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  1. Understood, thanks
  2. Interested in the top two: the blue sinker and the green bullet if you end up splitting this up. Thanks
  3. I'll take that 7" Smokey Joe for a $10. bill or PayPal. If you have another, or one in 6", or a different pattern than the 6" green Mac I would take two for the $18. Thanks either way and GLWS
  4. Do what works for you then. There's never one way of doing things. I don't really target these rats that are everywhere, and really don't go after cocktails either. My experience is with larger fish. I like that configuration on large poppers, polaris and pencil, to precipitate fish release on Bass also when the rear hook gets imbedded behind their mouth on their body But, I first did it on a shallow beach where there were large Blues and didn't want to snag structure. I tried it and I liked it. That day they were hitting the tail only on big SS sinkers, so that was the only hook I used. I turned the original bucktail siwash that came with the 'red eye' over and it was a good day with really big blues. And I don't think I missed a fish or didn't have it in the water immediately. It was almost like circle hooks I've had times when big ones were coming up from deeper water and biting the belly out of bunker. Many times. So I never go by the rule that blues hit anything but the tail either. But that's me. Unless I'm going to use inlines only, which I probably won't, for now, I'd worry more about the destruction from trebles than a lipped hook bluefish. I had a large Blue swallow a large SS popper from the rear recently and it was the front treble that i couldn't get out of the fishes gullet. So I gave it away. Other wise just about every fish I release.That's happened several times to me with blues and bass.
  5. At times you'll see an armada of boats the likes of the D Day Fleet materialize out of nowhere offshore. It's amazing, and sad. Electronics and mobile communication have changed the game. While it's barren along shore across wide swaths of the s. shore. Nevermind inside.
  6. I'll take #1 and #4 for asking price
  7. Sent
  8. Yours, thanks!
  9. In good shape 5", 2.5 oz. w/upgraded hooks $20. shipped
  10. I put them on point up on the back of poppers for easier release of Blues. I think it works well but I haven't caught enough to say that positively. Trebles on the belly. Lessens the hassle of releasing Bass caught on the belly treble and haggling with the rear treble when it invariably gets attached to Bass in the fight.
  11. They made a BIG splash when they first came out. Excuse the pun
  12. I just loaded another 7" up to 2 oz. and a 6" up to 1.5 oz. My goal is to help the casts, add rattles too, and keep the pencil popper action. Especially with bigger gear and conditions I ordered a 4 1/2" that has a clear finish with a blue head; so the chambers are visible. Looking forward to loading a couple those up over an ounce. That said: there's definitely a place for the original Cordell's and Redfin's left alone unloaded. Both have saved an outing more than once just the way they are. Usually in more quiet settings, where distance wasn't critical either.
  13. Yes they're pretty big for their size. I use them on the rear of larger SS sinking poppers, Pencil poppers, and select other lures. I also mostly use Mustad 10121NP-DT. They go down to 3/0, are tinned, and a good fit on all poppers in general, and some tins. Again on the rear solely.
  14. Right that's what I remember. Just bought three little ones. I'll do a 6" too, looks a little easier to do too with the back chamber. Makes it ideal for a little extra weight.. Thanks
  15. I loaded a couple of 7" a while back that I still have. If I remember correctly they had chambers fore and aft and on the sides too. So I had to punch a couple of holes to balance them correctly. Do the the newer ones have these chambers, and do the 6" and 4 1/2" have chambers? btw, I loaded them for a little extra weight on the 7" which is lighter comparatively for it's size, but also for the extra rattling. So not that heavy.