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  1. Went a different route, closing
  2. No interest closed
  3. Closing
  4. 2019 Still looking
  5. Good point
  6. Planning on using this for 6-8 oz jigging
  7. I would have thought the 5k is a little big
  8. I got a PBR 844s from the wife for Christmas What reels are a best match up. I have a shimano Stratic CI4 3000 but seems a little small.
  9. Last bump of the year.
  10. Which other Skippy’s doyou have
  11. New or excellent cond casting rod
  12. Looking for slighty used rod or new
  13. I have a stratic ci4 2500. I can pick up a 3000 spool that fits the reel for the extra line capacity.