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  1. Awesome. Yeah he makes great stuff they flat out catch fish. Usually one of my top producers as well. Lethal when peanut bunker are around. Ran into him last weekend and he said that exact “spearing” style your using with the silver flash strips on the side has been very productive for him lately as well.
  2. Is that a Gordy Wright plug?
  3. Lemme rephrase that when I say less memory: What i mean to say is that I notice more manageable results in terms of keeping shape and straightness unless severely bent more so than mono.
  4. I prefer fluoro leaders. Is it less visible than mono, I couldn’t tell you, but in my experience it holds up better, has better sensitivity, and has less memory than mono.
  5. I’ll preface by saying: I’m not in the fly fishing game yet, but I look forward to picking it up soon. However, I’d consider myself a fairly educated and experienced fisherman with spinning gear in the surf. Long story short: the scenarios in which sight fishing has come into play for me on flatter and calmer water off the beach, when bass feeding on smaller baits boil to the surface as opposed to crashing with breaking water...i try to anticipate getting my cast off and landing the plug not too close, but not too far away from where I think that fish ended up right after that boil. Too close and risk spooking and not being able to pickup line quick enough to present a swimming plug, and too far away and it isn’t within the relevant strike zone and timing for that fish.
  6. Disregard. Was on another country’s Rapala site for some reason haha
  7. Looks like it’s available in 25 and 28 pound rating which is kinda cool
  8. I just bought a pair of these in 7 inch. I am curious if any guys on here have ever put heat shrink tubing over the handle grips. Would prefer doing that over plasti dip or something like that. If so: -How has it worked? -Does the tubing shrink down snug and molded over the grips? -What kind and size tubing having you used?
  9. To my knowledge: the only 10’ surf machine model is rated .75-4 oz, but there is a 9’ rated .75-4 oz. The 10’ can throw down .75 oz perfectly fine but it doesn’t excel at that weight.
  10. I have this rod and def love fishing it for certain applications. Its a true 1-5 oz rating and shines at 2-3 oz, and if you like putting muscle into your cast and throwing metals and sinking poppers in that weight range then it’s a missile launcher and equally as smooth in working plugs. It’s light in weight with respect to other rod models that can handle the advertised rating of 1-5, but it’s def got some beef so it’s not gonna be quite as light as most high end 10 footers rated to 4 oz...with that said it has no problem throwing 4+. It’s a true moderate/fast and you will know it when fighting a fish, as I generally prefer a slightly more moderate bend. Love it for bigger heavier stuff (not metal lips) and into a stiff wind, but for most of my fishing, I generally only take it out with me when I’m committed to this type of scenario, plug style, and plug weight. Also has a nice durable finish which is a plus. All in all a great rod, but for me it has more of a specific application and use.
  11. Honestly, I’d probably be much more inclined to buy a BH rod if it wasn’t so self-promoted on this forum. Frankly, I’m surprised nobody has asked it to be toned down. I’m sure that they are solid rods, but I can’t help but find the self-interest thing to be a turn off.
  12. The North Face always made pretty high quality back packs from my experience. Plenty of pockets, compartments, features and have held up very well. Still have one from 15+ years ago that’s going strong.
  13. Thoughts and prayers to his family. I have so much respect for him and his knowledgeable contribution to our community as well as his products. I have the utmost respect for people with a terminal illness whether the they know it or not who have the will, character, and toughness to go about operating in day to day life right up to the very end.
  14. I fish in jersey. I have multiple setups, but this is the one that I most prefer using if the surf isn’t too big. VSX150 on a 9’6 ODM Frontier X. Excellent pairing.
  15. Maybe it used to be done by mixing and matching parts by owners, but i know for a fact that since 3 Tand took ownership of ZB that tuxedo color schemes are an option for an upcharge when you place an order.