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  1. Would def not get 10 foot. You'll lose casting distance. 11-12 foot heavy one of my best shark rods is a 12 foot heavy ugly stick that I chopped 8" off and retipped. Casts much better and has handled 8.5' sharks. Dont skimp on the reel though. 8000 class or better with a solid drag. when I hook a shark, I want to land it- no exceptions
  2. Delaware bay at CMP smelled like raw sewage this summer... multiple trips...
  3. Your posts sound like mine now lol.... preaching the dogfish gospel
  4. That's nuts... size of bigger shark ?? Best guess of species? Wonder if it was just a full size 7.5 foot brown
  5. That's a quality brown! It's the 8.5 feet sandtigers I plan around, not the cookie cutter browns at 4 feet. When they are in wash I've seen them tail whip as far back as they've are long. Even my 100# was nicked up about halfway through the one time after getting one in. Finally made the switch to 300# shock with the aid of yakking and with 12 feet of it, you feel like it's game over when you grab it. I have started making casting leaders that got hook-wire- swivel- 300# shock for 4 feet- swivel- 10 feet of 100# shock which is FGd on. This let's you cast the longer 100 but have 300 right close to the shark. Makes for something to do on snowy days in February:)
  6. FG KNOT from braid to 12 feet of 100# mono to cast, goes through the guides. Or braid to swivel and 5 feet of 2-300# mono, but you're vulnerable to tail slaps by 8 foot sand tigers
  7. sounds like a solid session. My most fast paced session this summer was cut short due to a lightening storm but in just under 2 hours landed 4 browns. Storms seem to get them going. Without giving too much away, were you in north, central or south jersey? looking to cram in one more trip this summer but the weather has been so wonky.
  8. How was the fishing? Planning on one last trip in the next week and a half.
  9. Freshwater - I take my Ocean scrambler upriver in the spring high waters of the Susquehanna for a workout. My one session was right as the river was cresting at 150,000 cubic feet per second. I made it one half mile upstream dropping anchor a time or two to rest my arms. It took nearly an hour. On the way back down, I pulled a hard left coming under the Rt. 462 bridge at columbia and got side swept by back currents and got dumped for my first time into 10 feet of kicking water. Luckily able to round up all of my fishing gear before it sunk, and was able to walrus my way back on top in front of a boat launch of laughing spectators.
  10. Better one than none!
  11. My shins were bleeding 2 Friday's ago from getting dumped in my yak and having it swing around in the wash banging into my legs. Wasn't fun and needless to say, def kept me from dropping in the dark
  12. Anyone hearing reports of steady browns up the coast? My usual stomping grounds are Brigantine and south from there, and the browns have been very spotty this year compared to the last 3. Looking to make another trip soon but might need to push north.
  13. The 10500 is a pleasant insurance on the sand, though it is heavy in the hand. I nearly got spooled last year on likely a massive Roughtail ray (zero headshakes). I had dropped half a fresh caught kingfish 120 yards out and it got picked up and started heading straight to England. I dialed up my drag on the Fierce 8000 and just helplessly watched 250 yards of braid peel off. I finally got the fish turned with only a few wraps of braid left on the spool, but the drag had become botched. It was self dialing tighter on every drag run and I couldn't get it to stop. Basically got the fish to 20 yards from the lip and it made one last mad dash and my buddy had the rod at that point, and dug his feet into the sand and held his ground with the drag fully botched and locked up. Braid popped and never saw the fish. I hate losing fish, and my goal is to land whatever I hook, always. The 10500 gives me 280 yards additional over the fierce 8000 and another 15 lbs. of drag. It's not needed to land big Sandtigers, but it will help with a hard running 6 foot plus brown if hooked.
  14. I've got all of my sharks this year on dogfish. Most fresh caught, a few on vac sealed ones from fishing in May. I hate using bunker because I feel like it's either off the hook 15 min after I put it out, or if it's a head, hollowed out by crabs within a half hour. A fish sized chunk of dogfish can soak for hours and still get hit. They do seem to be pounding bunker schools though lately
  15. Very cool, what was your bait?