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  1. Much Thanks for the useful info of the beach driving access. No thanks to the snarky comments. Yes I’ve had a feeling there is a bay there when I cross it. personal preference - I love fishing sand. Would much rather work sand than face the bay. When I drive 3 hours I want to see the ocean. Any fish I dig up is icing on the cake.
  2. Hi all, LBI interests me a good bit and I want to explore it more. My first trip of the year coming from Lancaster pa, I tried surf city and was surprised that it was a drive on beach. I’d like to avoid drive ons as I walk/ use a beach cart and it’s hard to get past them if they are every 50 yards as far as I can see. Is any of LBI NOT drive on?
  3. If you go with a 12 foot ugly, have 8” taken off the tip. It will greatly improve casting and allow you to put more pressure on the big ones.
  4. wow, you’re right. Seaside park displays bay tide and seaside heights displays ocean. Ugh... well that’s good to know the day after I guess
  5. So I use tidesFourfishing for my shark spot and it’s always been accurate give or take 45 min. I’ve been using it for blues and stripers the last 2 years since I’ve started chasing them too. I had today on my calendar for months as I was excited for a high tide of 5:45 pm just north of IBSP. I drive almost 3 hours one way making day trips so that makes for about a perfect afternoon fish of the incoming tide , ending after the tide tops out around 6:30 pm - or so I thought. Get set up around 9 am, by noon the water looks way high but tidesFourFishing has noon at dead low. I scout around, find a decent cut and set up shop. The water crests around 1:30 and then starts falling. By the time I left at 6... which should have been high tide, the water was the lowest it had been all day. I figured out something was way off around 4. I started checking various other tide sites and 3-4 confirmed what TidesFourFishing said. I downloaded the magic seaweed app and checked the tides on that and it said 1:30 pm high tide. That was the closest to what I saw with the water line. So, I guess what I’m asking is ; what sites are most accurate for you guys, and how could that tide chart be almost flip flopped the full 6 hours for those tides? Thanks in advance for any replies... I really try to do my homework paying 35$ in gas and almost 20 in turnpike tolls so any advice is always appreciated!
  6. Just keep anything wet out of it. Maybe get a Thule type car top and shove all your gross stuff in there. as far as sand goes... i like seeing it. Let’s me know the game is a foot
  7. Where on cape May do they delineate the cut off from bay to ocean? I’m down there every summer and wonder that all the time
  8. I just wonder who out there is really filleting 15 gators, trimming the blood lines and vac sealing all the meat. I do that for a couple and it makes for a bit of work
  9. I do agree it’s a shame when people max out on their limit of big ones. I’ve gotta feeling most are going into gardens for fertilizer. I myself don’t mind the taste of blues but I bleed and ice right away. Even then I only keep a couple. No sense in crushing the population to get the pic of 15 lined up on a tailgate
  10. Just not true. Caught gators the last 2 years in a row coming from Lancaster pa 3-4 trips during the spring run. Places like AC had 20” fish out the wazoo but with some very basic internet scouting put myself on gators
  11. Mora stainless are my go to salt bait knives, my kayak knife that always stays on my boat. No rust, cheap to replace if needed. If it ain’t broke - don’t fix
  12. Still doubling the leader diameter. Whether you cut flush or leave 1/8” tag does not matter. It’s a horseshoe of leader flying through the guides. Now if you have 1/4” or more I could see that tag flaring off the mainline and catching. And yes, I’ve tested plenty. It took one season of having Alberto’s snap offs on shark shocks and losing 7$ in lead, hook, swivels, fish finders and leader to realize it was not the knot I wanted to cast through guides. For leaders 10# to 50# you can get away with it more often. Either way, FG > Alberto
  13. Don’t think it matters too much... your still doubling up the diameter of the leader. The tag end it’s flying loop first through the guides. The only time it would catch more is reeling back through the guides
  14. Until you’re joining braid to 100# or more. The size difference is too much to avoid slippage
  15. it’s tricky at first, easy once you learn it and completely worth it. It would be lazy not to learn such a strong and slim knot. When I yak baits out for 220 lb. sharks, I don’t need to cast my line through my guides yet I still use the FG to my 300# mono shock over adding a swivel and tying braid to it.