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  1. Let us not forget Francis Collins...the little slimy rata
  2. Didn't really need to see that to think that he was creepy AF and a criminal
  3. Nah man ... I'm never gonna forget that ****
  4. "the science is changing" or "the science is shifting" whatever TF it is that Rachelle Walensky said. Is there a worse zombie/puppet? Probably lmao
  5. Natural immunity? Science denier. Lolsmfh Suddenly, since the beginning of time, that changed They were changing definitions and language on the fly to fit it all. That was Winston Smith's job in 1984
  6. You're right. To me that's a given with MSM being the front of it. But a huge part of the population can't connect that and that's a problem. I have a family member that just turns off at the mention of any of it and goes off on a change of subject tangent. Weird
  7. Not gonna stop saying things and fighting against what was perpetrated. Non of that Cap't America nonsense. Like @fishinambition just said when my freedoms were threatened that's when I became alarmed. It's not just the about the vax. The methods they used are used in other areas as well. These people out here are giving up everything up to the Trudeau's of the world. It was out of 1984. I mean there's people all over the place walking around with literal rags on their faces. It's insanity.
  8. I meant really that there's got to be some kind of effort of admission of wrong from some perpetrators, from somewhere, to change peoples minds. But anyone that questions it gets censored. And obviously that's not changing in main stream media anywhere nor will it. No mistaking that no matter how many of us there are
  9. Outside of here on the internet and on the street I have seen anything from people turning off completely to any opposing views or ideas to intolerance to flat out the unvaxxed are to blame for the whole thing and responsible for the dead and hate; amazing how virulent, kinda like Keith Olbermann madness. Mostly leaning toward the latter on a scale. A huge proportion of people can't break free of the propaganda machine and lies. Some people just don't wanna say anything. That's why I'm not gonna stop
  10. If some of the politicians, administrators and media that perpetrated it came clean and admitted to mistakes it might help. But those same people look to crush anyone that says anything still. The whole thing gets swept under the rug with more lies. People like Erin Valley Girl Burnett, Rachel Maddow, Sean Hannity et al have moved on still doing the same **** with the next topic at hand like it never happened. Forget about that frothing lunatic Keith Olbermann; you'd have to beat some sense into that psycho. The others are willing liars for the $
  11. Getting back to that "The Unvaccinated: Nobody Is Safe" video: It's all enraging to some degree and I had seen most of what was on it before in real time or later; but that clip of Gov. Kathy Hochul I had not seen. I'll never forget that now. It verified to me what my impression was of her all along. She is an ugly, disgusting witch. She's evil and she's not alone in her role in government. The people in the media chiming that bs deserve comeuppance as well.
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