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  1. thank you all. i have a lot of reading/learning to do. can i use any of these poles in the bay/river (Hudson) as well or do i need something separate for that?
  2. thank you. a friend of mine, not a pro by any means, recommended a 12' rod for surf/clams and bunker and a 7' rod for plugs. he said he'll bring both to the beach and leave the 12' with a clam out there and plug away with the 7'. i'm not ready to drop coin on 2 poles though, so i'll be trying to find one that works best for me now
  3. Alex, thank you. would love more info but not sure how to PM? very nice, i will look into this in addition to the battle combo above. awesome, thank you. i guess now is a good time to mention that i have no idea what kind of other gear i need. obviously line, tackle, pliers, knife, etc. but what are some of the fundamentals necessary to build a foundation for my tackle box? thank you all!
  4. hi all, new to the board and to the world of fishing. right now i really want to pick up an affordable (<$100?) rod and reel combination. i am leaning towards an Ugly Stik. i'll mostly be using it off piers, jetty's, bridges, and occasionally the beach in NJ and NY. any advice? can someone get me started in the right direction? thank you all!
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