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  1. That Fleamarket was me selling my plugs myself.. which I don't usually do lol Using a cc you purchased from one of the shops I sell my plugs to sorry that line took so long but there were lots of choices on the table for guys to buy 4 each lol
  2. Absolutely Sir! After a morning like I had.. there was no way I walking away with that loot no way lol Absolutely next year.. I refer to the Berkeley show as "my show" lolol not as in its mine but as in its my favorite.. gets me to the locals and I even love the work I put into it.. I get to show myself in person.. handshake alone can tell a lot Your show has had a great following since looong before me lol so I thank you guys too for havn me.. ps.. if I win the 50/50 again I'm giving it back again lolol Scabelly
  3. That popper I showed, Ron called "The fishfinder" love it!!!! 2hrs into the show I had a few minutes to walk around lol.. grabbed a pile of deer tails.. couple old school plugs too.. perfect!
  4. I picked up 2 myself.. we swapped.. gave him a 7" glider
  5. I sat with Ron for a bit after my line died down.. what a nice ****ing guy!!!
  6. .
  7. I'd love to do that lol but therein lies the problem.. taking orders is a thing of the passed for me.. some people think popularity means $$ this very much isn't the case lol "starving artist lifesyle" is more like it lol I loved the chats I used to have taking orders but it's the time spent taking orders, organizing, and having my daily routine dictated for me.. instead it's come down to if this can work for me.. selling to shops and doin shows is how this can work for me.. every minute spent on my phone is a minute missed at the bench and it can pile up very quickly.. It pains me to miss out on getn to guys like you easily, trust me (; it really does.. but putn the business 1st is where my head has to be.. Hope that didn't come off too dickheadish lmfao was not my intention
  8. Thanks for the thread dude (; I'd love to jump on the BST threads n sell some stuff here.. I'm just fully booked till my next show.. but my glider venture did start here.. guys in the lure building forum definitely got me going in the right direction ☆
  9. Thanks brother Scott (;
  10. Very much appreciated dude!!
  11. I can build 19 different gliders ranging from 2.5" 3/4oz slow sink to 7" 4.5 Jointed sinker.. The plug in this pic is 7" 4.5oz Jointed sinker.. color is Squid.. pink purple and metallic silver Hydro dip over a pink and magenta fade to white..
  12. Thank you my friend!!
  13. Thank you very much guys! Took me 45 years to figure out why I'm here lol besides to be a Dad that is haha! I appreciate all ur kind words! Why does my stuff catch? Cuz I'm a fisherman, and I saw the need for all 65+ styles of plug I build.. They're hard to get because, I work alone as a single dad, yes my kids are 20 and 21 but they're no less expensive than toddlers lmfaoo! My hips and sciatic are shot, I don't have 10hrs of jobsite carpentry in me anymore. This has to work for me so I'm trying to do it right! Scabelly... I was 16.. had a bad surfing accident.. ruptured my spleen and messed up my ribcage pretty good.. from surgery I have a scar from my belly button to center of my chest.. as a carpenter you get all kinds of nicknames.. one of mine was Johnny scabelly (scar-belly).. the name just felt right for pluggin.. I appreciate yas!! Even the haters lol Thanks Tim S for havn us covered here on this great site!!
  14. Naice!!!!! Definitely a rare find.. 4 or 5 years old
  15. Floating glider was a hit from its second cast..yep the action of a glider is basically a spook slowed way down and subsurface.. the glider shud have this "slowed down spook action" all by itself tho as opposed to u needing to operate the spook..a slight twitch every few cranks causes the glider to change direction suddenly and flash its colors.. Gliders have been setting thier mark for a bit now..but the floater will give u access to more settings that couldn't b fished with a sinking glider..