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  1. Using dogfish eliminates 98% of rays
  2. Indeed
  3. I miss casting for them, it’s been a yak game to ensure run offs this year.
  4. Nice! Casting or yakking?
  5. Catch tag n immediate release yesterday
  6. I use a shock leader for just about everything bait wise that touches the saltwater. Usually 100# for any rod that chucks bait, FG knot to braid, 10 feet of leader. The braid slide states almost entirely on the leader then. And you can add however light of line off the bottom swivel to the hook. That gives you a ton of soak time protection against sand abrasion, stingrays running into your line, etc.
  7. Yeah it’s been bizarre. The STs are present here and there, it’s the sandbars that are crazy absent in numbers. Took 4 trips to my normal stomping grounds until I realized it’s not me, it’s them lol. Ended up getting that one, and another smaller one, with 2 others dropped just after the hookset in a different county altogether. yo wire - what lb test mono shock did that ST tailwhip?
  8. Slow and I mean slooooooowww season. Very few runoffs on excellent tides with excellent baits. Lots of hours soaking baits. This one today was pretty fun... got to watch it ride the wave in crystal clear water 60 yards out. 200 yard drop with the yak, dogfish bait.
  9. I forget, we chatted a year or two back... did I ever get your phone number?
  10. I find where I go - kayaking baits out does not get me bigger sharks, rather it gives me more pick ups when it’s a slow bite. I’ve caught some of my biggest sand tigers casting. But on a slow day - in the middle of the day when it’s 94 degrees, I want my bait out 150 yards, not 50. When the current is ripping right to left and you can’t hold your fist size bait with 12 oz of lead, being able to send a rock drop bait is invaluable as well.
  11. I can read surf pretty well - it’s just hard to squeeze in between trucks and outwalk them too. I usually run 2 bunker rods rotations fresh bait every 30 min , hit or not. Off to each side I plug. All of my fish this year came from the plug minus one blue that popped off at the lip... def makes me want to ditch the bait rods and go fully mobile next year. Thanks again for all the good advice!
  12. Seaside heights was my favorite by far last year and then it got totally filled in this year. Still deep water but featureless
  13. Much Thanks for the useful info of the beach driving access. No thanks to the snarky comments. Yes I’ve had a feeling there is a bay there when I cross it. personal preference - I love fishing sand. Would much rather work sand than face the bay. When I drive 3 hours I want to see the ocean. Any fish I dig up is icing on the cake.
  14. Hi all, LBI interests me a good bit and I want to explore it more. My first trip of the year coming from Lancaster pa, I tried surf city and was surprised that it was a drive on beach. I’d like to avoid drive ons as I walk/ use a beach cart and it’s hard to get past them if they are every 50 yards as far as I can see. Is any of LBI NOT drive on?
  15. If you go with a 12 foot ugly, have 8” taken off the tip. It will greatly improve casting and allow you to put more pressure on the big ones.