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  1. Great topic for discussion. -Mutton Snapper (Fried) -Grouper (Fried) -Mahi (Fried) Caught them out of West Palm Beach, then cooked @ Reef Grill in Juno Beach within a couple hours. In general, I enjoy catching fish more than eating them, but still like to eat a variety of species. That dining experience for a guy like myself not native to FL, was damn near a religious experience. HIGHLY recommend Reef Grill for those looking for a restaurant to cook up your catch.
  2. Black Diamond Storm is the only model that I have used over the past 7-8 years or so. They upgrade and release new and improved editions every 2 years or so. The battery life is good (4 Triple A) and I always keep an extra fresh set of 4 available in case but they last awhile. They are waterproof to like a meter or so. The structural durability is just average, but the company has a no questions asked warranty replacement policy for like two years i believe. At 350 plus lumens that is enough brightness for me. I try not to use the white. The real draw for me is the night vision modes for me. It has red, green, and blue. I try not to use any light at all when fishing, but when I need it, its usually green or blue night vision. The 350 lumen models can be had around $35-$45 online. I been close to pulling the trigger on one of the nite cores with red because i love the rechargeable aspect and ruggid and durable housing, etc. But I don't want to spend $100 on a headlamp that is so bright that it is better served for exploring caves or conducting search and rescue missions in the Rocky mountains.
  3. I’d say your best option other than ditch the reel would be to have a bare minimum custom rod built so that the guides are matched to accommodate it. Only problem with that is id Imagine that it might not be compatible with other reels if you wanted to switch.
  4. Awesome. Thank u gents.
  5. Near Pt. Pleasant. That’s interesting. Sounds like it could be in my wheel house. I’ll have to try to get one in my hands to feel. Mike, do you feel like that 10 foot 1-5 oz can easily throw 1 oz and can it stretch to 3/4?
  6. I am interested in this rod (10 footer, 1-5 oz) but difficult for me to make casting demos etc. Who owns this rod or fished it? I own and am am familiar with the FSC 10’6, 3/4-4 oz, CTS 10 foot Baycaster 2-3.5 oz, and ODM Frontier X 9’6, 3/4-4 oz rods so I am familiar with the actions and properties of these. If someone can shed some light as to where this Century Surf Machine model might fall in line with those rods as far as action and behavior I’d greatly appreciate it. I like my 2 piece 10’ CTS, but it really doesn’t fish plugs below 1.5 oz very well...partly due to its faster nature even though it’s a Mod/Fast. Strangely enough when I had that rod this same rod and rating in a 1 piece it was better fishing the lower range than the current 2 piece. Id like to know if this Century model can comfortable fish 1-5 oz and what the action in general is like?
  7. When it comes to what to load them with, to me it’s a no brainer. I can’t help but feel like the slight rattle that is provided by loading with BB’s can possibly be appealing to damn sure prob helps get some attention at the very least. Not to mention, as I’ve heard others mention before, you do not have to worry about any evaporation like when loaded with water. I have no proof that this indeed occurs, but even with my limited and challenged science background, I’d have to imagine it’s a valid concern over time.
  8. Would agree with this. I feel like one of the great benefits of these lures is that you can get great action (almost spastic) on a very slow retrieve. In my opinion, this is a great quality because they cause a stir in quiet waters, and also entice fish when they are being hesitant in general. Kinda like a nice lively meal made super easy on a silver platter for them.
  9. Late report: Fished OC out front Sat 11th afternoon with 1 prob sub 20 inch short on a smaller parrot SS little neck sinking popper. Several other bumps but no connections other than that one. Then returned later that night to fist the top of the tide between 11 PM-2 AM right before the storm moved in. Had some touches early with no full commitments on SP Minnows and Hydro Minnows. Wind went light NE and snapped on a 7 inch black loaded red fin. Slammed on first cast with slow and steady retrieve. 30.5-31 inches. I’m gonna preface this pic ahead of time to subdue the potential haters with the backdrop that I am 6’5-6’6, 300 lbs with large paws...Which means two things: First, I’ll never be able to take good fish holding pics...and Second, I’d never make it in the porn business. Hopefully you guys got that one.
  10. New Jersey tackle use initials for New Jersey. Have placed a few orders there. Very reasonable prices.
  11. **** Have ordered a few things. Very reasonable prices
  12. Cts

    This is true. And relatively short lead time if i recall correctly. Maybe like a week or so from time shipped to received. Possibly even less.
  13. On the bottom, i wear nothing except for under armour cold gear compression leggings over Nike dri fit mid calf socks. Just wearing the compression leggings allows me to slip in and out of my waders much more easily without bunched up sweat pants or whatever. Also keeps me warm enough during all seasons as well as wicks away sweat and moisture.
  14. Def needs more current and a little rougher water from my experience. I also get more action on it when i keep my rod tip pointed down. Speeding up the retrieve will also help it to bite and dig and swim better in portions of water where there isn’t as much current and movement.
  15. I’m not following you. I’m under the impression they only offer one wader product that can be customized in sizing for additional charge as well as various add on features (Kevlar knee pads, pockets, t-zipper, etc.) for additional charge. I just browsed their website again and didn’t see anything about two different wader products. Am i missing something?