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  1. Thank you
  2. Jig I meant #3 if it's not too late! #2 otherwise
  3. #2 if there's any left
  4. #2 if there's any left
  5. Not saying they're not. I'm a prime member myself. Been a member since 2002. There's been a lot of misrepresentation on Amazon tho and I've seen a big seller taking issue with Amazon because sellers found a loop hole to sneak fugazy goods into sales listings and Amazon did nothing to curb it. It happened to me twice with clothing and when I wrote reviews about it the reviews were censored. I bought specific items from US sellers and went back to get more in the same listing and received fake goods from China, days and days later than the originals. I just saw said seller taking it up with Amazon online somewhere recently but don't remember where right now. I was just reading it a few days ago by chance. If I come across it I'll link it. I think Amazon is turning into a monopolizing monster and over all I'm not nearly as satisfied as I used to be. The OP's experience is not uncommon anymore It's actually ridiculous how much I've spent on Amazon over the last 16 years. I have a lot of buyer experience. I hardly go to store anymore lol. A lot has changed. Some good some not so good.
  6. Amazon is going down fast. They're allowing all sorts of bait and switch sales. I'm surprised your sale wasn't done from China
  7. $23. for the Striper Maineiac?
  8. Yes, that and the 'Bait Fish' swimmer. Thanks.
  9. #3 please
  10. Got a #5 left?
  11. #1 (one) Thanks
  12. Then you get the guy that hardly ever put any work into understanding anything, and/or is incapable, but wants instant gratification. And is always reliant on getting info from others. But then thinks that giving is even better than receiving without any kind of consideration of what's happened before him and how and who it may effect. Probably never understanding why a 'spot' might be producing fish. Really showing he only cares about himself.
  13. Bigger is indeed better
  14. +1 You're getting a great rod, put a good match on it.
  15. Depends what rig I'm using and conditions. I'll use them in extreme conditions and swim them at times. But if I'm using the 1321m or s-glass in rough stuff I'll always have one. The larger face on the 6" poppers is a plus at times too.