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  1. You got 'em thanks.
  2. Withdrawn
  3. New and Like New Red heads are 6", Rainbow Trout is 7" $20. Shipped PP.
  4. 6" Cordells. The bottom one has marks for loading that I never did and have the hardware if you want it. I can probably get the marks off. I also have a couple of 7" if you're interested. $16.50 shipped PP.
  5. All yours, thanks.
  6. Used And New. All Are Good to fish. Bombers are 17A, with a 'Long Cast'. Chartreuse/Flash and Long Cast Like New/ New Shimano Colt Sniper is like new. Storm Shallo Mac, out of production, is like new. Yo-Zuri 'Swing Mullet' is like New. Just as good as the other desired out of production old Yo-zuri's imo. F90 and 7" Redfin are used and have been touched up by me but are fine to fish. 5" Redfin is a sinker and like new. Hellcat is 7" and lightly used. $40. Shipped PayPal
  7. Okay, thanks. I'm tempted. I'll get back to you if i want it. GLWS in the mean time
  8. Okay so it's the same blank as the conventional in spinning? And a gsb 1322 'M' equivalent factory made?
  9. Okay, thanks. But I was hoping for the actual blank used and the specs. I don't see 'LSB' anywhere with a search.
  10. Do you know what blank it is, or do you have specs? I'm not familiar with a Lami "LSB"
  11. Hey, I'd like to order: Three 3 oz. GT's. Two with white bucktail and one with chartreuse One 2 oz. with white bucktail Hopefully still available. Thanks
  12. Told ya so last year about Amazon and got challenged about it, lolsmh. Oh well.
  13. I'll take it, thanks Read the Carson book 25 years ago and that was great, I thought anyway
  14. I have an old Bronco by Lamiglas built conventional by John Schauer from the mid 90's. It's essentially an SB1203M but a nice dark brown color. Realistic limit is 6 oz. and a head, tho I've lobbed 8 and a head with it. Tape on real seat, Fuji hardloy guides pretty sure, could be Pac Bay. With reel seat $60. without $50. Good all around bait rod for chunking and soft baits. I also have a really nice heavy duty stand I'll let go for $15. If interested, strongly, I'll pull it out from storage and we can go from there. It's the one with the red butt wrap so you can get and idea, rod holder is there too.
  15. take 'em