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  1. Looking for the same in Legacy Mahi
  2. Nice deal
  3. I was able to purchase one elsewhere I appreciate your response and time to post here. I am going to close this
  4. That’s correct
  5. it would be easier if I knew what you fish/collect Ill throw one out there to start. Dmag Dino
  6. I was actually looking for the other one with hook on bottom. What do you need for this.
  7. I have many hi end plugs looking for a Black Talon glider in Mahi pattern
  8. Looking for a glider. In Mahi
  9. What are your looking for in return
  10. Yes interested
  11. Looking for Skippy Foil or one of a kind I have some high end plugs to trade GRS Arsenal TB D.Mag many others
  12. I have a 3rd bar from last yr. I can send a pic later tonight after work new cond.
  13. What BT are you looking for
  14. Closing this. Thank you SOL. And Tim S.