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  1. Great, thanks
  2. I'll take it. Just to make sure: definitely an XL "Dawn Patrol"?
  3. Yep, pm otw.
  4. Oi Nice ls69 slant bottom Mackerel Pencil Popper unfished. $21. shipped Paypal
  5. Yep, pm sent. Thanks
  6. You got 'em.
  7. Gonna let it ride for a while. I'll let you know.
  8. Danny, Diver and Cowboy Jr. from L.I. builder not made anymore Danny is very good. Diver has a couple of fish on it. Cowboy has fish on it with the most wear. The diver I liken to a slopehead Conrad. I fish the cowboy's on the surface like a surfster, with tuning, with excellent results. The Danny is just a killer. All are great fish catchers. All around 6", 2.75 oz, 2.5 oz. 2.5 oz. top to bottom $45. shipped Paypal.
  9. Like New 6", 3 oz. $23. Shipped Paypal
  10. PM otw, thanks
  11. You guys are right. I realized I could search through my PM's and maybe track it down. I found it from over three years ago when I picked it up from a seller selling some Lights Out Lures. Thanks for the replies
  12. Gonna shut this down. May reopen later.
  13. .
  14. Picked this up here a ways back but forget the maker. Really well put together with a nice heavy tail weight. Quite a nice plug. Feels like a little rocket. 6' and 2.9 oz. Thanks for any help.