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  1. Will do. Probably qont get to the PO today, so no rush.
  2. $30 shipped?
  3. I have a Newell aluminum spool for a 140 if you're interested.
  4. Would trade for an Avet sx.
  5. It is, yes. Same size as a 5000 though, just slightly smaller spool. And likewise, I always take the path less traveled.
  6. I have a Saltist 20P (black and blue, not the BG version) and it casts amazingly well and is pretty well built. Haven't cast a Saltiga convench yet.
  7. 2015 model. Without looking at the box, its 5.7:1 and holds approx 350yds of 40lb braid. Smooth smooth smooth.
  8. Hard to find reel; but..score!! Just wanted to share.
  9. One last bump.
  10. Hi, rod is rated 2-6 and I'd say that's pretty accurate. Never pushed it to 6oz, but i would say 4-5 would be its sweet spot. Yes, 70/30 split. Never used it for heavy jigs but it threw a 4oz pencil no prob. Reel was purchased new about a year and a half ago, and was used once or twice, so no maintenance needed.
  11. Bump, still for sale.
  12. Looking to buy a 15 Saltiga 4500h. Doesnt need to be BNIB, but not beat either.
  13. Closing, selling locally. Thx!
  14. Basically new reel, used a few times. Comes with box, paperwork etc and is full of new 30lb super slick 8. Rod is a 10' Daiwa Emblem Pro, rated 2-6. Used a handful of times as well, only bit of wear is on first guide foot from clips as seen in pic. Looking for $200 for the set, not splitting up. Located in CT on the MA/RI border. I frequent RI a bit, local meet up preferred. Thanks!
  15. Great thread here. I remember the first Plug Bash I went to in 2007. Learned a lot from the old schoolers!