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  1. I agree, especially if you're going out early in the morning, who cares what matches, right? Nice fish and congrats!
  2. The thing was, it had a loose steering bolt that we could not cinch up, so if you tried to turn, it would not respond. I hope whomever ripped it off, found that out the hard way.
  3. I get them all the time, it's fun, really.
  4. Yeah, ya know there's a better story here, where is the journalist willing to dig up the real deal?
  5. Wow, very neighborly, is it really that difficult to talk openly? It just seems like a sabotage move is unsavory at best. Do it upfront and legal. Sudsy, not for nothing but chlorine is a big no no. You don't want that seeping into soil that may reach vegetable gardens,etc., and even if that's not a concern, Dioxin is. I would sooner cut the offending area over your property than introduce toxins to the area. My .02
  6. Good workout with results, gotta love it.
  7. Man, did you leave at the right time. Wifey is argiung christianity; Episcopal v. Catholisism. I cleaned up and bailed! No winners there...
  8. No more waders for me in this ****, I'm going to dorky cheap golf shoes that have never been worn.
  9. I will not throw Mr. Hockey in the ocean, and I don't have enough plugs to share in such a benevolent manner. Perhaps you need to have Hockey Night in Brew's backyard?
  10. Send beer my ass, I give away beer on location only, Brewroom policy. Jackass. Wait, lemme nice this post up...
  11. That got ripped off, but it was so dangerous, that they may have saved our lives.
  12. Time to take a ride in the Bronco.
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