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  1. In my opinion situations, occurrences, and people with mentalities like this are most to blame.
  2. Your off base on this one. I know what u think when ur looking on paper at the regs and the image from afar in terms of the population of fishermen etc...and I will give credit to your argument in terms of the number of North Jersey Joes who take charter boats out in Jersey waters to slaughter fish once or twice a year, that crap makes my skin crawl too. But ultimately, I’d point the blame to further south in Maryland and further north to Mass. Both these states have a commercial fishery for striped bass. In Maryland, having a commercial fishery for that fish in its largest and most important breeding waters is a joke not to mention the recreation catch regs. Mass also not only has a commercial season on the fish there, but if I have to read about about one more poacher at the CCC I’m gonna puke. Surprised people aren’t hand catching fish up there at that gauntlet firing line of a body of water. I mean this disagreement in all due respect but i really hope you took these factors into account. I split time in Jersey and Maryland. I very rarely fish the Chesapeake Bay cause it ain’t my type of fishing, but i can tell you just from living down there and doing a lot of waterfowl hunting on the Eastern Shore I know the way it is with that state and the waterman community. It’s a joke.
  3. Was my most productive plug this past fall. Swims significantly closer to the surface than an SP Minnow which is great for fish in the trend of feeding on bait there in the water column and can be fished in very shallow water. A+ just wish they had more colors available.
  4. The closest in action that I have experience with would be a 9’6 ODM Frontier X 3/4-4 oz. I own both and like both of them. The Raptor model was def more noticeably crisper with a faster recovery than the fiberstar predator blank in my opinion. All 3 of these rods that i mentioned bend pretty deep into the rod and are excellent at fighting fish. Can’t go wrong with any of them.
  5. Having a rod built and heard good things about these from someone. They make them in size 18 and 20 now. Anyone used one before? How do you like them?
  6. Anyone familiar with the factory guide layout on this rod? Going to be pairing with a Zee Baas 22 and want to understand how optimal the layout is with that reel so I can decide whether to go with the factory version or buy the blank and have it built.
  7. Yeah I’ve never dealt with a falcon before only a seagull which i managed to pull him in and hold him up by the neck as gently as i could while untangling him. However, someone told me the best method is to put a towel over the bird and then attack the situation that way. Sucks to hear that it was a bird of prey, but i don’t blame you. Those talons can do some serious damage im sure.
  8. Can folks with building and experience weigh in on this for me. A builder I’ve used before had an opinion regarding that Stainless was generally more durable than Titanium frame guides. Something along the lines of titanium ones being more prone to bending and breaking. Is this a rational and valid factor? I take care of my stuff and hose my rods down thoroughly after each outing so rust is not the main concern for me. I wouldn’t mind a little extra lightness in weight i recovery crispness and sensitivity on the rod but won’t do it at the expense of a significant durability/reliability downgrade. Price is not a concern for this so please weigh in with your thoughts?
  9. I’ve been very pleased with the NRS ATB Wetshoes. From durability to functionality they have exceeded my expectations.
  10. In my opinion in shouldn’t even be a commercial any state, or any time of year, in any degree. Captains and other commercial guys should have to go take their business to focusing on other fish species, or quite simply find another type of job. My biased is not just against commercial guys and commercial fishing stripers in general... Something needs to be done about the recreational poachers, quite often many of whom have interesting last names.
  11. Tks
  12. Unfortunately haven’t been able to fish as of recent due to work relocation out of state. Not too much happening right now where i fish anyway. During the fall this will change. Anyway thanks for the feedback. Maybe next time you can provide a solution based opinion or serious response and if there isn’t a solution or serious response that can be given to my question then maybe you can just keep your condescension to yourself...unless of course it’s funny, but yours wasn’t...
  13. Just like many others here, this has been my line of choice for several plus years now. It’s earned my absolute trust in most every category like breaking strength, knot tying, abrasion resistance, cast ability/smoothness, durability, etc etc. And it has never stopped me from catching fish. My my only complaint on it...and I really hope that this is in my that I’ve started to wonder whether it’s faster sinking quality due to its gore technology or whatever it is, has caused me some paranoid concern regarding it hindering top water plugs, especially poppers. Does anyone else notice a draw back like this with this line? Its almost like i feel that I have to work much harder with the rod to move and dictate the action of the popper to a point where it’s not quite as easy and hence as immediately effective because of it. Im hoping that this is just a phantom concern of mine with no grounded truth but I thought I’d ask others?
  14. Accidental Post.
  15. Such a tough question. I like to keep my setups as light as I can get away with. Seems more fun that way to me. With smaller to medium surf and relatively calm conditions i will generally always opt for my 9’6 frontier and VS150, thirty lb braid. If surf is bigger i will bump up to a Vs200 and a 10’6 rod, especially for top water to help with lure contact and wave clearance. I also grab this size setup for snag and drop on the bunker. If i had to choose the best length for both worlds I’d go with 10 foot all around. I have one in my arsenal but it doesn’t throw 1 oz’s well so i don’t use it as much. Need to get another one to fish lighter stuff. I am also a bigger dude @ 6’5 +. Never liked nor felt the need to fish the rod between my legs. I like to rest the rod butt against my hip and on my thigh. This is another reason I don’t like to go over 10.5. So this was just a long way of me giving my thoughts on 10 foot even being my all around go to choice and i wanted to explain why.