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  1. Anyone have one to sell? Please let me know. Thanks. -Frank
  2. Correct, but then they won’t be able to own the beach the same way they have been able to do now with this BS. It’s as much about that as it is safety replenishment yada yada yada. At the very least it’s quietly a win/win this way for them. Maybe we don’t see the immediate changes and implementations of this control right away, and maybe we won’t ever see it but a lot of people in the world don’t use the stuff they own, they just like owning it. It was a land grab and a control thing. Your right on about the artificial reefs, but that would just make too much sense.
  3. I have this rod. It’s excellent for certain applications, one of which sounds like yours. I really only use it when it’s snotty with strong onshore winds when i can use it to punch out 2+ oz bottle plugs, bucktails, rubber shads, and metal. It’s a lot of rod, and pretty beefy and stiff but smooth feeling and soft enough tip to work with. Sounds like a good match for what ur looking for. I mostly fish open beaches, and prefer fishing my lighter and more moderate rods when conditions are lighter. With that said when wind and water picks up coming at me it’s the perfect rod for that. Hope that helps.
  4. You can prob add Fairfield University to the discussion as well. I know that a lot of the students are able to live in places close to the beach on the LI Sound.
  5. I am in for 15 dressed tail hooks and 10 flags. Assorted colors hook sizes. Tks.
  6. Have a 10 footer which was built custom by a very solid builder on here. Best rod I’ve ever fished in my own opinion. I love the way it can behave like a moderate-fast rod when casting and working plugs, but then bend and fight fish like a true moderate. ODM is one of the only outfits these days offering one piece rods. That is a major plus for me personally. I own rods by Century, CTS, Lami, and Fiberstar. All very solid rod makers in their own right.
  7. I’ll take the 2 swimmers if available?
  8. This is an interesting topic and original post, that might hold a little bit of truth but is prob over simplified. As others have mentioned, it is early in the season, many of the fish have not yet arrived. Some of the factors that contribute to routine skunks like the misfortune that I’ve been experiencing here in jersey the last two weeks include: -early season (water is still warm and it’s early in the migration) -plenty of bait but not enough bass (hard to compete with the buffet) -multiple varieties of bait (good for the bass complicates the fisherman) -huge sand flee shed -crappy weather Where I do tend to agree with the original post, is that I don’t think that jersey coastline inherently holds bass for very long unless slow moving bait in large quantities are hanging like sand eels. Other than that I think of surf fishing jersey beach’s as being more or less a highway that fish travel past sometimes fast and sometimes slow, sometimes close, and often times further offshore. The water beaches and geography in general is not sheltered by crappy winds and water conditions and there is less variety of types of water to fish. It’s straight line beaches to open ocean straight east. No sound, less rocky bottom, less structure in general, not many salt marshes, and no documentation of being a spawning ground in back bays and if it’s going on I’m sure it’s a small population. Long story short: I don’t see jersey as being any better or worse than it’s ever been. It’s just one of those fishing grounds that is highly dependent on a multitude of variables. It can be good or it can suck. The Striper population in general is dwindling too so that must be kept in mind.
  9. I’ll take $35 for the jointed picked up in PP?
  10. I have a dream! -That I’d like to see a SS little neck popper sinking that weighs 2 oz with the same body size as the 2 3/8 oz and can still swim like it…but is just a little easier to move and pop on the surface -Also, would love to see something like the mambo minnows come back with a size in between the small and large that swim with the same action and depth but are better casting.
  11. Awesome. Yeah he makes great stuff they flat out catch fish. Usually one of my top producers as well. Lethal when peanut bunker are around. Ran into him last weekend and he said that exact “spearing” style your using with the silver flash strips on the side has been very productive for him lately as well.
  12. Is that a Gordy Wright plug?
  13. Lemme rephrase that when I say less memory: What i mean to say is that I notice more manageable results in terms of keeping shape and straightness unless severely bent more so than mono.
  14. I prefer fluoro leaders. Is it less visible than mono, I couldn’t tell you, but in my experience it holds up better, has better sensitivity, and has less memory than mono.
  15. I’ll preface by saying: I’m not in the fly fishing game yet, but I look forward to picking it up soon. However, I’d consider myself a fairly educated and experienced fisherman with spinning gear in the surf. Long story short: the scenarios in which sight fishing has come into play for me on flatter and calmer water off the beach, when bass feeding on smaller baits boil to the surface as opposed to crashing with breaking water...i try to anticipate getting my cast off and landing the plug not too close, but not too far away from where I think that fish ended up right after that boil. Too close and risk spooking and not being able to pickup line quick enough to present a swimming plug, and too far away and it isn’t within the relevant strike zone and timing for that fish.