Thanks!
  2. Not interested in shipping, would cost quite a bit.
  3. Depends how much shipping would be
  4. The canal will be heating up soon..
  5. Good to hear.
  6. Good to know. The longest rod id take is 7'6", but the carrier is about 7" around. I'm not terribly worried.
  7. So I'm traveling to FL in a couple weeks and will be fishing with some friends. Plan on bringing rods..(7'-7'6") I have a Plano Jumbo travel case/tube from years back that I've never actuay flown with. Anyone have any experience with using rod carriers on JetBlue? I'm anticipating a fee, which i dont mind, just not sure what kind of additional hassle to expect.. Any feedback would be great, thanks!!
  8. If you have a melting pot of some sort...some auto garages will give away lead wheel weights for free. *some*.. It's dirty lead and needs to have the clips melted off, but works.
  9. 10', 2 piece Daiwa Emblem Pro, spinning. 2-6oz. $60 11', 2 piece Tsunami Airwave conventional. 4-10oz. $75 Both rods are gently used, maybe the Daiwa used a little more but absolutely nothing wrong with either. Take both for $125 cash, or would trade for inshore rods/reels. Not shipping. Located in Eastern CT, on RI border.. Thanks!
  10. Hmmm.. probably not..but i could meet halfway somewhere?
  11. Bump..offers?
  12. Fwiw..I wouldn't ever think of parting ways with my Vega Midi..works like a charm.