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  1. I also got a refund. Cancelled the order after 1 month
  2. Interested in the peanut. I will post pics of fixter(s) tomorrow Heading to work
  3. Following up on my comment earlier I ordered a blackhole rod a month ago Order is still pending I have been trying to call TD for over a weed and send many emails. This morning they picked up under a minute. I told the sales rep I wanted to cancel my order. He replied give me 5 min I want to get in touch with Black hole and see why we did not get our last delivery. I agreed. That was over 3 hrs ago. I emailed Blackhole myself and got a response on 5 min. The rod will not be available until fall if at all this year. I called back Tackle D. No answer on hold 2 separate times. Both over 45 min. I’ll start the email process again I have no vendetta against them just want my money back. Already missed one trip and purchased a high end reel for this $580 rod. Pic is holding time and response from Blackhole
  4. Just got off the phone with TD. They picked up within a minute. My rod is actually on back order from Black hole TD was supposed to receive two orders from them which are behind schedule. Sales rep told me he is going to make a call to Blackhole to check. Looks like all other ordering should be good to go as long as it is in stock.
  5. I have sent several emails for my money back. No response. I have spent hrs on hold. On phone Next I go to bank and ask to refund payment
  6. No. I messaged them on FB yesterday. The only way they have replied. Still waiting almost a month for an order.
  7. I’ll take this
  8. If that’s $65 for all I’ll take em
  9. Nice. Gonna bring a large variety of tackle.
  10. cool I rented a private beach front cottage for a week
  11. I will be vacationing in Booth Bay area in two weeks what should I be targeting from the shore?
  12. That is the one I ordered. Thanks.
  13. Still available ?
  14. Glad you like it. Thanks for an easy transaction. Already ordered the rod I wanted so it a win win. Tight lines.
  15. Reel was sold to tagman