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  1. Offer $25. shipped USPS money order if still available
  2. Good. Let me have 2 6/0 Grey's also. Thanks
  3. Small order if that's okay, all of them white: 2 - flags 2 - 5/0 2 - 6/0 2 - 7/0 Also questions: any chance there is some flash in the requested items? Is there a pic of "grey" available? Would that be like silver possibly? Thanks.
  4. He was a different guy from the first fight. Obviously in much better shape and MUCH stronger. He mauled Wilder. Wasn't about finesse or scoring points. Different guy this fight. He was prepared better this time like he said, and did what he said he would do before the fight: take him out.
  5. Black/Silver one of my favorite night time patterns going back to SS's and Bombers years ago
  6. Okay, I'll take 'em, thanks.
  7. $35. shipped for both?
  8. Fury mauled him. Total domination. Looked like George Foreman II overpowering him, and Ali when he beat Foreman I. Hard jab was hurting him, couple of vicious body shots, had him bleeding out of his left ear, shots that weren't even clean were hurting him. Leaning on him, grabbing him around the head, using his size and weight. Wilder's corner threw in the white flag and saved his life lol. Btw, I didn't pay either.
  9. How much for the Darter? Is the Pencil an ls69 also, how much for both?
  10. I had a nice picture of it with a dark red siwash but it was on the old computer that crashed
  11. Not the greatest presentation but here ya go. Just sold it recently.
  12. # 35 & # 2086 Thanks
  13. Yep. I'm very sensitive to it. So the MJ's are for me. I bought a lot of different glasses to get to them, finally. Usually when I'm walking is when I can notice it the most. I have a pair of Amber Costa's that I still use occasionally but the refraction is pretty strong. They're plastic lenses and maybe that is a factor? IDK though.